System Crash

Written by: Mark Wolfman
Story by:

Gavin Blair  Ian Pearson
Dan DiDio  Len Wein
Phil Mitchell   Mark Wolfman

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

What's up, dock?[Open on a dock at the edge of Mainframe. The energy sea ripples blue and purple. Above, the system and sky are dark and grim. The camera comes in on the end of the dock, where Oo-er is fishing, and one hillbilly binome plays the banjo while another dances. Other binomes are on the dock, including the null-juggling clown. The dock shakes. The hillbillies stop playing and dancing. The binomes all look around nervously. The ground shakes harder. The binomes cry out. Then the dock collapses from the end inward, dropping the binomes into the energy sea. The edge of the system itself, and the buildings there, also begin to fall.]
[The KISS binomes, seen from below, look around. The camera pulls back, showing that they are on the upper level of a skeletal building. The building collapses from the top down. Binomes run around in terror as other buildings implode. Binomes resembling Sailor Moon and several of the Senshi huddle in a small group. Moon... Unit... Zappa!The Sailor Moon binome holds one hand up. A glow appears in it. She smiles at it, then holds it close to her face. A piece of rubble smashes down on her, startling the rest of the group. Al's Rollerskating Waiter skates away from some collapsing buildings, but one tall columnar building falls on him. As binomes with "My Favorite Martian" antennae walk across in the background, Fax Modem looks back and forth between two cards, one labeled "L.A." and the other "B.C." Data Nully stands beside him. She looks around and sees the "aliens", them looks up and sees a sparking power wire break and swing toward her. She runs away. Fax looks back s the wires swings up behind him. The electricity knocks his blocks off as if it were an explosion. A binome on fire runs in front of the camera. The Elvis binome looks around, then up, just before a piece of rubble lands on him. Bob's apartment building shatters, then the 8-ball falls off. A binome dressed as Indiana Jones runs in front of the ball to the tune of some familiar music. He and the ball pass by a family of Ones. They run as the ground collapses behind them. The boy runs ahead. The woman falls, her eyeblock separating from the rest of her body. The man stops. She looks down hopelessly. The collapse approaches them. The boy stops and looks back, terrified. After a pause the ground collapses under his parents. He stares, trembling, as the camera closes in on his eye.]

[Seen from outside, an explosion hits the Principle Office's nearly-destroyed dome. Still in formation from last episode, Ray, AndrAIa, Matrix, Bob, and Mouse hold their ground while it shakes under them.]
The city, it's shutting down!
[grimly] Megabyte's legacy.
People're dyin' here! We have to do something!
What we need is a plan.
Ooh, a plan!
[Hack, Slash, and Dot approach.]
A plan, yes.
Ooh, that is a very good idea!
Great idea.
What we need.
I couldn't've put it better myself.

[Wipe to a scene of various binomes walking. The camera pulls back to show more and more binomes, all heading in the same direction. The walk by a techie who seems to be keeping track on a console, then between Matrix and AndrAIa.]
You have to hand it to Dot. She sure knows her plans.
[proudly] That's my sister.
[A VidWindow showing Dot pwings open in front of Matrix.]
Enzo, how we doing?
So far so good. The evacuation of the city is proceeding smoothly.
Good. I want the people of Mainframe to know that they can find shelter inside the Principle Office.
Mouse and Surfer are spreading the word and rounding up all the stragglers.
This surfer- [takes off her glasses] -can we trust him?
Enzo and I can vouch for him. But I think Mouse plans to check him out herself.
[AndrAIa looks to the side and smirks.]

Parallel courses
[Mouse and Ray fly together, Ray on his Surf-Baud and Mouse on a zip board, through ruins. They dodge flaming and collapsing debris.]
Is it true you do all your surfin' alone?
Have to. I've never found anyone who'll take the risks I like to take.
[Hearing a scream, they both look down, then fly toward the sound. A pair of punk binomes with green hair and wearing studded leather stand on the surface. Ray and Mouse fly down and snatch them up. They scream. Then Ray and Mouse fly with the binomes, one on the front disk of Mouse's Zip board and the other on the front of Ray's Surf-Baud. Ray and Mouse, look back then forward again.]
I can't imagine where you'd find a girl like that.
[Ray looks over at Mouse, raises an eyebrow, and grins.]

