Web Riders on the Storm

Written by: Len Wein
Story by:

Gavin Blair   Ian Pearson
Dan DiDio   Len Wein
Phil Mitchell   Marv Wolfman

Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

Splatter Phoenix[Scene: The Web. Red and blue shapes are drifting slowly. The Saucy Mare appears in the distance and travels slowly toward the camera.]
[voiceover] Well, Surfer, now what sort of blaggards are we up against?
[voiceover] Unknown. In all my trips to the Web I've never come across a race quite like this.
[voiceover] Our sensors read smooth sailing ahead. Think we scared them off?
[The Saucy Mare sails past the camera. Cut to the upper deck, where Matrix, Ray, and Capacitor are talking.]
Not likely. They're out there... somewhere.
[Mr. Christopher walks over to Captain Capacitor.]
[waving his sword around] Well, if it's a fight they want it's a fight they'll get!
[Christopher taps Capacitor with his laptop to get his attention. Capacitor looks at him. Christopher whispers to Capacitor.]
[to Matrix] Matrix, you better go see your lass. I'm afraid she's taken a turn for the worse.
[Matrix looks at Ray. Ray looks back, then down. Capacitor watches as Matrix goes down below deck. Then he shakes his eyeblock sadly. Ray gets up. Transition to their berth. AndrAIa is still lying on the bunk. Bula is squatting, hands on her knees, watching over her. Frisket is watching too. He looks up and whines softly as Matrix comes in.]
[to Bula] Well?
[Bula shakes her eyeblock sadly.]
She's not gonna make it... unless we restore her energy and repair her code.
[Matrix turns to Ray.]
What about you, surfer? I thought the web was your 'digital domain'! Isn't there anything you can do?
If there was, don't you think I would've done it by now? Battle of the Butches
[Matrix grabs Ray by the upper arms and shakes him.]
Then thinka somethin'! We can't just let AndrAIa be deleted!
[Princess Bula stands beside them.]
[firmly] No fight here!
[Ray swats Matrix's arm away.]
[to Bula] No stress, Princess. Everything's online. [to Matrix] Look, I understand your frustration. I really do. But your fight ain't with me. It's with whoever drove that beastie away. Listen, I'm not doin' any good around here. I'm gonna see if I can get a fix on the Webcreature that bit 'er.
[Ray walks out. Frisket makes anxious sounds. Matrix turns back to AndrAIa. Frisket whines again. Matrix sits and covers her hand with his. AndrAIa flickers.]
This is all my fault. If I hadn't'a been so jealous I would've been there to protect you! Now I could lose you forever.

