Return of The Crimson Binome

Written by: Christy Marx
Story by:

Gavin Blair  Christy Marx
Dan DiDio   Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson

Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

[Open on the tear floating in the air, surrounded by orbiting shapes. A thread leads down to a ringlike enclosure above the surface of the Energy Sea. The tear flares. The flare travels down the thread and exits the ring in the form of a ship. The ship heads for the docks. A flying CPU car buzzes it.]
Nice layout for a wanted poster.[Fade to a deserted alley. The camera closes in on some boxes and barrels. A familiar hornpipe plays as Captain Capacitor looks out from behind them, and stops when he ducks back out of view. A CPU car cruises just over the street's surface. Capacitor and the hornpipe watch it fly away. He looks around. A VidWindow opens behind him. It shows images in three frames of himself and Mr. Christopher. The frames glow and change between images.]
Wanted, deleted or compiled. Ten thousand unit reward for the capture of the Crimson Binome. Wanted-
[Capacitor bashes the VidWindow. It goes staticky. Capacitor waves a hook dismissively at it and walks away. The VidWindow closes. Mr. Christopher, who had been watching, turns to Capacitor, then follows.]
Mr. Christopher:
Captain? Are you all right?
I'm far from all right, Mr. Christopher! Nobody'll be collecting a reward on the Crimson Binome!
[Mr. Christopher taps keys in his organizer.]
Mr. Christopher:
Maybe we should turn ourselves in. It could be our only chance to show a profit.
Don't give up, m'lad! We'll curb our losses! [gesturing at the shot-up Sibedar] Now let's get in the cantina. Inside's a scurvy lot and we can get lost in the crowd.
[Seen from inside, Capacitor and Christopher walk past the hole and through the swinging doors. At the bar, Matrix and AndrAIa look at Glitch. Matrix turns around on his barstool.]
[surprised] Capacitor? [Matrix gets up and walks forward.]
Capacitor? Who's Capacitor? You be the bouncer?
[Matrix walks up to the two binomes. Christopher stares at Matrix, alarmed, while Capacitor somehow fails to notice him until he speaks.]
Captain? [pointing] Capacitor, it is you!
[Capacitor takes out his "sword" and swings it around as he speaks.]
You'll never take me alive, you scurvy bounty-hunting scum!
[Capacitor swings at Matrix, who dodges back.]
It'll take more than the likes of you to capture the Crimson Binome! Follow me, Mr. Christopher!
[They turn and run back out of the Sibedar. Matrix and AndrAIa burst out after them and look side to side. AndrAIa puts a hand on Matrix's shoulder.]
Is that pirate a friend of yours?
Sort of. He did business with Dot. [to Frisket] Frisket! Find 'im!
[Frisket looks up at Matrix, then starts sniffing the ground. He growls and takes off running. Matrix and AndrAIa follow him.]

[The camera shows the exterior of what looks like a maximum security prison. Doors open, and four binomes and a Sprite walk into a darkened room, casting long shadows before themselves. The binomes are in Foreign Legion costumes. The Sprite, walking in the middle of them, wears goggles, a wetsuit, and a buzz cut. The back two binomes are carrying a Surf-Baud. The door closes behind them. The surfer looks back. A light comes on in front of him. He looks up, shielding his eyes with one hand. Up on a judge's podium, something like a cross between a jukebox and a vending machine lights up.]
[Looking down at a binome] Eh, mate, can ya spare me some change? [looking back up at the "judge"] I've got me a thirst for an energy shake.
[The binome he spoke to strikes him in the abdomen with his billy club. It hits with a clang, not hurting Ray at all. Ray looks back down at the binome. The sound of a gavel banging is heard. Ray looks back up.]
Judge Machine:
[mechanical monotone] Ray Tracer, you have been found guilty of unauthorized system travel. In the name of the Guardians you will be deleted at oh eight hundred. Have a nice day.
[as he leaves, angrily] And that's a nice day right back at'cha!
[The binomes escort Ray through several doors into a cell block.] Watch it! I just had a Baudy wax!
You blokes look uptight. You should try loggin' off. It relieves tension.
[A binome strikes the Surf-Baud with his billy club. Ray gasps as if he were the one struck. His wetsuit flares, then goes dark as he collapses. The Surf-Baud is thrown into a very locked locker. Ray, still unconscious, is tossed into a cell. A barred door comes down. The camera pans to the side, showing many of Capacitor's crew in the next cell.]
Zero with Eyepatch:
Ahh, it's not the Captain. And as long as he be free, there be hope.