[Wipe to the Command Room. Bob is looking at the map table. Phong's head is by him, still in the bell jar. Bob leans forward to examine the map, then taps on the surface. Phong watches. Then they look over when they hear Hack. The two bots approach, jabbering excitedly. Hack is holding Phong's body.]
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
We found it!
Yeah, we found it!
Right in the trash!
It was in the trash!
I tripped over it.
And it smelled.
[A pair of techies examine the body. They nod at each other.]
Ah, thank you, boys. I was feeling half the Sprite I used to be. Sylvia Plath
[More explosions shake the Principle Office. Dot and Specks hold onto the map table for support. Debris falls around them. The bell jar falls off the map table. Bob catches it before it hits the floor and sets it back in place.]
We must power down the sectors of the city before they tear themselves apart. Without energy, the shutdown will, well... shut down. Only the Principle Office will remain online.
But how? The Core control chamber was practically destroyed in the war.
Then we will have to do it manually. From... inside the Core.
But... well, no one can survive prolonged exposure to the core.
I can. I think.
[distressed] No! You can't.
[Phong and Bob, then Specks, look sternly at Dot.]
[resigned] All right. Let's get started.

[Outside, binomes are still walking to the Principle Office. Two binomes, a janitor and a spear carrier, walk side by side. The spear carrier swats at the janitor, earning a dirty look. Matrix picks them up and glares hard at each in turn, then looks up and drops the binomes. Mouse and Ray fly down to the surface and hover in place. The punk binomes hop off.]
Punk Binome:
Thank you. Thank you very much.
[The punk binomes walk toward the Principle Office.]
Al's Waiter:
C'm'on, Al. Ya don't wanna be the last one in.
[voiceover] What?
[Al's Waiter looks, deadpanned, at the camera. Matrix shakes his head. A VidWindow showing AndrAIa opens in front of him.]
It looks like we've got everyone.
Not quite, Enzo. According to my sweep we've got a holdout at the junkyard!
[low voice] I should've known.

[Cut to the interior of the shack in Old Man Pearson's Data Dump. A VidWindow showing Matrix opens.]
[calling] Mr. Pearson!
[A tremor shakes the place. Stuff falls and hanging lights swing. Old Man Pearson looks out from behind some boxes.
Old Man Pearson:
Go away!
The system's shutting down! You have to come to the Principle Office!
Old Man Pearson:
I told yer friends and I'll tell ye, I'm not going!
But why?
Old Man Pearson:
You may have given up on Mainframe, but I haven't! Now go! Leave me alone!
[Another explosion rocks the place. A piece of debris falls on his hard hat, knocking him forward.]
Old Man Pearson:
Mr. Pearson, we care about Mainframe too. It's just that... it's not safe right now.
Old Man Pearson:
And besides, who are ye to be orderin' me about?
It's me! Enzo!
Old Man Pearson:
What? Are ya daft? [softly] Oh, the wee lad was lost in the games.
No. I survived the games by living in game sprite mode. [He double-clicks his icon, changing it to illustrate his point.] I fought long and hard to get back to Mainframe.
Old Man Pearson:
I'm glad to see ya made it. But I still won't go! Hello sailor
[He sets his hand on his sides. AndrAIa walks up coyly behind him.]
I think you will. AndrAIa!
Old Man Pearson:
[looking back] What?!
[AndrAIa taps him above the shoulder with one finger. Old Man Pearson puts his hand to the area, then sways woozily and falls forward. AndrAIa crouches by him.]
Okay, I've got 'im. See ya in a nano.
[The camera is on Matrix's face as the VidWindow closes.]
That's that. [to Mouse and Ray] What's next? It's deja vu all over again
[A tear appears nearby. They all look at it. Others open up nearby.]
I think we're about to find out, sugah.
[In one of the tears, Zaytan raises his arms, then strides forward. He raises his arms again. Matrix stares. Zaytan's eyes flare.]