[Fade to the Web. The ship flies down wormhole-like a tube of red and blue Webstuff and emerges into an area of red drifting... stuff. The camera fades to what appears to be another Webstorm. Ray surfs toward it. The view flickers and backs away, revealing that he is being watched on one of the VidWindows on the upper deck.]
[shouting] Avast, ye scurvy C drives! Ya'd best be workin' faster if ya've a mind to survive this voyage! Mr. Norton! Unlimber the deck guns!
Mr. Norton:
Aye, sir!
[over Mr. Norton] Mr. Hawkins, trim the topsail!
Mr. Hawkins:
On it, sir!
[Mr. Christopher walks to Capacitor.]
Keep an eye on the surfer! I want this vessel shipshape for whatever might cross our path!
Mr. Christopher:
[hesitantly] Uh, Captain Capacitor? Sir? I'm a little concerned, sir.
Aye, Mr. Christopher? And what be yer problem now?
Mr. Christopher:
Well, uh, this voyage, sir, I- it isn't netting us one single byte of profit! [He taps a few keys in his laptop.] We'll return to the Net poor as bitmice.
[thoughtfully] Aye, lad, perhaps so. [loudly] But there be other reasons to set sail besides profit! He's been hitting the ROM again.
[A Zero turns to look at Capacitor, in the process whacking a One with a stick he's carrying. Other pirates stare at Capacitor. Their chatter comes to a halt. Christopher gapes in shock and drops his laptop. Capacitor looks around and taps his mouth with his hook. As he turns to speak to the crew, Phong's Inspiring Music starts playing in the background. As he speaks, Christopher shrugs, then pantomimes drinking from a bottle.]
Like repaying a debt to a friend for one. Sometimes doin' the right thing, lads, is worth more than all the booty a swab can carry. [He turns to Christopher.] Be I makin' myself clear, lad?
Mr. Christopher:
[nervously, his hands behind his back] I... I think so, sir. [He picks up his laptop.] But how'm I supposed to enter that into the ledger?
[Transition: something appears to thump down heavily on Mr. Christopher. It is an oddly shaped device about two feet tall. Matrix is sitting by AndrAIa's bed, the device in front of him.]
It won't cure her, but it'll buy her some time. [He looks at AndrAIa.]
Might work.
[Princess Bula attaches a band to Matrix's upper arm just below the shoulder. On the outer side of the band is a beeping electronicky-looking thingy with an icon. It is connected by colored wires to a tube to the large device. Matrix looks at the band on his arm. Matrix sniffs the large device, then looks questioningly at Matrix.] Sssssrow ze svitch!
Might hurt?
D'ya think I care? Throw the switch!
[Matrix points to the device right in front of himself. Bula taps a red button on the top. Green lines and a purple icon symbol on the top glow. The icon on the top, and two smaller ones on the side, begin to spin. Matrix gasps as the clamp tightens on his arm. His fist tightens. The tube leading to the large device lights up. Bula watches uncertainly. The icon spins on the device on the armband. The camera follows blue energy as it flows down the tube, lighting it up. The yellow icon on the side of the device spins. The lights on the top glow. The purple icon on the top spins. Green lines on the side pulsate. The two small white icons on the side spin. The camera follows energy as it travels down the tube and into a device on AndrAIa's arm. She flickers, then becomes slightly more solid-looking. Matrix gasps; his skin is pale. He looks at AndrAIa.]
[whispering] You just stay with me... okay?

[Outside, a yellow stormlike spiral formation has blue linear patterns flowing through it. Ray stops at a distance and shields his eyes as he peers forward. The Webcreatures are flying into the storm. Ray flies forward after them. The camera pulls back. Then static flickers, switching to the same view on one of the upper deck VidWindows. Mr. Andrew is at the wheel, and Capacitor is behind him. Binomes now are in the gunners' stations on the deck, and swivel about as if testing their view.]
Stand ready, mates! Turn three degrees to port and come to a stop, Mr. Andrew! We'll wait for the surfer here!
Mr. Andrew:
[nodding] Aye aye, Cap'n!
[Mr. Andrew turns the wheel. The ship comes to a stop near the storm.]
Miss Sally:
Arr, sir! The surfer is exiting the storm! Riding out of the sunset
What?! Already?!
[Miss Sally peers at the VidWindow through a collapsible telescope.]
Miss Sally:
Yes, Cap'n! [alarmed] And he's not alone!
[Ray is flying back toward the ship. Four Webriders are following him. Worpan flies right up to the camera. The image closes like a VidWindow shutting.]