[Capacitor and Mr. Christopher run through the streets. Frisket, Matrix, and AndrAIa chase them. Frisket pulls ahead. Capacitor skids and turns a corner, with Christopher following. They find themselves in a dead end. Frisket can be heard growling.]
Mr. Christopher:
Oh my! They've set the dogs on us!
Let them come then! I'll run no more! By the Code, they'll know they faced the Crimson Binome! [He draws his filelocker sword and holds it up.]
[Frisket turns the corner and leaps for Capacitor.] Nyaah nyaah
Have at ye, hellhound!
[Capacitor stands his ground. When Frisket is almost on him he strikes the dog with his filelocker. The dog is instantly imprisoned in a transparent green block, which falls to the ground. Capacitor leans forward to look at Frisket.]
[surprised] Glory be! I know those teeth!
[Matrix and AndrAIa turn the corner at a run.]
[brandishing his sword] Bail up, ya knave, or I'll-
[holding his hands up in front of himself] Gavin, wait!
[surprised] How d'ya know me true name?
I'm Matrix. [He double-clicks his icon, which switches from game sprite to regular mode.] Enzo Matrix. Dot's brother.
[Capacitor and Mr. Christopher look at each other, then back at Matrix.]
Not little Enzo!
Not any longer. And call me Matrix.
Okay, Matrix, where's me dear friend Dot? Is she with ye? By the code, how I've missed her!
[looking away] So have I.
And Bob?
He's in the Web.
The Web?! He be done for!
No! I know he would have found a way to survive!
[Uncomfortable pause. Capacitor sheathes his sword, then steps forward to AndrAIa.]
And you be...? I hold your hand in mine, dear, I raise it to my lips...
[Capacitor takes her hand in his and doffs his hat.]
Matrix has exquisite taste, me lovely lady. [He kisses her hand, then puts his hat back on.]
[running her hand through her hair] You're a charming rogue, Gavin.
[bowing] Thank you, ma'm'selle. [He backs up a few steps, then notices Frisket in filelock. He draws his sword.] Begging your pardon, Frisket.
[Capacitor taps the block with his sword, causing the filelock field to disappear. Frisked lands on his feet, shakes his head, then leans forward, snarling.]
Easy, boy.
[Frisket looks back at Matrix, then whines and looks down, disappointed.]
Shiver me templates! It really is Enzo! I've had me doubts, lad, but that settles it! But how-?
Game hopping. We compiled faster. We were lost in the Net and did it to survive. [looking at AndrAIa] No regrets.
[AndrAIa nods slightly.]
Captain, we need your ship.
Then you'd best look elsewhere. [angrily] The Guardians' lapdogs have seized me ship and taken me crew prisoner!
[Wind blows. A voice and distant engine sound fades in.]
The Crimson Binome. Wanted, deleted or compiled.
[AndrAIa looks up. The flying billboard craft is back, showing the same images of Capacitor and Christopher as the earlier VidWindow, and broadcasting a calm, dispassionate voice. It also shines spotlights downward.]
[continuing] Ten thousand unit reward for the capture of the Crimson Binome. Wanted-
Filthy blaggards!
[disbelievingly] Then thousand units? What'ja do?!
Mr. Christopher:
Well, when Mainframe closed down we tried to open honest trade routes with other systems. For some reason the Guardians took exception to that. We've been on the run ever since.
Captain, we need your help to find a way into the Web.
I'd be glad to tro, for Dot's sake! But why the Web?
I told you, that's where Bob is! We have to find him! He's our only way back into Mainframe. City on a Hill
Well, I can't do it without me crew. They're being held in yonder prison.
[Capacitor points with his sword at a forbidding, fortresslike building above a stone cliff.]
Mr. Christopher:
And there's no way of breaking them out!
[dramatically] Ah, but now you have a secret weapon. Something they aren't expecting. Something that can't be stopped.
[skeptically] And what would that be?
[grimly] Me.

