The Episode with No Name

Written by: Adria Budd
Story by:

Gavin Blair Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson

Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

It's no Brighton Beach[Open on a tear in the sky which is orbited by almost-rectangular shapes. A fluctuating thread of light shines down from the tear, brightening as it gets closer to the surface. It ends inside a ring with one opening. The camera pulls back to reveal what looks like a primitive seaside town. A game cube covers half of it.]
System Voice:
Game over.
[The cube rises, leaving the town intact. The camera travels down, then fades to an open area lined with awnings. There are no people. A piece of paper blows through the area. The camera travels past a statue of a binome on top of a pile of rocks ala Jebediah Springfield. Beside it, Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket look at the ghost town. Matrix and AndrAIa look around, then at each other. Matrix shrugs. Then they startle as the clamor of an active town suddenly starts, as if a switch had been flipped. The camera pulls back, revealing that the place is not full of binomes and other dataforms. Among them are Web-mutated binomes, Stormtrooper binomes, and veiled dancing girls. A snake charmer wearing a fez plays a horn. The snake that rises out of the pot is also wearing a fez. Matrix takes Glitch off his belt.]
Glitch! Scanner.
[Glitch buzzes and beeps. Excited, Matrix picks AndrAIa up by the waist and lifts her into the air.]
[laughing] Whoa! Enzo, what is it? What'd you find?
[overjoyed] AndrAIa! We're in a system with ports to the Net! Alphanumeric! [He holds AndrAIa in his arms like a child.] We're goin' home! We're goin' home.]
[AndrAIa's eyes droop half-closed. Matrix do too, and he leans forward, looking as if he is about to fall asleep. Their open mouths slowly approach each other. Then Matrix looks aside.] Aptly named
Hey! Watch where you're goin', buddy!
[A blue binome with a long cloak, Astro Boy hairdo, and bloodshot eye faces them. He puts his hands together in front of himself and bows.]
Slimey Goober:
My most humble apologies, O great and wise Guardian, sir! [backing away] Uh, I'm terribly sorry. Uh, my apologies, I'm sorry!
[Slimey Goober turns and runs away, smirking.]
How did he know you're a Guardian?
[shrugging] Probably saw my keytool.
[Matrix pats his belt, where Glitch is usually attached. Then, surprised, he looks down. Glitch is not there. He scowls and looks in the direction that Slimey Goober went. His artificial eye rotates into targeting mode. Seen through the targeting view, Slimey Goober tiptoes away. Then he startles, looks back, and sees Matrix looking at him. The M in the targeting sight lights up. Slimey Goober flees. Matrix runs after him. Frisket barks.]
[shouting] Stay frosty, Sparky!
[Grunting with the effort, Matrix pulls himself onto the roof of a tall building. AndrAIa looks after him for a few nanoseconds. Then she glances about the marketplace.]
[rubbing her hands together and talking to Frisket] Shall we do some shopping?
[Frisket growls and shakes his head.]
Just for a while? Then we'll find us a transport to Mainframe.
[Frisket whines, then nods.]

[Slimey Goober runs between some buildings. Matrix watches him from a rooftop. Then Matrix turns and jumps off the edge of the building in slow motion with a sound effect from "The Six Million Dollar Man" and lands with a somersault on another rooftop. Slimey Goober is still running between two buildings and looking side to side nervously. Above him, Matrix jumps from rooftop to rooftop. He jumps from a roof to an awning, from which he trampolines and somersaults onto another rooftop. He lands skidding. The he runs to the edge and looks down. Slimey Goober is still running. Matrix jumps off the building, grabs a horizontal pole, swings 360 degrees, and launches himself onto yet another roof. He runs to the edge and sees Slimey Goober. Then he steps off the roof and onto a taut rope and starts sliding forward. He is startled when the rope stretches and lowers him to the ground. He puts his hands on his thighs and bends forward as if tired.]
Ah, I'm gettin' too big for this!
[Matrix takes off running. As soon as his feet leave the rope it snaps back up.]

