Written by: Len Wein
Story by: Gavin Blair  Ian Pearson
Dan DiDio  Len Wein
Phil Mitchell   Mark Wolfman

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

Alpo! It's what's for dinner![Open in a dark, ruined area, in the background of which the Principle Office can be seen. The camera pans past diapers hanging on a clothesline and a paintbrush-holding female binome in a rocking chair who is gaping blankly at binary numbers painted on a wall. Some binomes lying in the rubble look up when the Pinnacle explodes, releasing a tear. From the opposite angle the camera pans past more binomes, one staring at the tear, two mechanically bouncing a ball against a wall. A particularly scruffy-looking One walks up to the camera, eating something unpleasant looking out of a tin can as he gazes at the tear. Flies buzz around him. A shadow passes over him, and he begins trembling. ABCs fly toward the Principle Office. Two binomes cower in the front of an abandoned car as the shadows pass over them, then they slam the hood down over themselves. The ABCs form a ring around and below the tear. The viewpoint pulls back, showing the scene on a VidWindow that Megabyte is watching. The VidWindow image changes to show a viral officer.]
Viral Commander:
[saluting] Sir! The tear is now secure! Get ya jumpin' like a real live wire
Excellent! It's only a matter of time before I convert it into a portal and escape this dying system. [He turns and approaches the camera, his face becoming distorted as he comes close.] And you're going to give me the code, aren't you, Phong?
[In the bell jar, Phong is crying out as electricity from the probes shocks him. Ones and zeroes appear on the first column of the right side of the display from bottom to top, adding up to the number 68, and the light at the top flashes green. Megabyte looks at Phong's head, which is not being electrified for the moment.]
[weakly] You...will... never... win... Virus.
[Megabyte, seen from Phong's point of view, is bizarrely distorted.]
Really, and just who will stop me? Bob, or [rolling his eyes] Ms. Matrix's pathetic band of rebels?

[The Saucy Mare rises behind the wreckage of the Silicon Tor, then flies forward in a curved path toward the Principle Office. Nobody is seen on its deck.]

[A viral binome in an ABC looks at the controls, then startles.]
Commander, they're heading straight for us.
Viral Commander:
What?! The fools! What do they hope to accomplish?
[The viral binome smiles unpleasantly. The Saucy Mare approaches.]
Sir, they're still coming! When a camera comes along, you must whip it
Viral Commander:
Then they're committing suicide. Open a channel! [pointing with his riding crop] I want those pirates blown outta the sky!
[ABCs fly out of the ring into two rows, one above the other facing the Saucy Mare.]
Viral Commander:
On... my command...
[Missiles rise out of the tops of the ABCs.]
Viral Commander:
[voiceover] Fire!
Viking funeral [The ABCs launch their missiles at the Saucy Mare. Most stream past the pirate ship, but some hit. Seen from inside, holes appear in the hull, letting in light to illuminate the barrels within. The camera pulls back, showing hundreds of sticks of dynamite among the items in the hold. Seen from above the deck, there is an explosion inside the Mare. Seen from a distance, several more explosions set the ship on fire. It continues on its path. The viral binome and commander lean close and stare. The flaming skeleton of the ship flies toward them. Another explosion sends a wave of fire washing over the ABCs. The viral commander is beginning to panic. His chair catches fire right by his foot, and he stamps at it to try to put it out. Other ABCs glow white, then explode. Seen from below by Mr. Christopher, Mr. Andrew, AndrAIa, and Captain Capacitor, the Saucy Mare streaks through the sky and down toward the Energy Sea. The pirates are staring in disbelief. The ship crashes into the sea. When it hits Capacitor closes his eye. When he looks again, he sees the needle of the prow sinking slowly below the surface, smoke rising into the air.]
[in shock] By gar, lass, what have I done?
What you always do, Captain. [puts a hand on his collar] Turn a hopeless situation into a fighting chance.
[Capacitor, still gaping, turns his eyeblock to look at her.]
[continuing] We've done our part. Now it's Enzo's turn.
Then go to him, lass. I'll rally the men and we'll be right behind ye. [He throws his hat down on the ground and speaks determinedly.] The Mare will not go down in vain!
[Capacitor turns and looks out at the Energy Sea.]