Recapitation [A bamboo flute plays as a techie puts Phong's head back on top of his neck. The techie appears to tighten Phong's neck with a wrench. Phong waves him away abruptly. Bob, who is at the entrance to the core, speaks to Dot and Phong through a giant VidWindow.]
Okay, I'm in position.
Ready when you are.
[Bob places his hand against the green handprint beside the door. The vaultlike door to the Core opens. Blinding light shines out. Bob turns back to the Dot.]
So, you'll keep an eye on those power fluctuations for me?
Don't worry, I've got you covered.
[agitated] Commander Matrix!
[Dot looks over. Specks is at the map table with Hack and Slash. Tears are appearing on it. The bots startle and look down.] Bob in IMAX
[continuing] I've got reports of tears opening throughout the city!
What? What was that about tears?
Never mind. I've got that covered too. Now get going! And hurry back.
[flippantly] Don't worry. It's not like we're never going to see each other again, right?
[Bob turns and walks into the core.]
[looking down] Right.
[Bob's VidWindow closes. Dot turns to the map table.]
Okay... now what's this about tears?
[A tear appears right above the map table. Phong and Dot startle, and Dot shields her eyes. Ash from "Malicious Corpses" appears within.]
Oh, dear.
[Santa from the game in "Firewall" jumps out of a tear. The White Knight from "Castles and Knights" raises his mace and shield. The clown from "The Fun House" stalks toward the camera and raises his hands. Zaytan's eyes glow at the camera.]
Users in Mainframe?
Undeleted RAM. [She draws her sword as the clown approaches.] They're bein' released by the instabilities in the system.
Okay, so we know how they got here. Now, everybody pick a partner!
[Ray, Matrix, and Mouse face the aforementioned Users.]
[continuing] Let's dance.
[Zaytan steps toward Matrix, then beckons with his fingers.]
[sotto voce] Not this time. Deep down, who DOESN'T want to?
[Zaytan swings with his blade arm. Matrix hits him with an uppercut, then kicks Zaytan back. Santa swings his sack at Ray. Ray ducks under it, then spins and kicks him. Mouse punches the clown, which staggers back, then raises his hands to his face. The White Knight advances. She holds her sword up to it. A blow from Zaytan's fist catches Matrix's jaw, turning his head to the side. Matrix turns back. Ray brings his fists down on Santa's head. Santa falls backward. The White Knight raises his mace to attack Mouse. Her sword knocks his helmet and arms off. The empty armor collapses. Mouse holds out her sword toward the clown, who raises his hands and steps back as she advances. He looks down, sees the end of the katana pointing at his throat, and tilts his head up, afraid. Zaytan and Matrix exchange a few blows, then step back. Matrix beckons to Zaytan with his fingers. Zaytan steps forward and swings. Matrix ducks the blow and flicks Zaytan's midsection with a finger. Matrix kicks at Zaytan, but Zaytan catches and holds his leg. Matrix twists around and kicks Zaytan's head with the other foot. Matrix lands on the ground. Zaytan swings his fist at Matrix. Matrix catches Zaytan's wrist, then lands a series of blows on the demon's midsection and face. A final kick to the face, and Zaytan falls to the ground. Gun snaps into Matrix's hand. Zaytan, hand to his head, shakes his head to clear it, then looks up and sees Gun's barrel in his face. Matrix tilts the gun, gesturing for Zaytan to get up. Zaytan does, keeping this eyes on the gun, which remains in front of his face. Close-up of Matrix's artificial eye. It rotates into targeting mode. The M glows red. Matrix's finger tightens on the trigger. Seen from above and behind Zaytan's shoulder, Matrix shoots. Zaytan wobbles, making icky wet sounds, then falls forward. Matrix puts Gun back in its place on his thigh and stares down at Zaytan. Mouse and Ray stand by their fallen enemies. Then more tears appear around them.]
AndrAIa! [looks up]

