Talent Night

Written by:

Lane Raichert

Story by:

Gavin Blair Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson

Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

[Open on a rotating green cube floating in a dome. Each face of the cube is made up of smaller squares in a 6x6 grid. The camera moves closer as the cube turns until it comes to a face on which six vehicles that look like color-coded tile-pullers are lined up. Enzo is in a white vehicle with blue bars; Bob is in a gold one.]
[pointing and shouting at Bob] You're smoke, Bob!
In your dreams, birthday boy!
[A seatbelt fastens itself around Bob. Then a buzzer sounds and a tile in the center flips. The new tile face is blue, and it has a ball floating over a marker. The marker moves, taking the ball with it, and the vehicles take off after it.]
POP![Two vehicles cross to another face, chasing the ball. The tile the ball is on flips, putting it on the inside. Enzo's vehicle crosses onto another face of the cube and stops. He yelps as the tile his vehicle is on flips, putting him on the inside too. Enzo and a red vehicle make for the ball. The ball's tile flips again, so it is on the outside. A pink vehicle heads for it. The front end swings up, revealing a bottom like a waffle iron. Just before it touches the ball, the ball moves off to the side. The binome inside the vehicle puts the front end back down, and the vehicle crosses to another face. A dark blue vehicle piloted by a binome raises its front end as it approaches the ball from a tangent. The ball passes in front of it. The binome puts the front end down again, but not before it reaches the edge of the cube and tumbles off toward the wall of the dome. The camera searches around, then finds the ball moving across the cube's outer face. It stops on a tile, which flips. It moves off across the inside of the cube. Other tiles flip, putting two more vehicles near it. They give chase. Two more vehicles approach from other angles, surrounding it. The ball is captured between the front ends of all four - Enzo's Bob's, a red one, and yellow one.]
[as the ball is caught] Goal!
[A buzzer sounds.]
Oh man! Ha ha! That was a killer! Uh... who won?
[shrugging] Good question.
Two Binomes in other vehicles:
You comin', Bob?
In a bit. I gotta check my messages. You go ahead, I'll be right up.
Mmmnokay. [looks down, the back at Bob] Uh, Bob? Thanks again for spending all this time with me. Doing all this stuff with you is the coolest present I could ever access!
Don't mention it. Enzo, it's your first birthday. You deserve to be spoiled! Now go on, I'll be right up.
[Enzo starts his tile-puller up.]
Thanks. [backing up] I'm gonna win this time! [He drives off.]
You wish! [stage whispering to Glitch] Glitch, get me Dot.
[We see a shot of Dot's Diner, complete with theme music. The music changes to something vaguely resembling "Give My Regards to Broadway" as the view pans to the right, where an outdoor stage has been set up. Dot and several binomes are in front of the stage, and Mike is on the stage.]
So, I introduce the acts, and then I shut up?
[to a roadie binome] I don't care about the lighting! These're just auditions! [To a binome who is holding up two rolls of folded cloth] N'ah-I like the red one, not the blue. [Her organizer beeps. She shrugs and tosses her head, exasperated.] Oh, now what? Way to save on mouth animation
[The roadie and the binome with the cloth walk away. She holds up the organizer. Bob, in his racing gear, smiles and raises his eyebrows.]
Oh! Hi, how's it going?
[low voice] So far, so good. Enzo doesn't have a clue. How 'bout you?
Way behind schedule.
[leaning forward] Behind schedule? This isn't like you, Dot.
Bob, the acts're terrible! And the ones do I like Em See rejects! NetNanny
[Dot frowns at the prim female binome in the sea beside her. The binome holds up an identification wallet with the badge "PROG SENSOR" superimposed on an embossed icon.]
It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!
[to Bob] You gotta keep Enzo busy at least until twenty-four fifty!
Twenty-four f-?! Whoa! If you say so.
[sighs] Thanks, Bob. You're a lifesaver.
[Dot and Emma See are seen from the back. Each has a director's chair with her name on it. Emma is already seated.]
[shouting] Can we begin already?! [Dot sits down.] Mike, move it!
[speaking into a cordless microphone] And now, here's a group that you'll just [his set jumps off his ball bearing, flips in the air, and lands again] flip for, the fabulous... [hesitates] acrobat guys! Circuit du Soleil