[Binomes are holding 3.5" floppy disks and apples up to AndrAIa, trying to convince her to buy.]
Seller 1:
Files and data! Files and data!
Female Seller:
Get your red apples! Get your red apples!
[Another seller is holding a bizarre object with a gaping mouth and waving tongue. As he speaks the tongue adheres to his hat, and he has to pull it loose.
Seller 2:
Fuzzpoppers! Please to get your fuzzpoppers! Nyaaah!
[The sellers hold their wares out to Frisket.]
Seller 1:
Files and data?
Seller 2:
Female Seller:
Red apples?
[Frisket lowers his head and growls, annoyed. AndrAIa looks at the dog, then glances over when another seller speaks to her.]
Seller 3:
Wardrobe upgrade?
[The seller holds up a picture with a spinning red and yellow spiral in the background. In front of the spiral is an image of AndrAIa dresses in a harem costume.]
[laughs and holds up her hands] No, thank you.
[AndrAIa walks on through the crowd. Then she looks down, horrified. The fez-wearing snake is now out of its pot and has swallowed the snake charmer - who is struggling inside it - sideways. The snake spits out the horn with a sound like a wounded bagpipe. AndrAIa walks on without pausing. Seen from above, Frisket catches up with her.]

[Fade to a view of the city from above the sea. The camera pulls back, showing the docks, then swings around and up to the tear. It flares. Then something like a chip bursts out of it and shoots down into the city.]
Turban-Wearing Binome:
Guardians! The Guardians are coming! [He leaps headfirst into a pot too small for him.] One of these three is not like the other
[The "chip" lands hard. It disappears, revealing the three Guardians and a number of spidery drones within. Binomes flee in panic. The three Guardians are a greenish-yellow woman and two blue-skinned men, one with sunglasses and the other with what looks like eye prosthetics.]
Female Guardian:
'Kay, people, you know the drill. Do the job and get outta this two-bit system.
[She draws a big gun and raises it in front of herself.]

[Slimey Goober runs to a building with "SIBEDAR" over the entrance. Matrix watches from yet another rooftop. Slimey Goober pauses, leaning against the arch in front of the doors and panting. From inside, "Cantina Band" style music can be heard. He looks back and to the sides - Matrix crouches down to hide from view - then runs through the swinging doors and into the building. Matrix lands on the ground in front of the building with a camera-shaking thud. He leans forward and smirks.]

[A binome is screaming. He flees just before a drone bursts through the booth behind him and throws a pot. A veiled female binome is being held off the ground and jerked back and forth between two drones. The male Guardians, on zip boards, look around the panicking crowd. The one with shades draws his gun and shoots. Both fly forward slowly.]

Barf bags are in the seat back in front of you

[Different sized ships are in the dock. A web-mutated binome flies by, honking. The camera moves down the docks, then closes in on a small vehicle with seats curiously like that of an IMAX Ridefilm. A silvery metallic woman with golden hair is mopping it out.]
Uhh! How many times do I have to say, [sweetly] "If you feel the need to vomit, don't." [frustrated] Uhhhh!
[Matrix and Frisket are walking toward the vehicle. Frisket stops, sniffs, shakes his head, and paws at his nose, disgusted. AndrAIa stops when she reaches the side and waves her hand in front of her face.]
A-whew! Ah, hello, I'd like to book passage with you.
[leaning on her mop] Do you have a strong constitution? My last group didn't.
We can hold our own.
[shrugging] Okay, you got your authorization codes?
Whaddaya mean?
Well, I can't take you anywhere without authorization codes!
But we have to get back to Mainframe
Internet travel is restricted. Where ya been, playing games?
Well, yes, actually. [She looks at Frisket, who nods. Then she turns back to Maxine.] Wait a nano! Who restricted travel?
Well, you have been outta the loop, haven't you? The Guardians did!
[The camera closes in on AndrAIa's expression of shock.]