[The scene pops up with a "pwing" like that of a VidWindow opening. One of the guns on the exterior of the Saucy Mare moves. The scene flickers with static, revealing it to be a VidWindow on one of the gunners' stations. Two gunners - Mr. Norton and a Zero - swivel about. Mr. Norton waves a thumbs-up at Capactor.]
Steady, lads... wait 'til they be in range...
[The Zero gunner turns his "steering wheel," swiveling his station. Switch view to Ray, who is flying to the Saucy Mare, pursued by Webriders silhouetted by the storm in the distance. He is shouting something. Miss Sally takes her telescope from her eye.] Run away! Run away!
Miss Sally:
Cap'n! The surfer! He's tryin' to tell us somethin'! [She puts the telescope back to her eye.]
[shouting] Open the ruddy hatch!
Ye heard the lad! Open the blasted hatch now!
[Ray looks back at his pursuers, then forward again]
Come on, Captain, come on!
[He flies closer to the ship. The hatch lights up.]
[Ray taps the design on the front of the Surf-Baud with his toe, then appears to dissolve and be absorbed by it. The Surf-Baud speeds into the narrowly-opened hatch. Two of the crew recoil, then look at each other in puzzlement, when they hear a crash. The cook binome is lying on the deck, rubbing his headblock and glaring at the Surf-Baud shaped protrusion in the hatch door.]
Well? Help the lad out!
[Binomes go to the hatch door. Capacitor rolls his eye upward and shakes his headblock. Three of the crew struggle with the wheel on the door. It turns grudgingly. The lights on the side of the door turn from red to green, and a horn sounds as the door opens. Smoke puffs in. Then the Surf-Baud comes through and clatters to the deck. A red light on the back is flashing and beeping.]
Crew Member:
Surfer on deck! And he's out cold, sir! 2 quarters a play
Now let's show these brigands what it means to lock swords with the crew of the Saucy Mare! Open fire!
[The guns mounted on the exterior of the Saucy Mare's web armor start blasting. Webriders swerve out of the way. Worpan halts his mount and whistles, then shoots at the Mare. On the ship gunners swivel around and shoot.]
Stick t'yer guns, lads! If we be going down we be going down fighting! [He laughs maniacally.]
[A blow rocks the ship. Matrix looks up woozily. He watches Princess Bula go to the door.]
You stay. I fight!
[She turns to leave. Looking confused, Matrix nods. Bula walks into the top of the doorframe. She shakes her head, rubs it, then turns sideways and crouches to get through the doorway. Matrix slumps forward, exhausted. Frisket nuzzles him. Matrix does not react. Ears drooping, Frisket whines softly.]