[Fade to AndrAIa, who is riding Megabyte's flycycle. Old Man Pearson, barely conscious and making gurgling noises, is lying on his back behind her. She flies over wreckage toward the Principle office. A tear opens up right in her path. She swerves to avoid it. The tear brightens as something appears within. AndrAIa looks back.]
I've got a bad feeling about this. The User's ship from "The Tearing" flies out of the tear and after AndrAIa. It shoots missiles at her from above and behind. She swerves to the side. It flies up and twists in midair so that it ends up behind her again. She turns sharply. It does not turn as tightly, but it keeps after her, firing missiles as she flies down into the buildings of G Prime. She flies through some pipelike vertical structures. Most of the missiles hit those. The two vehicles slalom through the pipelike structures, the User firing more missiles. At the end of the verticals AndrAIa turns in a sharp circle while the User goes straight ahead, so she ends up behind it. She chases it briefly.] One trigger for all those missiles?
Game over, User!
[Her finger tightens on a trigger. Dozens of missiles launch from under the flycycle's wings. They converge on the User. Some go past it; others hit its back. Trailing flame, it tilts and falls. One last missile follows it, and blows a wing off when it hits. The ship flames briefly, then explodes. AndrAIa pulls up as if on a street.]
[laughs] Clear sailing!
[She turns and flies back. Above her, the pterodactyl plane from "When Games Collide" spots her, then flies down and approaches her from the back. It opens its mouth to bite her. The something shoots it from the other side. It goes down, burning, and smashes against one of the vertical pipes. AndrAIa looks over. Captain Capacitor, Princess Bula, and Mr. Christopher are in a roofless CPU vehicle which has a gun mounted in the back.]
Ahoy there, milady! Care for an escort?
[Capacitor grins at AndrAIa. She smiles back, then accelerates toward the Principle Office.]

[Herr Doktor, skulking in an alley, sees the shadows of the vehicles passing overhead.. Belatedly he jumps, startled.]
Herr Doktor:
Aah! Ooh, zat was close. We must leave here und quickly. We must not be caught! The valley of the shadow of deletion
[Bunnyfoot giggles creepily. Herr Doktor smiles. Then, hearing a noise, he looks over, alarmed. He sees Hexadecimal's shadow on the wall at the end of the alley. She is holding a rolling pin.]
Going somewhere, boys?
[Hexadecimal laughs nastily as Herr Doktor shakes.]

[Bob rises on a platform in the core. He taps on a VidWindow control panel and opens a larger VidWindow, which is filled with black and white static.]
Dot, I-I'm in the Core. I'm about to power down the sectors. [leaning closer] Dot? Dot, are you there? Dot!

[His face fades to Dot's. She is being held by the throat over the map table by Ash. She struggles and cries out, trying to pull his hand away, then trying to shove him away with her leg against his chest. He starts his chainsaw and grins evilly at her. She beats on his shoulder. Hack and Slash seize Ash by his arm and shoulder and try to pull him away from Dot, grunting and rhubarbing almost unintelligibly as they do.]
Let go of her, you big m-
C'mere, you-
C'mere! Let go of her! Ninja Phong!
[The Prisoner from "Starship Alcatraz" advances on Specks. Specks waves his fists around like someone trying to look tough without having any notion of how.]
Oh! Wh! Eeh! Take that! Hah! Ah!
[The Prisoner punches Speck's eyeblock. Specks yelps and falls. With some vaguely martial-artsish yells Phong leaps onto the User's back, seizes him around the head and chest, and drags him to the ground. Hack and Slash are still rhubarbing and trying to pull Ash away from Dot. She is still fighting as well. Finally the bots pull Ash back, then fall further back themselves, leaving Ash's arms free. He looks back at the two bots, then at Dot.]
Groovy! What a revoltin' development
[Ash takes the shotgun off his back. The Pilot from the game in "Firewall" has Mouse helpless in a headlock. The Cowboy from the game in "High Code" stalks toward Mouse. She swings her katana at him. Ray Tracer stomps on the tiny gladiators from "A Dungeon Deep" and the dinosaur model from the game in "Firewall." Matrix slams the "heads" of two of the battle carrots from "A Dungeon Deep" together, knocking them out, then dusts his hands together. A tear opens above him. A shark from the game in "AndrAIa" falls out, flaps around on the ground, and looks up helplessly at him.]

[Bob rises into the Core control chamber, which has hexagonal patterns on the walls. He looks around. Then he taps the control panel VidWindow several times. The larger, staticky VidWindow closes.] A few throw rugs, some curtains...
Great. Looks like I'm on my own.
[A simulation of Megabyte appears behind him.]
Megabyte Simulation:
Not exactly, Bob.
[Bob whips around, startled.]
[The simulation laughs triumphantly.]