[In the Sibedar, the bartender pours a glowing white liquid into a small glass. A binome takes it and holds out a rectangle with "ONE" printed on it. The bartender takes it, looks at it, then places it below the bar. The binome drinks the drink in one swallow and wobbles drunkenly off the chair and through the bar, to sit at another table. The camera pans around, showing many strange beings, few of which are recognizable even as derivations of known types of Sprites. Slimey Goober is sitting at one table, laughing and drinking from a bottle. Then Matrix slams the doors open with his fists and walks into the bar. The music and chatter stop immediately. People and creatures stop and stare in alarm. He walks through, looking side to side. Slimey Goober sees him and begins trembling. A female binome, putting on her lipstick, marks a streak across her cheek when she sees Matrix. Matrix goes to the bar and lays his hands on the surface. The bartender trembles, open mouthed.] Out of all the bars in all the systems...
[leaning forward] IO shot, please.
[The trembling bartender, without looking away from Matrix, puts a bottle and a glass on the bar. The bottle wobbles in a circle. Matrix glowers. The binome stops it with one hand. Matrix slowly looks to both sides. His eyes narrow when he sees Slimey Goober, who is shaking, hiding his face with one hand, and still drinking.]
You have somethin' of mine. I want it back. Now!
[The camera closes in on Slimey Goober. He looks over, then turns his seat toward Matrix.]
Slimey Goober:
I-I-I-I don't know what'cha talkin' about.
Glitch, homing signal.
[Glitch begins beeping. Slimey Goober looks around and begins patting his coat, making little sounds of alarm.]
You were saying?
[Matrix lifts his shot glass. Then he hears a metallic scraping noise, and looks over. Slimey Goober is now smiling, and backed up by two big, armed, bouncy creatures.]
[turning around and raising his hands] Hey, take it easy. We can do this the hard way - [aside, whispering] Gun, targeting.
[We see Smiley Goober and the thugs through Matrix's targeting view. The M lights up. Gun floats off Matrix's leg. The sight rises and three red targeting shoot out of the sight. They attach themselves to Slimey Goober and the thugs. Slimey Goober trembles as he looks up at the icon above his eye. Gun turns as it sprays more icons around the bar. A regular binome and a Web-mutated binome look at each other in alarm. An android and a skull-faced critter look at their icons, then at Matrix, trembling.]
Or we could do it my way. Gun! Death blossom mode!
[Gun begins spinning so fast it becomes a red-glowing blur. The binome and the mutant tremble, holding each other. The bartender looks up over the bar, then ducks back down again, his fez tumbling before it falls. Slimey Goober takes Glitch out of his robe, places it on the ground, and kicks it over to Matrix. It slides over to Matrix's feet.] Spot the Web mutants
Anyone who wants to live, leave. I just want a quiet drink.
[People start screaming. The female binome now has lipstick scrawls all over her face. People flee the Sibedar. Matrix grabs Gun's handle, spins it on his finger, and reattaches it to his leg. He puts Glitch on the bar and picks up his shot glass. He stops just before drinking it and looks to the side.]
You got a deletion wish?
[The camera moves until the silhouette of a Sprite in Guardian uniform is visible, arms crossed and leaning against a table, behind Matrix.]
I'm lookin' for Guardian 452. There's a teeny devil Turbo on his other shoulder.
Imagine that. So am I.
[pointing at Matrix] What've you done with Bob?
[Matrix looks up, surprised. He turns around and clenches his fists.]
Who're you?!
[Turbo steps forward, into the light, so his uniform and gold badge are visible.]
I'm Turbo, Prime Guardian.


[The scene opens on the eye of a Web-mutated binome. It has wings with one eye under each as well as on its head, and a long trunk with a speakerlike mouth at the end. It looks over when it hears Frisket bark. Then it honks and flies off. Frisket runs after it, growling and barking. AndrAIa and Maxine are standing on the dock, still talking.]
Why would the Guardians restrict Net travel?
Apparently they have their own agenda. Something about controlling the known Net. There's a plot point over there.
We are talking about the same Guardians, right? To mend and defend?
Yes. The same Guardians. But now it's divide and render, for their own cause.
Do you know of anyone that can help us?
I do, but they're all in that prison. [gesturing] Locked up and awaiting deletion, courtesy of the Guardians.

