IMAX® Ridefilm - Journey Into Chaos

I haven't seen this one yet, darn it. But Silver Tiger, bless her fuzzy little heart, has, and has written up a blow-by-blow report of the film. And here are some nifty images!

"The Journey into Chaos" poster. 191K.

(Mike is particularly squooshy today. And, boy, does Hex look odd without her crown!)

The back of the "Journey into Chaos" miniposter.  235K

(Look carefully - you can see details of scenes Silver Tiger described. For instance, Hex's fan club and the statues of Hack and Slash.)

Quadruplets!Tempermental Journey Sketches by Katzedecimal, who recently saw the ridefilm. The creep.

Baby Hex (16K) and Teen Hex (16K)

A great big thank you goes out to Sean Black, the kind soul at IMAX® who supplied me with the press kit and miniposters from which these lovely images came from! Images are copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. and Imax Corporation.

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