Chariots of Ire

[Webriders fly over the Mare. The guns shoot at them. Worpan flies close and shoots at the Mare. Weblash halts his mount and shoots. The blast rocks the bridge.]
[to Mr. Christopher] Perhaps you could go down and extend an invitation to Mr. Matrix to join our little soiree.
Mr. Christopher:
Yes, sir!
[Mr. Christopher goes to the staircase leading down. Another blow to the ship causes him to lose balance and bounce down the steps and into Matrix and AndrAIa's room. When he sees Matrix slumped over he gulps. Then he walks over.]
Mr. Christopher:
Matrix! [nudging him] The captain needs you! We're under attack!
[weakly] But AndrAIa...
[Another blast shakes the ship. The camera follows one of the gunners from the POV of his VidWindow.]
Keep firing! Give 'em all you've got! Pride goeth before a fall
[A gun on the outside of the Mare swivels around, blasting. Worpan raises a sword. More shots of gunners and firing guns. Worpan flies by the ship, leans out, and scrapes the Web shield with his sword. Inside, two crew members look up, alerted by the noise, then look at each other and shrug. The view alternates between shots of Mr. Norton in a gunner's station and the view in his VidWindow as he tries to shoot down a Webrider. His pupil contracts. He destroys the Webrider. Three crew members throw up their arms and cheer. Mr. Norton swivels around, arms up, then makes "give it up for me" gestures with his hands. Worpan, whistling, swings his sword at one of the guns, bending its barrels. Mr. Norton shakes and gasps, startled. Then he glares determinedly at Worpan. He grabs his wheel and turns, then is shocked by feedback when he tries to fire and thrown into the air.]
Mr. Norton!
[Mr. Norton lands hard on his back The three binomes that were his cheering section are disappointed. The Surf-Baud beeps twice. Colored pixels emerge from it and form Ray Tracer, lying on his back on the Baud. He sits up and looks around. Seen from Matrix's point of view as he walks slowly up the steps to the upper bridge, Capacitor shouts and a binome runs. His vision is blurred and doubled, and his hearing is so distorted that Capacitor's words are impossible to make out. Woozily Matrix looks around and up. He starts toward the rail. Capacitor notices him.]
Matrix! About time ya got here. With the greatest of ease
[Matrix looks down over the railing. The deck far below looks blurred. He rolls his head, then starts forward. Capacitor sees him, and stares in alarm. Another blow shakes the ship and nearly causes Matrix to lose his balance. He lets out a breath and continues inching sideways along one of the Web shield supports. He makes it to the "rib" and hugs it for support.]
[Gun snaps into his hand. He pushes the muzzle into the Web shield with some effort. When it sinks in, green slime appears.]
Command line-
[Matrix pushes the muzzle through. On the shop's exterior, the muzzle is covered by green tissue. Matrix's right eye rotates to targeting mode.]
Multiple target acquisition!
[Red icons fly from Gun. A Webrider looks down at one on his chest. Another attaches itself to Worpan just above his visor. Matrix shoots. The camera POV dives toward Matrix's eye, then shifts to his targeting view. The POV spins, then swivels as Webriders fly past. One is hit. Seen from outside the Mare, others are shot off their vehicles. Matrix's targeting POV somehow tumbles, then travels back in to the Saucy Mare from outside. A webrider flies right into it. Matrix jerks back, startled. Worpan looks around. A Webrider is drifting, bleeding light from its forehead. Worpan raises his hand and whistles.] Better subbed than dubbed
"Troops - fall back."
[Matrix pulls his gun out of the Web shield. The muzzle is smoking. He looks at it. Seen in the VidWindow, the Webriders fly away into the storm.]
That did 'er, mates! The scurvy scum be slinkin' off!
[The crew cheers. Two binomes jump up and down. A Zero gunner swivels toward a One, who slaps his hand. A Zero raises the hand of Mr. Norton, who is still woozy, and waves it around joyously. Matrix steps back onto the upper deck railing. Capacitor pats Mr. Andrew's back and appears to say something to him, but no words are heard. Matrix steps down and walks toward Capacitor.]
You done well, lad! Bob would be proud!
Bob... [He looks at the flickering VidWindow showing the storm.] I wonder if he ran into these riders as well? Aw, ya gotta be kiddin' me!
[Capacitor turns around and stares at the VidWindow.]
Brace yourselves, lads! We been lookin' for that pod, but it looks like it's found us!
[A pod of Webcreatures is flying out of the storm and toward the Saucy Mare.]