[The M in Matrix's artificial eye glows in the darkness of the Sibedar.]
Turbo! You ruined my life!
[Matrix's takes Gun from its place on his hip.]
[raising his arm] Copland! Containment field!
[Red glowing spheres fly from Copland and encircle Matrix's upper body with red lines like a bola. Matrix struggles against the containment field, then glares at Turbo. Turbo, arms folded, walks up to him.]
I'm happy that we've established who I am. Now, mind tellin' me who you are and what you're doin' with Bob's Guardian protocol?
I'm not tellin' you anything. You tried to destroy Mainframe!
[surprised] Mainframe? You're from Mainframe? What's your name, son?
You can call me Matrix.
[thoughtfully] Matrix. Enzo Matrix?
[sarcastically] Pleased to make your acquaintance.
[looking at Copland's wheel] Copland, release field. Can I buy you a drink, sailor?
[The bola symbol in Copland's wheel stops rotating and fades. The lines binding Matrix disappear top to bottom. Matrix falls into one of the chairs at the bar. As Turbo speaks, he takes the next seat.]
Where in the code have you been, Matrix?
Game hopping. After Megabyte shot Bob into the Web I was Mainframe's only hope. But I was only a little Sprite. I played a game I couldn't win. Instead of being deleted, AndrAIa, Frisket, and I stayed with the game. We been trying to get home ever since.
Well, you haven't been away for as long as you think. By my reckoning you should only be... one one.
[incredulously] What?
Don't you know game time is accelerated? You compiled up faster in there relative to our time.
Then there's still hope for all of them! Especially Bob! Look, Glitch is sentient now!  Isn't that cute?
[On Turbo's bracer, Copland's wheel starts flashing and spinning, and the keytool makes R2D2-like bleeping noises. Turbo and Matrix look at Glitch, which begins moving about and making similar noises.]
Glitch? [laughs] Hello, old friend. [to Matrix] Ah, you've been very honored, Matrix. A keytool selects their Guardian. Few are chosen, and I know Glitch would never choose poorly.
[picking Glitch up] Glitch is broken. [puts Glitch on his belt] He was when I got him. Megabyte.
Yeah. I'm sorry, there's nothin' I can do to help. [He looks to the side, and the glowing markings on his temple become visible. Then he looks back.] Listen, I came to warn you, thinkin' you were Bob.
Warn me about what?
[They both look over as they hear a shout from outside.]
Female Guardian:
Hey! You in the bar!
[Shots coming from outside break the glass behind the bar and shatter the bottles. Matrix and Turbo jump over the bar and crouch down.]

Love them mutants

[AndrAIa and Maxine are standing beside Maxine's vehicle. In the foreground is a mutated, tentacled, planty-looking binome.]
What did you say your format was again?
I'm a search engine.
[AndrAIa and Frisket look at each other.]
[laughs] I'll explain.
[She flinches, then looks over when she hears gunshots in the distance. Lights flicker among the buildings.]
What in the Net!
Matrix. Gotta go! [She runs off.]
And I thought I loved excitement.

[Matrix and Turbo are crouching behind the bar as glass shatters around them.]
[shouting over the noise] You were saying?
[also shouting] I'm not the only Guardian that knows y'here!
You're tellin' me those are Guardians shooting at us?
[Seen from behind, the three viral Guardians and one drone are kneeling behind a planter on the opposite side of the street from the Sibedar. The female is shooting. The males throw exploding objects, then shoot. Then the female raises a hand. All stop shooting. Seen from the front, ten drones of various sizes are in front of them.]
Female Guardian:
[shouting] We're here for the rogue Guardian Bob! Throw down your weapons and come out!
[Matrix and Turbo stand on either side of a hole blasted in the Sibedar's front wall. Turbo raises his left arm, glances at Copland, then nods at Matrix.
[shouting at the viral Guardians] Do your drones have personality chips? [He grins at Turbo.]
Female Guardian:
No! Why?
[Matrix nods to Turbo. Both turn and fire through the hole in the wall, Matrix with Gun and Turbo with Copland. They blast all the drones into wreckage. Then they take shelter on the sides again. Matrix blows on Gun's barrel.]
You were gonna warn me about somethin'? There were these glowing alien pods...
[Turbo has his hand over his temple. When he takes it away, lines on his temple are glowing brightly. They glow and fade, each pulse accompanied by an audible noise.]
This. It's the infection. But I'm strong, I can still fight it.
[Matrix stared, shocked. Turbo looks down and touches the lower border of his icon. Pulsing lacelike patterns surround it as well. Matrix crouches down to look closer.]
[sitting and shaking his head] No. Much worse. A Supervirus. Daemon. She's infected the entire Guardian collective. Except for you...
And Bob. But I'm only a cadet, version one.
Yeah. But you're clean.