[A thread of smoke rises from the sea in the distance. The camera pulls back, showing quite a few binomes, some helmeted or uniformed. Mouse and Matrix are at the back. Matrix watches through a spyglass. Through its POV he sees the needle of the ship's prow sinking. He puts the spyglass behind his back.]
There's the signal.
Couldn't miss it, sugah. Shouldn't we be facing TOWARD the enemy?
[The two Sprites look toward three binomes holding bazookas. Matrix nods. The binomes raise their bazookas and fire. Matrix and Mouse look to the other side, Matrix nods, and the other three fire their bazookas. The camera follows the missiles as they arc toward the Principle Office. Inside, Megabyte looks around as he hears the missiles approach. He jerks after one hits. On the rim of the PO, a missile takes out a gunner's station in front of the entrance. Another gunner looks up just before his station - and he - are blasted. A third gunner is firing. His station, too, gets blown to bits, leaving him in place minus his eyeblock, moving as if still firing the gun.]
[shouting and pointing forward with Gun] Rebels! Attack!
[Matrix, Mouse, and Frisket lead the binomes in their charge across the bridge to the Principle Office. The binomes, many in green CPU uniform, fire at the PO. Dot, in the rebel headquarters, watches on a VidWindow.]
[thinking] I should be out there with them! And so should Bob. [She closes her eyes. Her shoulders tense. She opens her eyes again. Images of battle appear superimposed in front of her face as she thinks.] But the attack had to go ahead. [Her expression changes from determination to dismay, then sorrow.] Bob, they need you. I need you.

[In Hexadecimal's Lair, the spotlight shines down on a large Comfy Chair. Bob sits in it, struggling, his hands bound behind his back. When Hexadecimal speaks he stops and looks up.]
Bob? Are you still here?
[He looks around. Behind him, Hexadecimal walks slowly down the steps of her throne dais. Her eyes glow green in the heavy shadow.]
I was afraid that you had left.
[She points at this chair and makes a twirling gesture. It spins around violently to face her, nearly throwing Bob off. He scoots back in the chair, trying to get away from her.] My, what a large crest you have
Shall we...
[She opens her hand. He flies out of the chair, his hands no longer bound, into her arms. She takes one hand in hers and puts the other on his shoulder, so they end up in a waltzing position.

[Seen from above, the rebels are shouting as they run over the bridge and onto the ring surrounding the dome of the Principle Office. Matrix and Mouse lead the group. Matrix and the binomes are firing their guns. Mouse and Matrix see something in front of themselves and dive to the ground in time to avoid the shots of a viral gunner. The two Sprites crouch behind a pile of rubble.]
I don't suppose Frisket can take care of that cannon.
He's got his mouth full already. We're on our own.
I was afraid you'd say that. Ready?
Ready! Why cranial piercing has not caught on
[Seen through the gunner's sight, Matrix and Mouse stand, their weapons drawn. The gunner's pupil narrows as he aims - then widens again when something whirs and strikes him with a metallic thunk. He falls over with a starfish embedded in the side of his eyeblock. The camera pans over to AndrAIa, who is standing on a zip board.]
If you're through resting?
[AndrAIa flies toward them as she speaks.]
I've cleared the way!
[An explosion rocks the ground. The three Sprites look back. An explosion sends several binomes flying. Mouse roars, draws a katana, and charges out of the scene. Matrix starts after her. AndrAIa stops him with a hand on his shoulder.]
She'll be fine! We have to save Phong.
And stop Megabyte, once and for all!
[Seen from Phong's point of view, distorted by the bell jar, the board is 3/4 complete; only four columns remain to be decoded. The view pans over to Megabyte, who towers over the jar.]
Your friends are persistent, but in the end they will fail. [He gestures toward Herr Doktor and Bunnyfoot, who have normal-colored eyes instead of pimento olives.] I, on the other hand, will not. ...and it makes julienne fries too!
[Herr Doktor and Bunnyfoot are holding nondescript devices in their hands. First Bunnyfoot's, then Herr Doktor's, expand into a fantastic array of blades, hypos, and various blunt and sharp instruments. Herr Doktor is smiling unpleasantly and shaking his head. Phong turns back to Megabyte and speaks weakly.]
Do what you will with me, Virus. I will never tell you the portal command codes.
[His face tilts down. Bursts of electricity from the probes make him jerk. Behind him, a few more ones and zeroes appear on the display, then the number 65 at the top. The red light above the twelfth column turns green. Megabyte presses a button in his forearm control panel, which shows a copy of the red and green indicators at the top of the board.]
Herr Doktor, this process is taking far too long. He's all yours.
Herr Doktor:
Danke, mein Fuhhrer, danke! [holding up a hypodermic half-full of pink liquid] I till make him squeal like a- [He scowls when he is cut off by another normal-eyed viral binome.]
[interrupting] Sir! The rebel forces have entered the building!
[Matrix is waving his gun as shouting binomes run by. AndrAIa looks away. Her eyes widen. She looks at Matrix and gets his attention somehow, then jerks her head toward what she has seen. The camera pans over. It is a large double door with Megabyte's frowny. Light shines out the cracks between and below the doors.]
[staring at the doors] AndrAIa-
I know. This is something you need to do alone. [She comes into frame and kisses his cheek.] Just come back to me.
I promise.
[Matrix strides forward.]

