Season 1 Opening Sequence

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

[The viewpoint zooms through the Supercomputer, past subsystems, toward a portal sphere.]
[voiceover] I come from the Net. Through systems, peoples, and cities,
[The viewpoint goes into the portal. The view turns kaleidoscopic.]
[voiceover, continuing] to this place,
[We see Mainframe from above. The camera comes down to show it from an angle closest to Lost Angles.]
[voiceover, continuing] Mainframe. My format, Guardian.
[Bob walks into the Diner.]
[voiceover, continuing] To mend and defend.
[Bob mends a tear in the basement of Dot's Diner.]
[voiceover, continuing] To defend my newfound friends.
[Dot presses a button on her organizer. In another shot she turns and holds her hand up to her mouth as if to suppress a laugh. Enzo spins his cap by the brim. Dot, in front of the Diner, grins back at Bob.]
[voiceover, continuing] Their hopes and dreams.
[Phong, in front of a bank of VidWindows showing Megabyte, G Prime, and viral binomes, raises a hand. A One and a Zero binome smile at each other.]
[voiceover, continuing] To defend them from their enemies.
[The theme music begins in earnest. The camera zooms in on Megabyte's face. Megabyte, sitting in his throne, looks to the side and says something. Hack and Slash burst through the doors of Al's Wait and Eat. Hex whips around, holding out one arm. We see a view of Lost Angles and the Gilded Gate Bridge.]
Created by:
Gavin Blair Phil Mitchell
John Grace Ian Pearson

[Hexadecimal undulates toward the camera. Skuzzy, his dome flashing red, blinks. Spaceships fly away from a burst of white light toward a planet. Bob, flying on a blue dragon, dodges a fireball from the User chasing him. A truck driven by Dot bursts through a wall of stacked white and red tires. Hexadecimal grabs Bob, who is holding a gift package, by the shoulders. Enzo tackles Bob in the diner. Ships fly through a collapsing ice cavern. Enzo skids out of the diner doors and throws a minimized Zip board. Enzo and Dot turn toward each other and gape cartoonishly. A hovercraft speeds through a racing track, avoiding mines so the binomes behind them can crash into them. Glitch's wheel flies off of a portal, destabilizing it into a tear again. Frisket holds down a One binome with his paw. Megabyte catches Dot in his arms.]

Executive Producer:
Jay Firestone

[Bob, Dot, and Enzo, in the diner, turn back to look through the windows. The sky darkens to a stormy purple. Lightning flashes. Bob looks up. Dot and Enzo look up. A game cube comes down on Wall Street and flickers as it settles into place.
[voiceover] They say the User lives outside the Net

Produced by:
Christopher Brough

[voiceover, continuing] and inputs games for pleasure.
[Head-and-shoulders shot of Bob in front of a dark purple game cube-like background. As Bob speaks, the viewpoint pulls out, showing that Dot and Enzo are standing beside and just behind him.]
[continuing] No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out. Reboot!
[All three double click their icons. The screen flashes green, and the ReBoot logo closes in. Hold as the final chord plays.]

The ReBoot opening sequence is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.
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