[The viral Guardian with shades is crouching and peering around a corner at the Sibedar. The Guardian with goggles stands on the side, gun at the ready. The female Guardian is holding a hand to her ear, listening to something.]
Female Guardian:
More drones are on the way. Daemon must have that Guardian!

[In the Sibedar, Turbo is sitting at one the tables, and Matrix is standing between the hole in the wall and the door. Matrix is looking at Glitch.]
Ah, it's too bad you weren't able to come to the Academy. You look like you woulda made a first-rate Guardian.
Well, you saw to that.
You can blame Daemon. She arranged the Webcreature. But for what it's worth - I'm sorry.
[sarcastically] Yeah. [He looks away, then back at Turbo, and speaks more sincerely.] Thanks, Turbo.
Doesn't matter where y'go now. They've got a lock on your icon. They'll always be able to track ya.
Not if I do this.
[Matrix clicks his icon twice. It changes into its triangular game sprite configuration.]

[The female Guardian, hearing static, looks up abruptly.]
Female Guardian:
We've lost his signal! Alert all of the system Guardians! He must've used a portal to escape.
[She raises her gun. Then, hearing a noise, she looks around. Slimey Goober is tiptoeing away.] Kiss me, you fool
Female Guardian:
I thought you took care of his keytool!
Slimey Goober:
Eh-I-I-I-I did, your eminence. But he reclaimed it. No matter, it was already badly damaged.
[The female Guardian kneels, seizes the binome by the collar, and lifts him.]
Female Guardian:
Then where is he, spy?!
Slimey Goober:
[choking] The one you seek was with others! A-a female and a dog! Capture them and you will draw out the renegade!
[She tosses Slimey Goober away. He bounces and skids up to the camera.]

[Matrix is looking put the hole in the wall. Turbo walks up to him.]
You're our only hope. Our only chance of defeating Daemon lies in Bob's protocol, and you need his codes to get back into Mainframe.
I have to find Bob... so he can save the entire Net.

Are you Guardians ALL blue?

[The marketplace is wrecked. stalls are smashed, merchandise scattered and broken. Smoke rises. The camera lowers to reveal AndrAIa and Frisket staring at the scene. The goggled Guardian glides up behind AndrAIa on a zip board and points his gun at her. She and Frisket look back. Frisket growls. The Guardian with shades glides down on the other side and also points his gun at her.]
[looking at Frisket and winking] Don't you just hate these little delays.
[Frisket leans forward, growling loudly.]


[The silhouette of something in the air falls on the Sibedar. The female Guardian's voice comes from its loudspeakers.]
Female Guardian:
Guardian 452, we have your female and the dog! Look, Ma, I'm on TV!
[The shadow passes over the hole in the wall. Turbo and Matrix, looking up, point Gun and Copland at its source.]
Female Guardian:
Surrender or they will be deleted!
[The shadow's source is seen as a floating rectangular craft with screens and speakers. Its screen shows AndrAIa and Frisket at bay. Matrix, seeing this, smiles and laughs softly. Turbo looks up at it, then at Matrix.]
[Frisket leaps at the camera. His teeth gnash right in front of the screen. The scene dissolves in static.]