[Hexadecimal and Bob whirl around in a dance. Hexadecimal is giggling delightedly. Bob looks like a deer in the headlights. Hexadecimal flies back away from him and onto her throne.] Have a biscuit? said the spider to the fly
[raising one leg straight up and stroking it] You always were the dancer! [She darts forward to lean over a table with a tea set and a plate of cookies.] Biscuit?
[taking his hands from in front of his face] Hexadecimal, we need to talk. You're not well.
[sweetly, folding her hands beside her face] Ohhh, Bob. I don't know if I should talk to you [shaking her head rapidly, in the blur changing to her ranged War mask, her voice rising to a screech] or kill you!
[Bob stares at her, alarmed.]

[Seen from inside, Matrix pounds dents in the doors to the Principle Office, then smashes them open and glares around the room, teeth bared. He glances to the other side when he hears the sound of a buzz saw. Herr Doktor is lowering a spinning, huge-toothed circular sawblade toward Phong's face. Both Herr Doktor and Bunnyfoot look over at Matrix, alarmed.]
Herr Doktor:
[pointing with the saw blade] Take vun step closer, mein Herr, und - und - ze head gets it!
[Matrix walks forward. Gun spins from its place on his leg into his hand.]
I don't like binomes who threaten my friends.
[Matrix begins shooting. The shots hit around Herr Doktor and Bunnyfoot's feet. Herr Doktor yelps and jumps off the bell jar platform. Bunnyfoot falls backwards. The bell jar thunks back down. In the background, Herr Doktor flees, hurried along by a shot from Gun. Matrix walks up to the jar and sees Phong's head lying at the bottom.]
[softly] Phong?
[Phong does not respond.] Not good. This is not good.
It's me... Enzo.
[Matrix looks sorrowfully at what is left of Phong. The head stirs in the jar and looks up at him. Phong speaks in a weak whisper.]
Enzo? [falling back to the bottom of the jar] Ah... forgive my not.. standing to... greet you.. but... I am glad... to see you... my son.
[whispering] I'm glad to see you too, Phong. [determinedly] Where's Megabyte?
Be... behind you, Enzo!
[Megabyte ruses up behind Matrix and extends his claws with a metallic shing. Matrix ducks out of the way in time to avoid a swipe.]
[Megabyte glares at Matrix, who is sitting on the ground, glaring back. Megabyte's eyes widen with surprise.]
The boy? [His eyes narrow and darken.] Enzo?