[The Webcreature pod is flying toward the Saucy Mare.]
Mr. Andrew! Hard starboard! And put your back into it! Get along, little dogies
[Mr. Andrew salutes and begins working hard to turn the wheel. The Webcreatures continue their approach. Worpan is riding among them, firing his gun upward. Capacitor grabs one of the wheel spokes with his hook. He and Mr. Andrew grunt as they wrestle with the wheel. The Webcreatures fly closer. One gnashes its teeth at the camera.]
Mr. Andrew:
Ah, Cap'n! We're not gonna make it!
[Closeup of Capacitor's eye as he vocally strains with the wheel. The Webcreatures fly closer to the Saucy Mare. The ship slowly begins to turn away.]
Brace yourselves for impact!
[As the pod flies by the Saucy Mare, some of the creatures slam against the Web shield. Bits fly off the outside. Inside, the ship shakes are rolls violently. A binome falls over a railing. Matrix loses hold of Gun, which slides across the deck and down the stairs. After a few final hits, the pod flies off into the distance. Ray turns and gapes. A section of the web armor has turned soft.]
Hang on!
[The armor rips open. Yellow light shines in violently. A sudden wind begins blowing things toward the hole. The crew scream and struggle against it. As Feathers McGraw watches, one binome goes flying out the hole. Mr. Andrew and Captain Capacitor are holding onto the wheel.]
Hold tough, me hearties! We be not finished yet!
[Capacitor's hat goes flying. Mr. Andrew's hand is pulled down the spoke of the wheel. Capacitor reaches his hook out to him. Mr. Andrew reaches for it, but before he can grip it he is pulled away toward the hole. Matrix grabs one of his arms. Capacitor looks relieved and waves his hook at Matrix. The wind stops. Mr. Andrew looks over and his pupil widens. Modemspeech is heard. Matrix looks down and sees Weblash on the lower deck in front of the breach. Weblash leaps up and knocks Matrix back. Matrix falls. Weblash lands on the upper deck. Capacitor, draws his sword, leaps onto Weblash's back, and strikes him. He is alarmed to see that his sword has no effect. Weblash swings his tentacle at the pirate. Capacitor hits Weblash from the back. Weblash knocks Capacitor across the deck. Capacitor gets up.]
All hands! Prepare to repel boarders!
[Binomes slide down ropes to the lower deck. Bula lands, Smacking her fist into her hand and giggling in anticipation. A Webrider shakes a crew binome.]
Heads up!
[Ray flies toward the Webrider and broadsides him with his Surf-Baud. Matrix shakes off his daze and gets up. Weblash swipes at a Zero binome with his tentacle, sending it flying, then throws the One binome in his other hand away. Matrix leaps at Weblash. Weblash catches him by the neck with his tentacle and holds him up. Matrix struggles. Princess Bula bashes the heads of two Webriders together, then drops them. A Webrider grabs Ray's Surf-Baud from below, sending him tumbling.]
Whoa! Don't play with your food
[Matrix struggles against the tentacle, then kicks Weblash. Capacitor draws his sword again and charges with a yell. He leaps onto Weblash's back and beats on his helmet with the sword. Weblash flails about with his hand, but cannot reach Capacitor. He throws Matrix, who skids to a stop on the deck. Another Webrider strikes the Surf-Baud with his gum. Ray yells, his wetsuit flickering, then falls. A Webrider appears to laugh. His suit flickering, Ray looks up weakly. The camera zooms to the upper deck, where Matrix looks worn out. Ray shakes his head and looks down. Matrix glowers determinedly and turns back toward Weblash. Weblash slams Capacitor to the deck. When he turns around Matrix punches him, knocking his helmet off. It falls onto the deck. Matrix looks horrified when he sees Weblash's face. Capacitor is also shocked.]
By gar! They be degraded Sprites!
[Weblash holds his hand and tentacle over his face, and buzz-whistles.]
"Disrespect is unwelcome." Your friendly neighborhood Deus Ex Machina
[Weblash draws back and slams Matrix's head with his tentacle. The ship, seen through Matrix's eyes, goes blurry. Matrix falls onto his hands and knees on the deck. He looks up blearily. In silence a Webrider laughs, Ray falls with wetsuit flickering, a binome faints, a line of Webriders draws their weapons, crew members back up against the railing, and Princess Bula helps Ray stand again in front of a group of armed Webriders. The sound comes back, and Matrix lowers head as if close to fainting. Worpan looks around. In front of the breach are five Webriders, one of whom is holding the binome that flew out of the hole, and another of whom, Interface, is wearing different Web armor and is floating on a zip board. The breach seals itself. Inteface looks around, then flies forward over the lower deck. He whistles.]
"Stand down. These are my friends."
[The Webriders in camera range lower their guns.]
[to Bula] Who's this bloke?
[Interface flies to the upper deck. Matrix backs away. He and Capacitor look at each other. Interface walks toward them. Capacitor glares at him. Interface looks at Matrix for several seconds, tilting his head. Then he holds out his hand. Matrix backs a half step away, not understanding the gesture. Glitch beeps and flies into Interface's hand. Matrix gapes as Interface holds Glitch up and examines it. Interface attaches it onto his left forearm and flexes it. He hears a moan, and looks over. Mr. Christopher is on his hands and knees at the top of the stairs.]
Mr. Christopher:
[Shatnering] Oh... It's AndrAIa. Please, somebody help her! I can give... no more.
[Interface looks back at Matrix, then walks toward the stairs.]
By the code, Matrix! You can't be meaning to let that scurvy dog-
Gavin! [holding up a hand] Gavin, he's here to help.
[Frisket, by AndrAIa's bunk, turns and growls as Interface walks in the door. He lays his ears back and barks nastily. Interface whistles.]
"Oh, hi Frisket." It's Mouse!
[Frisket, surprised, stops growling, and sniffs. Then he begins growling again. Interface looks upwards and shakes his head, then walks to AndrAIa's bed. Frisket stops growling. Interface sits in the chair by the energy transfer machine. He touches AndrAIa's neck. Then he looks at the armband on the floor, which is lying in a small puddle of glowing blue energy. He looks at Frisket. The dog is now silent. Matrix and Ray walk in. Interface attaches the armband to his upper arm and starts the machine. AndrAIa solidifies. Matrix looks on. Capacitor and a Zero crew member walk in and watch. Interface clicks twice on his Web armor, and a slightly dented gold icon emerges from a pucker. He detaches it. Capacitor, and several more crew members who have come in, watch curiously. Interface takes the icon off of AndrAIa's belt and holds it up to his own. A blue thread of energy links them, and pulses flow from Interface's to AndrAIa's. Ray gawks. Interface replaces AndrAIa's icon on her belt and his own on his chest, where it again disappears under the Web armor. He clicks a button on the energy transference device. AndrAIa moves on the bed and opens her eyes as if waking from a long sleep.]
Mmm... oh, Bob, we've found you.
[Interface stands and backs away from the bunk. Matrix sits on the shelf and looks at her. The "handles" on Interface's helmet open and turn back. He reaches up and takes it off. Capacitor and the other pirates gasp in surprise. As AndrAIa sits up, Interface lowers his helmet and looks at AndrAIa and Matrix. Then he turns so that the camera can see Bob's blue, now Web-scarred face. The pirates all sigh with relief.]
Ya just can't talk in these things!
[Bob turns back toward Matrix and AndrAIa. Matrix stands.] I'm not indestructible!
[shouting] Bob!
[Matrix starts toward Bob as if to tackle him. Bob holds out a hand, palm outward.]
Whoa! I think you're a little too big for that.
[As the pirates cheer, Bob and Matrix shake hands. The Saucy Mare sails off into the Web.]