[Ray Tracer punches out the red User from the game in "Enzo The Smart." The tank dinosaur from the games in "When Games Collide" stomps around, roars, then falls on its side with Matrix on its head. The skeleton warrior from "Castles and Knights" comes up behind Matrix. As it raises its sword AndrAIa flies by on Megabyte's flycycle and snatches him away. Matrix looks over. She drops the warrior; it lands hard and doesn't move. She lands the cycle.]
Thanks, AndrAIa.
[Two of the pirates pop up as AndrAIa gets off the bike. She walks over to Matrix. He jumps off the tank dinosaur's head.]
Now that is a nice bike. So, you been having fun without me?
[Old Man Pearson groans. Several pirates chatter as they try to get the struggling binome safely to the ground. When they hear an explosion they drop Pearson.]
Come on! We'll all be safer inside.
[There is another explosion. After a pause everyone runs offstage.]

[Back to the core.]
Megabyte Simulation:
Oh, really, Bob, I thought you'd be happy to see me.
But... how? [His eyes narrow suspiciously.] Wait a nano.
[Bob swings his hand at the simulation's midsection. Where he touches it it breaks into shards, which immediately re-form.]
Megabyte Simulation: Why I oughtta...
That's right, a simulation. When I knew Mainframe was doomed, I left a little something behind to keep any "saviors of the city" company. Well, I'm glad it's you, Bob. I can mock you one last time.
Mock all ya like, I'm still here. And I have a job to do.
[Bob walks forward, through the simulation, shattering it. It re-forms behind him. Bob is at a bank of hexagons, each lit red and with a handle in the middle. The simulation leans forward and watches intently. One of the red hexagons extends. Bob turns the handle, and it turns blue and retracts again. Bob touches the handle of another red one. It extends. He turns the handle. The red turns blue, and the hexagon retracts.]

[There is a flash of white light, and a gunshot is heard. Hack reels back into a wall. Slash is already lying against the wall.]
[Theatrically] D'oh! Ooh, ahh, oh, he got me!
Oh, yeah, he got me too.
Yeah, well, he got me more!
Yeah, but it [???]
Ooh! Ohh! C'mere, you
I'm fallin' down- oh
I'm sinkin' fast! Ooh! Oh!
Hold me!
[Slash holds his arms out to Hack. Hack holds his arms out to Slash. Their hands barely touch. Both bow their heads. Ash blows across the barrel of his gun. Then he points it at arm's length at Dot, who is still standing at the map table. She dodges a shot. Then Frisket barks. Ash looks back. Frisket runs up and leaps at Ash. Close-up on Dot's face as she reacts to Frisket's snarling and some unpleasant sound effects.]
It's payback time!
[Ash is on his back on the ground, apparently "dead." Frisket is snarling and shaking one arm. Matrix walks into frame and looks at Frisket, then at Dot. Phong is still on The Prisoner's back, wrestling with him. Princess Bula picks both up by their necks. She snaps the Prisoner's neck with a loud crunch, then drops him.]
Sis! You okay?
[shakily] Yeah, I'm fine.
[Mouse and Ray walk up to Hack and Slash, who are lying against a wall. Only Hack's eyes move.]
[shouting] Medic!
Where's Bob?
Bob? Oh no, Bob!
[She walks over to a small VidWindow with a control panel and touches it, opening a larger, staticky VidWindow.]
Bob, are you there? Bob! [She stares at the staticky VidWindow.] There's no answer.

[One of the red hexagons flashes and sparks, then stops flashing. The camera pulls back to reveal the Megabyte simulation looking at it.]
Megabyte Simulation:
Ah well, there goes Sector 31. Pity, I did so enjoy Al's energy shakes.
[Bob is working at another bank. One simulation is looking at him from the side. Another comes in from the other side. Both speak in unison.]
Megabyte Simulations:
Don't believe me? Oh, I'm hurt.

[looking at the map table] We just lost Sector 31!
But several subsectors around the city have powered down!
Bob must be all right, my children!
The tears seem to've stopped too.
[looking over at the staticky window] Come on, Bob.