[tapping his fingertips together] Why yes, it is! Young Enzo Matrix, home from the games. My, how you've grown.
[Gun snaps into Matrix's hand.] Compensating, are we, BOY?
And such toys! Does your sister know you're playing with them?
[Matrix aims Gun at Megabyte at arm's length. His artificial eye spins into targeting mode and turns red.]
Where is that annoying chatter of yours? Megabreath this and Megabarf that? Why don't you put that gun away, boy, and try fighting like a real Sprite!
[Matrix shakes, then throws Gun down. Fists clenched, he advances. Megabyte places his fists on his hips and, eyes closed, shakes his head. Matrix punches him, sending him flying backward. Megabyte lands on his back and skids up to a wall. Shocked, he puts his hands to his chest, then looks at the dent that Matrix created. Matrix walks forward. Megabyte stands, still staring at the dent, not quite touching it with his fingertips. He looks up when Matrix's footsteps speed up. Matrix tackles him, knocking both through the wall.]

[Inside the bell jar, Phong is crying out as the electricity shocks him. On the board, only three digits remain undecoded at the top of two columns. One changes to a 1. Phong closes his eyes and stops crying out, as if trying to hold back.]

[Megabyte is lying on his back, Matrix straddling him and punching him right and left. The blows to Megabyte's jaw have little effect. Megabyte grabs Matrix's fist and squeezes. Matrix growls and clenches his teeth in pain. Megabyte extends the claws on his other hand and swipes at Matrix. Matrix jumps away just in time. He touches his face, then looks at his fingers as if checking for blood.]
I thought we agreed - no toys!
[standing up] Still the pretender, aren't you, boy? Where's your sister to protect you now? [threatening Matrix, who is backed up against a wall, with his claws] Better yet, where's your firewall? I shall enjoy this.
[Megabyte draws his hand back. Then he hears binomes yelling, and turns around. The rebels are running in front of a spotlighted "frowny" wall hanging. AndrAIa is with them.]
Matrix! Catch! arm wrestling meets mumblety-peg
[With a yell, AndrAIa throws her trident like a spear. Both Matrix and Megabyte duck to keep from being impaled. It embeds itself in the wall behind Matrix. Both turn and stare briefly at AndrAIa. Then Matrix pulls the trident out of the wall and whips it around. It locks with Megabyte's claws. Matrix and Megabyte snarl as they push against each other.]

[Phong is still suffering in the bell jar. He groans loudly. AndrAIa pounds uselessly on the jar with her fist. On the board, the last binary digit appears, and above it a 33. The green lights at the top of all of the columns flash.]
[weakly] No...
[Megabyte looks at his forearm control panel. The representation of the display board now shows two sets of green blocks. Megabyte looks up at a spiral staircase leading up around a pillar into the darkness.]

[A blue hand and an insectile black hand clink metal teacups together. Bob raises his as if to drink from it, then drops it and flees, sending his chair spinning around. A few seconds later he flies back into it, as if thrown.]
Hex, please, let me go! I have to help the others.
Really, Bob? [switching to a sad mask] Why would you want to leave? [furiously] We have so much catching up to do!
[Bob gapes, alarmed. Then he looks closer.]
Hex... your mask... what happened?
[Hexadecimal covers her mouth with a hand and turns away from him. She holds up her other hand, palm outward.]
[getting up out of the chair] Please, let me touch it.
[leaning further away, covering her face with her hand] I don't know if I can let you do that, Bob.
That looks painful. Please, let me help.
[Hexadecimal stands. Her face is still turned away and covered by her hand.]
[trembling] I'm... afraid. My mask is up HERE, Guardian.
[softly] Don't be.
[Bob puts a hand around her waist and draws her to himself. Hexadecimal, head tilted back with an open-mouthed smile, lets him.]
Ohhh, Bob...
[Bob raises his hand to her face. Behind his head, she extends the claws of her free hand. Before she can use them light streams from Bob's hand onto her face, pushing her back. She shrieks.]