[CPU cars fly around the prison. A flicker of static changes the view to the walkway leading to it, which is on a high wall bordered with what seems to be the equivalent of an electrified fence. Another static flicker shows the cell in which the pirates are being held. Two pirates are visible at the bars. The camera backs away to show several binomes wearing Foreign Legion costumes sitting at monitoring stations with multiple screens and various controls. One hops off his chair. As he begins to walk away the camera follows him, revealing that AndrAIa is standing in the door. She clears her throat. The binomes turn to her.] Nice zeroes
[posing shamelessly] Excuse me, can you help me?
[She bats her lashes. The binomes are frozen in place, gawking. A Zero, standing on two seats, winks at her. One, holding a billy club, speaks.]
Binome Commander:
I'm sorry, ma'am, this is a restricted area, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
[walking forward, looking around, and leaning forward to further distract the binomes] But my dog! He's missing! Have any of you seen him?
[She bats her lashes again. The binomes babble all at once. The Zero falls forward. Frisket barks in the hall behind her.]
Oh, here he is. Frisket! [She turns around, sweeping her hair and posting again] C'mere boy!
Binome Commander:
N-now-now see here, y'c- you can't bring a dog into the prison!
[AndrAIa kneels and whistles, beckoning. The gawking binomes sigh. Then Frisket bounds over her and lands on a binome, knocking him into the control panel, which sparks. He jumps onto another binome at the controls, then the one who got out of his chair. The binomes scream and yell. AndrAIa throws the starfish from her hair like a shuriken. It slices a furrow in the control panel. Binomes run around while Frisket has the Zero treed in one of the control seats. The commander looks around, panicking, then hits a red button on a podium. An alarm bell rings. Red lights go on.]
C'mon, Frisket! Let's go!
[AndrAIa and Frisket run out the way they came.]
Binome Commander:
Stop them!
[Binomes run after AndrAIa and Frisket.]

[Outside, the alarm is faintly heard as the camera focuses on the fenced walkway. The camera travels down to its base, where Matrix, Mr. Christopher, and Captain Capacitor are standing.]
That's our cue.
Wait here, Mr. Christopher.
[Mr. Christopher nods. Capacitor and Matrix walk up to the solid stone wall.]
But, lad, we've no way to get over the wall!
[raising Gun] Ah, we're not goin' over it.
[He shoots at the wall, and blasts a hole all the way through.
[incredulously] By gar!
[Matrix and Capacitor walk through the hole.]

Damn private residential community security measures!

[Seen from above, AndrAIa and Frisket run down the fenced walkway. Gates close just before they get through. They skid to a stop and look back. Binomes are running toward them.]
[to Frisket] Chowtime.
[Frisket bites the bars of the gate, wrenches one door off the frame, and tosses it back. It flattens the pursuing binomes. AndrAIa scratches Frisket's muzzle. Then they hear sirens, and turn back. Police cars fly from the prison, shootingtheir machine guns. AndrAIa and Frisket run. They come up against a wooden wall.]
Frisket, go to the docks! Help them free the ship.
[Frisket, ears drooping, whines and shakes his head.]
I'll shake these guys and meet you there. [pointing] Go on!
[Frisket look is the direction she pointed, then runs.]

[Capacitor and Matrix are inside the prison, in the locker area just outside the cell block.]
They're in here!
[Capacitor taps uselessly at the keypad beside the door with his hook.]
D'aaah! Blasted lockup codes!
My turn.
[Matrix raises gun and shoots the keypad. Capacitor barely manages to dodge the shot. The doors slide open slightly, then stop.]

[AndrAIa, hiding against the wooden wall on the other side of the gate, watches the police cars fly past her. She takes out her collapsed trident and expands it with a metallic sound. She runs after the cars, which are now cruising at low altitude over the walkway. They stop and turn when AndrAIa calls to them.]
Hey, bits for brains! How many CPUs does it take to catch one Sprite?
[The cars "look" at each other, then fly forward, shooting. AndrAIa runs from them. She uses her trident to vault over the wall.]