[Both simulations are laughing at Bob in unison.]
Megabyte Simulations:
Yes, you've just saved one sector, but while you did two others were destroyed!
[The simulations laugh again. Bob, who is starting to look tired, hurries to another control bank and starts work there. The simulations stay in place at the previous control bank.] Go replicate yourself, Megabyte
Megabyte Simulations:
Yes, there's no way to save them all.
[The simulations laugh evilly. Another simulation leans in from the side. Two more surround him on the other side and back, all laughing. Bob stays intent on his work.]

[Explosions shake the Command Room. Specks jumps into Princess Bula's hands. AndrAIa, Matrix, and Mouse try to keep their balance. Hack and Slash are standing again, but bent over as if in defeat. Hack gets very theatrical as he speaks.]
[patting Slash on the back] Well, Slash, old buddy-
[looking up] Yeah.
If this is the end-
Oh I hate-
-truly the end, I just want to say that- [embraces Hack] it has been a pleasure working with you.
[tapping Hack on the head and looking away] It's been great working with you too, even thought you did rat me out to Megabyte. Talk to the hand
[Hack draws away and stares at Slash for a nano, then turns away and holds up one hand, palm forward, toward Slash.] You just never leave that alone.
No, well, I-
You always gotta bring that up!
We- you-
Even in this, our most profound moment!
Just hold me.
[Hack rushes to Slash. The bots embrace.]
[Mike the TV rushes into the frame, looking indecently energetic and cheerful.]
Heyyy! Is there room in this crowded show for a cameo by everyone's favorite talking television?
Specks, Mouse, Dot, Matrix, and AndrAIa:
[Mike looks utterly disappointed.]

[Three Megabyte simulations lean close to Bob as he works at a station. They speak in unison.]
Megabyte Simulations:
You'll never do it, Bob. It's hopeless!
[Shatnering] I... don't believe... in the no-win scenario!

[Back to the command room.]
Bob! Come in! Come in, Bob!
[There is no response.]
I'm goin' down there. [walks offstage]
I'm coming with you. [follows him]
[Dot, looking miserable, glances at them as they go, then looks down.]

[Bob is working at the hexagons. All but one in this bank are blue. One that bob just finished with retracts. Bob reaches for the last red one. As he taps the handle it sparks violently. Bob flinches. A diagram of a sector, the inner part pulsing red, is visible over the flashing red icon above the bank. Gingerly Bob taps the handle. It extends and begins to burn.]
Megabyte Simulations:
There's no way you can win, Bob.
[Scowling, Bob glances at one of the simulations. Then he grabs the burning handle and tries to turn it. The simulation in camera range leans forward, surprised.]
Megabyte Simulations:
No! Y-you can't! And that'll stop Bob how?
[Bob fights to turn the burning handle. His hand is blackened. The simulation steps forward to stand in front of the control bank. The burning handle protrudes through his front.
Megabyte Simulations:
I won't let you!
[determinedly] Try and... stop me!
[He frowns and leans forward. The handle finally turns. It stops burning and the Hexagon turns blue. The flashing red icon turns green. The three simulations lean back and scream.]
Megabyte Simulations:
[The simulations shatter and dissolve. Bob looks at his blackened hand, now feeling the pain. He lowers his head, then walks away.]

[Seen from outside and above Mainframe, a glow begins racing from the distance over the energy sea towards Mainframe, which is now completely dark. Dot looks up as rubble falls behind her. The glow approaches. Slash looks to the side anxiously. The glow comes closer. Phong looks to the side, his face lit red.]
[softly] Oh...
[The glow closes in on Mainframe. Dot looks around. The glow reaches Mainframe and rushes upward, over the edge of the system. The command room shakes violently and people make sounds of alarm. The glow progresses inward along the surface, destroying all it touches. Bob, gasping for breath, works with both hands at the hexagons. The glow destroys more of the system. Another hexagon retracts. The glow progresses inward. Bob continues workin', looking tired now. The glow continues. Another hexagon turns blue and retracts. The Principle Office is visible over the ground that is being destroyed. Bob does his impression of a carpThe last hexagon in a bank turns blue and retracts. Bob turns away just before the icon over it turns green. The glow continues toward the Principle Office. Bob leaps over to the next bank. The glow continues. Camera close-up on Bob's eyes, now drooping with fatigue. The glow is now close to the Principle Office. Bob works with both hands on a panel. The icon above it flashes red three times, then goes green. The glow stops just outside the Principle Office. Bob, now gaping like a fish as he breathes, makes a few motions with his arms as if still turning the hexagons, then moans and falls forward onto the ground.]