Directed by Andrew Duncan
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Kathleen Barr
Long John Baldry
Ian James Corlett
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan
Donal Gibson
Scott McNeil
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Brian Eun
Anthony Guad
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Barb Dawson
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Deanna Booth
Production Secretary Stephanie Seifert
Supervising Animator Casey Kwan
Senior Animators Christopher Brawn
Katrina Conwright
Computer Animators Chris Buckley
Mabel Chan
Joseph Cruz
Andrew Harvey
Jeff Poole
Kelsey Wagner
Earl Fast
Shona Galbraith
Lee Greenwood
Ram Sandhu
Eric Torin
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Supervising Modeller Rak Tafarodi
Modellers Jaroslav Chorny
Michael Faulkner
Alberto C. Garcia
Gideon Hay
Murray McCarron
Mike Towse
Doug MacCay
Jeremy Miller
Leslie Oldham
Rick Scarpitti
Marco Tremblay
Modeling Tracker Donna Maxwell
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor Lori Hutton
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
Michael Dyck
David Fracchia
Rick Glumac
Albert Ho
Tony Pelle
Phil Peterson
David Wong
Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technicians Andre Guilbeault
Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuliana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants Jonathan Fowlie
William Lee
Bracken New
John Nicholson
Christian Varin
Jim Verbicky
Music Composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production

  The ReBoot episode "Web Riders on the Storm" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.

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