[Matrix puts Gun in place on his leg. He grunts as he tries to pull the doors open. With a sound of unhappy metal, they slide open a few inches.]
By the code, Lad! Heave!
[Matrix continues pulling, until the doors finally slam open. Matrix pants. Then they walk in. A binome in the last cell on the left speaks.]
Zero with Eyepatch:
Captain! We knew you wouldn't fail us. But who's that?
Don't tell me you've forgotten the young Matrix boy!
[The Zero does a take of surprise. His eyepatch flies up, revealing a good eye.]
[stepping backwards] Now stand back! Too many eyes, but so what?
[Matrix shoots the top of the cell door. It wavers, then falls forward, carrying with the several binomes. The rest of the crew run out, cheering. Last of all comes Princess Bula. She stops in front of Matrix and puts her hands together beside her head.]
You cute!
[She bats her eye. Matrix smiles and laughs uncomfortably. Then he looks down at Capacitor.]
Mr. Jimmy, break out our weapons!
[Several of the crew go over to the lockers. They shove one, which knocks against another, very securely locked one. Inside another cell, Ray's websuit flickers and lights up with a staticky sound. He jerks, then raises his head and shakes it.]
Ray: How much is that SuRFr in the window
[reaching a hand through the bars] Hey, mate, wait! How 'bout me? These Guardian bootlickers want me deleted too!
You're no use to me.
[He turns away, and comes face to face with Capacitor.]
[sternly] Enzo Matrix, you've changed more than I thought! What would Dot, fine woman that she be, think of her brother behaving in such a churlish manner?
[Matrix pauses. Ray, seen behind Matrix, waits with a pitiful expression. Then Matrix turns and shoots the bars of Ray's cell. He yelps and barely manages to get out of the way of the blast. The two bars Ray had been holding onto fall back into the cell. Capacitor puts his hands on his sides and glares at Matrix disapprovingly. Ray walks by them.]
Thanks, mate. Anytime I can-
[interrupting] Save it!
[Ray looks back at him, one eyebrow raised. Then he tilts his head as if rolling his eyes, and walks on. The pirates are picking up their weapons, which have spilled out of the locker. Ray walks over to the locker and yanks on the door. It doesn't open.]
Matrix, one more shot, over here!
[Matrix scowls and aims the gun at Ray. Capacitor looks over, then glares at Matrix. Matrix shoots. Again, Ray barely dodges the shot. It blows the locker open. The Surf-Baud is inside.]
Next time, it's your head.
[taking the Surf-Baud out of the locker] Well, a good day to you all. I'm ridin' the grid waves outta here. [He tosses the Surf-Baud, which floats in the air, then jumps onto it.] If you want my advice, head straight for the edge of beyond. They'll never catch ya there. [He turns and flies down the hall.]
Told you he was useless. [shouting] Move out!

[The Saucy Mare is chained to one of the docks. Binomes in lab coats walk around and tap buttons on a control console. The one at the console looks around in alarm.]
Techie One:
D- What - what was that?
[A gate bursts open. Several binomes in lab coats run away from Frisket, who is walking forward and growling. Frisket looks around.]

Coming soon to FOX

[Ray flies at low altitude over the street. A police car pulls out of an alley and chases him. Others join it.]
[speaking over a car loudspeaker] Felon! Surrender or we will shoot!
[Ray looks back at the three cars chasing him, then forward again.]
Tough choice. But you're in my space now.
[Ray speeds up and makes a tight turn between buildings. The cars hit the building on the other side, then continue the chase. Ray flies between buildings, and under arches. One car hits the top of the arch and loses control.]

[A pirate beats the control panel with his hand. The glowing chain holding the Saucy Mare flickers and disappears. The pirates cheer. They leap onto deck, Capacitor first. He shouts orders as the rest of the crew scurry around.]
Prepare to cast off! Mr. Andrew, get the engines online on the double.
[Frisket walks slowly on the deck, looking unhappy. Matrix walks up beside the dog.]
Good work, Frisket. But where's AndrAIa?
[Whining, Frisket looks back at the town. Matrix follows the dog's glance, and looks at the prison. Mr. Christopher taps on his organizer.]
Mr. Christopher:
[to Captain Capacitor] Sir! Look! [He points.]
[Capacitor takes a telescope out from behind his back and looks where Mr. Christopher was pointing. He sees two ships turning toward them from either side of the ring below the tear.]
[shouting] Man the guns! Mr. Andrew! Get those engines online!
[Deck guns swivel to point outward and click as if taking the safeties off. The two ships approach. Matrix watches. Then he turns back toward the town.]
[urgent stage whisper] Come on, AndrAIa! Where are you?