[As moody Western music plays, the camera pans from the Sibedar to the building side where the female Guardian now stands alone. She watches the Sibedar. A flylike critter buzzes in front of her. Without looking away from the Sibedar she grabs the creature between thumb and forefinger. She looks at it as she squeezes it. Its single eyeball squirts out of its head. She grinds it in her hand, then flicks it away. Then she looks back.]
Female Guardian:
What took you so long?
I came as fast as I could.
[AndrAIa and Frisket are standing a bit down the street. A drone is standing by the female Guardian. It adjusts its pose as if preparing to attack.]
Female Guardian:
And my men?
Don't ask.
[AndrAIa looks down. Frisket growls loudly.]
He was wondering if your drone has a personality chip. I'm bored too, Frisket.
[The drone stiffens up. It and the female Guardian look at each other. Then it races off in a zigzag path, squealing and waving two of its limbs. Disappointed, Frisket shakes his head, then flops onto the ground on his stomach. He rests his chin on one paw and doodles on the ground with the other. The Guardian turns and glares at AndrAIa.]
Don't tell me. I'm under arrest.
Female Guardian:
You wish.
[The female Guardian's eyes narrow. The camera pans down to her hand, which hovers by her holstered gun, fingers moving slowly. The camera travels from AndrAIa's profile to her clenched right fist. Her hand opens, the fingernails extending with a metallic sound. The thumbnail glints with a "ping" sound. The female Guardian's eyes narrow. Seen from overhead, AndrAIa faces the female Guardian, the Guardian faces her, a piece of paper blows across the scene, and Frisket looks bored. AndrAIa squints. The fingers of her left hand wiggle as if to reach for a gun she doesn't have. The camera pans slowly across her back, which fades into the female Guardian's back. The female Guardian's gun handle beeps and flashes two red lights alternately. Matrix was right!  Killing people is fun!Sweat drips down AndrAIa's temple. The viral marks on the female Guardian's temple glow audibly. Her eyes narrow some more. AndrAIa clenches her left fist and extends her forearm fins with another metallic noise and glint. The female Guardian's gun beeps loudly, both red lights lighting up. She draws and shoots. AndrAIa blocks the shot with her fin and shoots the fingernails from her right hand as if throwing a knife. They stab the female Guardian in the neck. The Guardian chokes and gags loudly, four of the nails sticking into her throat. She falls to her knees. Her head bobbles a bit, then she falls face-forward onto the ground. AndrAIa smugly blows onto her fingernails.]

[Matrix is sitting at the Bar, and Turbo is leaning against a table.]
Are you sure your friends're okay?
They always are.
Good. Matrix, I have to get back. I been away too long already. What I need is a tear.
[Turbo looks around. Matrix looks around, then smiles. He lifts Gun and shoots a drinks machine on the bar. A tear appears where the machine was. Turbo is surprised, then smiles at Matrix.]
Thanks, cadet. [To Copland] Copland, portal.
[Turbo points Copland at the tear. A beam shoots out, stabilizing it onto a sphere showing the Supercomputer.]
Why don't you come with us to search for Bob?
I'm more valuable to you where I am. You'll always have a friend on the inside, as long as I can fight off this infection.
Matrix: I salute the magic floating beachball!
Then I guess this is where we part ways.
No hard feelin's?
[Matrix looks down and shakes his head, then looks back up. Turbo makes an odd gesture, raising his right hand to his forehead, then bringing it down to chest level and then to his right hip, palm-up. Then he dives headfirst into the portal. The sphere shrinks into nothing as soon as he's through. Matrix looks down, then over when he hears the door swing. AndrAIa is walking toward him.
[amused] What've you been up to?
Saying goodbye to a new friend. Turbo.
[She walks up to him. He takes both her hands.]
Turbo?! What the-
No, no, it's okay. He's on our side. He had some interesting news. Ah, did you find us a ship?
That's going to be a problem. The Guardians have restricted all Net travel.
[touching the side of her face] It's okay. We'll get a ship.
Ohh, something'll come up.
[He turns to the bar and grabs a drink. He holds Glitch in his other hand.]
[to Glitch] Glitch, scan for possible transport. Avast!  There be a free table over there!
[Lines appear in Glitch's wheel and define a triangle. Matrix is about to drink when it beeps. He looks at it, surprised. Then he hears the door open, and looks over. There, complete with theme music, are Captain Capacitor and Mr. Christopher.]
[Capacitor's eye opens wide. He takes out his sword and brandishes it nervously at them.]

Directed by James Boshier
J. Falconer
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Gary Chalk
Paul Dobson
Jesse Moss
Janyse Jaud
Andrew Kavadas
Judith Maxi
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Anthony Guad
Mike Jackson
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Barb Dawson
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
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Off-Line Editors Angela Stevensworth
James Boshier
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
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Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
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Vice-President Software Development Chris Welman
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Corporate Controller Giuliana Bertuzzi, CMA
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Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants Tyler Haider
Jonathan Fowlie
Christian Varin
William Lee
Bracken New
Music composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production

Produced with the participation of:
  • Telefilm Canada
  • The Canada Television and Cable Production Fund License Fee Program
  • British Columbia Film
  • The Independent Production Fund

And with the assistance of the Shaw Children's Programming Initiative and the Government of Canada-Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program.

Special thanks to Motorola Transmission Division


  The ReBoot episode "The Episode with No Name" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.

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