Soft underbelly at 12 o'clock

[The camera pans up the spiral staircase to where Megabyte and Matrix are fighting with pipes. Megabyte swings his; Matrix ducks to avoid it. They hit them together like quarterstaffs. Megabyte knocks Matrix to his knees, then raises the pipe high above his head. Matrix lunges up. Megabyte startles and gapes, dropping the pipe. He pauses, wide-eyed and shaking, then looks down in disbelief. The camera pans down to his abdomen. There is a jagged gash in the silver skin, showing pink flesh underneath.]
[gasps] You are becoming an annoyance, boy! [He backs up a few steps.]
Trust me, it gets worse! [He starts up the steps.]
It does not!
[Megabyte looks up, then punches something above his head. The staircase quakes. Megabyte punches again. Several large slabs fall and begin sliding down the staircase toward Matrix. Matrix jumps onto one flat block, which toboggans down the stairs, smaller blocks bouncing along after it. He inches up the front. It comes to a curve and breaks through the railing. Matrix jumps off of it before it falls, and lands back on the stairs. Panting, he looks up.]

[Hexadecimal's scream can be heard outside the Lair. Nulls look up at the tower, then flee. Bob stops shining the light in Hex's face. With a groan she slumps forward. Then she looks up, both hands covering her face.]
My mask.... my face!
[She lowers her hands to reveal her upper face. Her eyes and eyebrows look more natural. Bob watches raptly. Hexadecimal faces her looking glass.]
[in wonder] Bob... look what you've done to me!
[As she speaks, she lowers her hands from her face. Her mouth now moves when she speaks. She stares, wide-eyed, at her reflection.] Repair and makeover
How are you feeling?
For the first time... whole. [She raises her hands to her face.]
Hex, could you...?
[softly] For you, Bob - anything.
[She closes her eyes. Bob brightens, then disappears.]

[Above the Principle Office, the tear sputters threateningly. Megabyte's fist punches a hatch open. He jumps up onto the wrecked dome below the tear.]
[looking up] Now to convert the tear and escape this infernal system!
[Megabyte flicks his forearm panel open and begins tapping buttons. Matrix walks up behind him.]
I don't think so. Stop hitting his chin, you'll only bruise your hands.
[Matrix lays a hand on Megabyte's shoulder and spins him around to face him. He punches Megabyte once on the jaw, with little effect. Megabyte ducks the second swing, then backhands Matrix into a wall. Matrix is momentarily stunned. Then he looks up, and dodges to the side just before Megabyte's fist goes through the wall behind him. Megabyte struggles to pull his arm out of the wall. Matrix shoves him further in. With some effort Megabyte pulls himself back out. He hits Matrix, sending him flying out over the dome. Matrix is lying on his side, coughing and holding his chest. He gets to his hands and knees, trying to recover. As he starts to rise to his feet Megabyte walks up behind him and kicks him, again sending him flying. Megabyte watches as Matrix sails through the. Then he stomps forward, his footsteps shaking the dome. He comes up to Matrix, who is on his hands and knees facing him, head down. He kicks Matrix again. Matrix bounces down the steepening curve of the Principle Office dome. He slides down headfirst, arms out in front, trying to stop himself. He stops right at the edge, his head and arms hanging down. Scraps of metal fall. He appears to pass out. After several seconds his earring begins bobbling slightly. Then his head shakes in time to the increasingly louder pounding of Megabyte's footsteps. It stops, and the camera pulls back to show Megabyte standing over Matrix. Megabyte raises his right hand and slowly extends his knuckle claws, one by one. He aims them at Matrix's head, then draws back. Matrix rolls aside just in time. The claws stab through the metal of the dome, anchoring Megabyte. Megabyte struggles to pull himself free. Matric crawls up the side of the dome. As Matrix gets to his knees Megabyte pulls his claws out of the dome and swipes at Matrix. Matrix catches Megabyte's hand by the wrist, stopping it. Aim for the soft squishy green partMegabyte grabs Matrix by the throat. Matrix gags, then looks over to see the blades approaching his face. Megabyte's eyes narrow. Matrix looks down. Then he draws back and punches Megabyte in the abdomen. Megabyte's eyes widen with pain, then roll upward and close. Matrix punches him over and over, sending him reeling back. Matrix pauses. Megabyte, his hand in front of his abdomen, looks over. Matrix extends AndrAIa's trident. Megabyte, then Matrix, narrow their eyes. In slow motion they lunge at each other. Claws strike the trident's tines and shatter. In pain, Megabyte sinks to his knees, then falls. AndrAIa watches from higher up on the dome. Matrix's boot comes down on Megabyte's throat, and the tines of the trident almost touch his face.]
[hoarsely] You can't... do this. It goes against everything you stand for.
[bitterly] You took away my life, destroyed my home, caused nothing but pain and suffering to everyone I held dear!
[Matrix raises the trident, then thrusts it down hard. AndrAIa reacts with shock. Megabyte opens his eyes and looks at the tines of the trident, which are embedded in the dome right beside his head. The trident is pulled out. Megabyte's eyes widen as they again point at his face.]
Surprised? Don't be. You're not worth it.
[AndrAIa walks up to Matrix and puts a hand on his shoulder. He glances back at her. They exchange looks, them Matrix turns back to Megabyte.]
Mainframe will always endure. Remember this defeat, this humiliation. Remember you can never win.]
[Megabyte's arms reach up. He shoves himself back and off the dome. Matrix and AndrAIa look over the edge, shocked. Megabyte has landed on his back on a horizontal beam far below.] Limping toward Bethlehem
[hoarsely] No! You remember, boy! [He stands up slowly, the tear high above him.] How I turned defeat into victory! [Seen from above, one of his legs is turned around almost backwards.] How I left you with a dying system!
[He taps on the buttons of his forearm controls, then points up at the tear. It stabilizes into an orange portal. He guides it down to the end of the beam, and limps toward it. One foot drags behind uselessly; the rod where his Achilles tendon would be is broken. Seen from the side, Megabyte nears the portal. The viewpoint backs away to show Mouse in the same room as the display board, watching the scene on a VidWindow.]
Oh, no, ya don't! [She presses buttons on a small panel.] One last double cross, sugah! [With a flourish, she presses a button with one finger.]
[Megabyte reaches the portal and gingerly puts his hands in. He jerks forward as if something has seized his hands. The portal flattens like a pancake, turns purple, then expands into a sphere again, now covered with spiral Web patterns. Megabyte stares in horror as Webcreature tentacles come out of the portal. A tentacle grasps him around the neck and lifts him. More tentacles coil around him.]
[The tentacles pull Megabyte into the portal. Matrix and AndrAIa look away. Just before the portal shrinks and disappears Ray Tracer comes out of it. He flies up to Matrix and AndrAIa.]
G'day, mates. Who was that bloke? He seemed a bit miffed.
Surfer! Second fiddle Bob
[Light glows on one side of Matrix. He looks over. The light forms itself into Bob.]
[casually] So, what'd I miss?
[The Principle Office shakes. Bob looks around. The others look out over Mainframe. Buildings are starting to fall.]
The system! It's shutting down!
This is bad! Very bad!