[AndrAIa runs, then skids to a stop and turns to run away from two police cars. A third flies out of an alley in front of the other two, nearly hitting them. They stop. The third one gets its bearings, and all three follow AndrAIa. She turns a corner and finds herself against a wall. She can't push her way through it, though she does try. Then she turns and looks at the three cars. They drift closer.] Famous last words
Uh-oh, the welcoming committee. I feel so special.
[A CPU leans out of the car window.]
You are trapped! There is no way out! Surrender or be deleted!
Gee, tough choice. [She takes out her minimized trident from behind her back, and expands it with a metallic sound.] Bring it on! [She raises an eyebrow and grins challengingly.]

[Ray flies toward the camera, then makes a 180 degree turn and flies back between the two cars chasing him. They turn and follow. He makes several turns and flies higher. Then he looks down.]
Well well! What do we have here?
[The police cars gain on him. He stops abruptly. The cars fly right past him and smash into something beyond. Ray looks down and sees AndrAIa cornered by three police cars.]
A lovely damsel, outnumbered, definitely in distress!
[He steps off his Surf-Baud and falls. The Surf-Baud dives after him.]
[speaking through car loudspeaker] You have three nanoseconds to surrender! Three! Two! The ballet lessons finally pay off
[The Surf-Baud flies in front of the cars, snapping the ends off their machine guns. AndrAIa looks up and gasps. Ray, arms folded and legs crossed as if leaning against something, is falling. The Surf-Baud dives and catches him. He swoops down and sweeps her up onto the board. They fly up, each with an arm around the other's waist.]
It looks to me like you could use a lift.
I take it that's your favorite pickup line?
Without a doubt. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ray. Ray Tracer. A Web surfer.
AndrAIa. And thank you.
Believe me, lovely lady, the pleasure's all mine.
[Two CPUs pop up behind them. They turn when they hear the loudspeaker.]
[speaking through car loudspeaker] Felon! Surrender or die!
Ray & AndrAIa:
Wow, tough choice.
[They look at each other. AndrAIa is surprised. Ray grins.]
Hang on!
[They speed down and make a sharp turn between buildings. The cars follow with difficulty.]
I'm, uh, catchin' the next system wave outta here. Care to join me?
Sorry, but I have some friends waiting for me. Dock 66. Goin' my way?
For you, anything. [He smiles.]