[In the Command Room, the red lights suddenly stop flashing. The ground is no longer shaking. Phong taps a VidWindow, which lights up, illuminating him. Dot looks around. So do Specks and Princess Bula, then Mouse.]
We seem to be processin'. Just barely.
[Phong's VidWindow shows a wireframe diagram of Mainframe. Only the Principle Office and some discontinuous areas just outside of it are solid green; the majority of the system is outlined in flashing red.]
I will get the reading on our status. [He presses a button on the screen.]
Thank you, Phong. But where's-
[She cuts off when she hears Bob gasp as he breathes. She turns around. Matrix and Bob are walking Bob in, Bob, supporting him one under each shoulder. Dot turns, excited.]
[Bob takes his hands from around Matrix and AndrAIa, and slumps forward, exhausted.]
System... out of... danger?
Bob... [steps forward] Are you all right?
I'm okay. Really. I...
[He closes his eyes and tips his head forward. Dot smiles oddly at him.]
[continuing] I just need to rest a little.
[softly] Here. Let me help you.
[She puts a hand on his shoulder and steps close to him. Bob leans down, his face close to hers, even as he protests.] Gun, command line: dip!
No, really, let me...
[Just before their lips touch Bob is pulled backward and Rocky the Rabid Raccoon pops into frame from below. He grabs Dot by the shoulders.]
No way, let me!
[He kisses Dot. When he releases her she falls backward out of frame. He licks his lips with lots of spit bubbles. Then he wiggles his fingers and speaks straight to the camera.]
The girl's tasty, but where's all the food?!
[Rocky hovers briefly, then zooms out of frame. Dot wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.]
Ugh! Buh, what in the net was that?!
I guess we missed a User.
Don't worry, I'll get him.
[She waves a hand, then walks away.]
Phong, how're we doing? My children, we are screwed.
[Phong looks away from the VidWindow, which is still displaying the green and red diagram of Mainframe.]
The news is not good, my son.
[surprised] What do you mean?
We have survived Megabyte's bane, but Mainframe is still... doomed.
[Fade to black as Dot, Matrix, and Bob absorb this news.]

Directed by Mark Schiemann
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Kathleen Barr
Long John Baldry
Gary Chalk
Ian James Corlett
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan
Donal Gibson
Tony Jay
Scott McNeil
Shirley Millner
Louise Vallance
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Brian Eun
Anthony Guad
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Judy Slattery
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Jennifer Twiner
Production Secretary Stephanie Seifert
Supervising Animator William Chan
Senior Animators Neil Bruder
Ali Kojori
Michael Mussellam
Computer Animators Isabel Auphan
Walton Burgwynn
Katrina Conwright
Joe Crawford
Jim Nagy
Zeke Norton
Fernando Pazos
Todd Sherrard
Michael Ferraro
Rob Gandell
Allen LeCorre
Colleen Morton
Chris Buckley
Jason Gross
Henn Lizra
Matthew Wilcox
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Supervising Modeller Rak Tafarodi
Modellers Jaroslav Chorny
Michael Faulkner
Alberto C. Garcia
Gideon Hay
Marco Tremblay
Murray McCarron
Doug MacCay
Jeremy Miller
James Stewart
Modeling Tracker Donna Maxwell
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor William Lau
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
Michael Dyck
David Fracchia
Rick Glumac
Albert Ho
Tony Pelle
Phil Peterson
David Wong
Adam Wood-Gaines
Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technicians Andre Guilbeault
Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuliana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants William Lee
Bracken New
Jim Verbicky
Jacquie McCarnan
Christian Varin
Music composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production


  The ReBoot episode "System Crash" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.


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