Directed by Steve Ball
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Kathleen Barr
Long John Baldry
Gary Chalk
Ian James Corlett
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan
Donal Gibson
Tony Jay
Scott McNeil
Shirley Millner
Louise Vallance
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Brian Eun
Anthony Guad
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Judy Slattery
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Jennifer Twiner
Production Secretary Stephanie Seifert
Supervising Animator Mark Lemon
Senior Animator Sebastian Brodin
Computer Animators Joe Cruz
Garth Drake
Lee Greenwood
Jared Johnson
Stever Sauers
Deryk Tappin
Zeke Norton
Jason Gross
Scott Farquhar
Andrew Harvey
Kelsey Wagner
Matthew Wilcox
Yanick Wilisky
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Supervising Modellers (sic) Rak Tafarodi
Modellers Vincent Chi
Jaroslav Chorny
Michael Faulkner
Alberto C. Garcia
Gideon Hay
Murray McCarron
Doug MacCay
Jeremy Miller
James Stewart
Marco Tremblay
Modeling Tracker Donna Maxwell
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor Sean Osborne
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
Michael Dyck
David Fracchia
Rick Glumac
Albert Ho
Tony Pelle
Phil Peterson
David Wong
Adam Wood-Gaines
Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technicians Andre Guilbeault
Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuliana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants William Lee
Bracken New
Jim Verbicky
Jacquie McCarnan
Christian Varin
Music composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production


  The ReBoot episode "Showdown" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.


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