[The two ships, named FFG-39 and SS CAMERON, approach. Mr. Andrew flips his eyepatch up and speaks to Captain Capacitor.]
Mr. Andrew:
Engines online, sir! [He salutes. His eyepatch flips down again.]
Forward on my command. Gunners, prepare to fire!
We're not leavin' without AndrAIa!
[Frisket barks. Matrix looks at him. Wagging his tail, Frisket fidgets his forepaws and whines eagerly. Then he looks out and barks again. The camera pans over, then zooms in on Ray and AndrAIa. Matrix scowls. Ray glides in and stops just above the deck. AndrAIa hops off the Surf-Baud.]
[to Matrix] Sorry I'm late. But if it wasn't for Ray, I would have-
[interrupting] We've met.
Yeah. Nice to see you again, too. Seems I've forgotten something...
[Capacitor watches the dialogue disapprovingly. The ship in the distance behind him fires. He hears it and looks around just before his hat is blown off.]
Engines on full!
Gunners! Fire at will!
[Pirates run around and rhubarb.]
[barely audible over the hubbub] Who's Will?
[A pirate tosses old-fashioned pistols to Ray and AndrAIa. The Saucy Mare leaves the dock and heads for the gate in the ring below the tear. The guns on the two other ships take aim at the Mare and begin shooting. The Mare returns fire. The Cameron, flaming in several spots, slows and tilts. Three CPUs fly toward the Mare. AndrAIa sees them. Ray, right beside her, sees three more. He raises his pistol. The CPUs dive and strafe the ship. Matrix fires Gun at the FFG-39 and is nearly hit by the CPU fire. Ray and AndrAIa, back to back, fire at the CPUs. One on Ray's side falls, trailing smoke, into the sea. They bump, look back at each other and grin, then continue shooting. Matrix scowls. His eye goes into targeting mode. An explosion knocks him forward.]
Full sail! Set course for the edge of beyond! Set sail
[The Saucy Mare's sails are activated one by one, front to back. They ripple with energy. Then the ship surges forward, through the gate, and up into the tear. The ship, trailing smoke from one side of its hull, speeds down a tunnel of light streaks. The crew cheer. One falls off a box. Matrix, glowering, steps forward, then jumps down from the upper deck onto the main deck and walks over to Ray and AndrAIa. Ray's expression hardens as Matrix approaches.]
[folding his arms] I thought you had somewhere else to be!
Everyone has to be somewhere. I like it here.
[Ray steps between Matrix and AndrAIa and pus his fists on his hips. Matrix steps closer, putting his face very close to Ray's.]
Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Get lost!
[AndrAIa puts her arm across Matrix's chest and pushes them apart.]
Enzo, I want you to stop this! He saved my life!
We don't need 'im!
We need all the help we can get! Not polite to point
[Matrix starts to reply to her. Then he looks away angrily. He steps forward again and points his finger between Ray's eyes, nearly touching him. Ray does not back away.]
You! Stay outta my way.
[He turns and leaves. Ray and AndrAIa watch him go.]
Hmm. Pleasant chap. Does he ever smile?
If he does, run. Very fast.
[Frisket growls and walks between them, glaring at Ray.]
[to Frisket] Now don't you start. The dark, primitive ages
[The ship comes to the end of the tunnel and emerges into a dark space populated by geometric shapes. It brakes hard, its sails retracting, and tips forward. The crew go flying forward. The ship falls back to level and tilts to one side. Capacitor stands and puts on his hat.]
Mr. Andrew! Mr. Phil! What is the meaning of this?
Mr. Andrew:
[saluting] Sir! The warship hit our portal generator! [shaking his head] It's a goner.
[dismayed] Blow me down! Without the portal generator we can't escape this system!
We must reach the Web! Nice, uh, box, Ray.
[Ray is posing casually, one foot up on a box.]
Y'know, I do some of my best surfin' in the web.
Are you saying that you can open the way to the Web?
It's a... little talent of mine.
[Ray looks at Matrix and AndrAIa. AndrAIa looks back at Matrix.]
[to Matrix] I told you he wasn't such a bad guy.
[Matrix scowls and looks away. AndrAIa frowns at him. Then she turns to Ray.]
Ray, will you help us get into the Web?
[Ray and AndrAIa are visible over Matrix's shoulder.]
For you, pretty lady, anything.
[Matrix turns and bares his teeth. His eye goes into targeting mode and glows red.]

Directed by Michael Ferraro
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Long John Baldry
Ian James Corlett
Scott McNeil
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan
Donal Gibson
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Anthony Guad
Mike Jackson
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Barb Dawson
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Jennifer Twiner
Supervising Animator Gino Nichele
Senior Animators Allen LeCorre
Michael Mussellman
Computer Animators Neil Bruder
Jared Damon
Rob Gandell
Jason Gross
Wade Howard
Wilson Leung
Matthew Wilcox
Anne Davis-Chan
Jason Hopkins
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Supervising Modellers Herrick Chiu Rak Tafarodi
Modellers Slava Chorny
Michael Faulkner
Alberto Garcia
Gideon Hay
Murray McCaron
Doug MacCay
Jeremy Miller
Leslie Oldham
Rick Scarpitti
Mike Towes
Modeling Tracker Donna Maxwell
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor Craig McEwen
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
David Fracchia
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Phil Peterson
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Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technicians Andre Guilbeault
Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuliana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants Tyler Haider
Jonathan Fowlie
Christian Varin
William Lee
Bracken New
Music Composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production

  The ReBoot episode "The Return of The Crimson Binome" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.

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