[Five binomes in green leotard costumes make acrobatty noises as they do their schtick to the tune of cheesy fairground music. The one in the center is balancing on a board on top of a ball. The other four jump and do midair somersaults, then raise their left hands. The camera follows another One as he does another jump-somersault, and raises his hand. A Zero jumps and lands on his, uh, head, then jumps again and lands back on his feet. A One flips another One over his head.]
[smiling] Perfect.
[Emma turns to Dot, aghast. Onstage, Oo-er (also in a green costume) is on one side of a seesaw. On the other side, binomes jump onto each other to form a pyramid. The Zero that ends up at the top jumps onto the other side of the board, launching Oo-er straight up. He flies through the stage roof, then keeps going toward and past the camera, which is rising above Mainframe and pointing down.]
Enzo will love these guys!
[Emma see frowns at Dot.]
[clears her throat loudly] No!
[tiredly] Why am I not surprised. Next!
[A Zero binome walks onto stage in front of the safety curtain. He waves at Dot and Emma.] All of me, why not take all of me...
Fall-Apart Binome:
[Dot makes a fairly sarcastic smile and "go ahead" gesture. The binome swallows nervously. Then, with exaggerated groaning, hand-waving, and expressions of extreme effort, he strains at... something. After several nanoseconds he pops apart into five pieces which hang in the air briefly before falling to the stage to the tune of a "ta-dah" fanfare.]
Fall-Apart Binome:
Thank you.
[Emma See is standing in her chair and holding onto Dot's shoulder. Both look appalled.]
[A janitor slowly makes his way across the stage dragging a garbage can on wheels behind himself. He sweeps the binome offstage with a push broom. As Mike speaks, a wallpaperish backdrop falls into place behind him.] No, The Primitives aren't up yet
And now, the dire Sal and Harv.
[Two characters who look like they stepped right out of the "Money for Nothing" video walk to the microphones to the tune of music that also sounds like it was lifted from that very same video. Their modeling is horribly blocky and their movements at best unrealistic.]
[leaning back in her chair] Oh, is it just me, Em, or are these acts getting worse?
[Roadie binomes boo and throw things at Sal and Harv. The two are pelted with fruit.]
Emma See:
Mike! Are you dumb or somethin'? Get 'em outta here!
[Mike, at a control bank, snickers wickedly. Then he reaches up, twirls his hand briefly, and slams down a big red lever. Sandbags fall on Sal and Harv, knocking them to the ground. A brick wall backdrop falls behind Mike.]
And now give it up, it's the prince of puns, Johnny O'Binome! Singular Sensation
Johnny O'Binome:
One oh one oh oh one one oh one one. One oh one one one oh one, one one... oh oh one one, oh one one one, one oh oh one one one oh... one oh one, one oh. Oh oh oh, [pantomiming a hula dance] one one oh oh, one oh one one ...
[Johnny O'binome pauses. Two roadies lean forward eagerly.]
Johnny O'Binome:
One oh oh one one one oh one !
[A binome at a drum set does a rim shot. The roadies laugh hysterically. Dot laughs too. She nudges Emma See with her elbow.]
This guy's the one, yeah, hm?
Emma See:
Really, Miz Matrix, there's gonna be children in the audience! I'm afraid I can't approve of this one.
[looking heavenward] Next.
Johnny O'Binome:
[disappointed] Oh.
[The binome at a drum set does another rim shot. Back to Mike. A snowy mountain backdrop falls behind him.] AccordiOrgan by B.S. Johnson
Serving slow food by day, dishing fast tunes by night, please welcome Al's Waiter!
[Al's Waiter is holding an accordion that is moaning like a bagpipe in pain, and a set of organ pipes is behind him.]
Al's Waiter:
[looking to the right] Al... get out here... we're on...
[voiceover] What?!
[Emma See closes her eye and shakes her eyeblock.]
You've rejected every act! Give me one good reason why we can't put this guy in the show!
Emma See:
'Cause I can't stand him!
[Dot looks surprised, then turns back to the stage.]
And now, an act with an [spins halfway around and back on his ball bearing] unusual twist. Live null juggling!
I thought this was banned!
[Emma see looks at Dot and gasps in shock.] More fun that a bag o' cats
[A clown binome wheels onstage on a unicycle, juggling different colored spheres. Dot and Emma See watch closely, both wearing skeptical expressions. They look at each other. The clown stretches a squealing red, yellow, and black null like a balloon, then blows into it and bends it into a balloon dog. He tosses it away and takes two stripy nulls, one blue and one green, out of a sack, and begins mooshing them together. Dot cringes from the sound of their squealing and Emma see covers the sides of her eyeblock. Then they look at the stage in disbelief. The clown is holding over his head a brontosaurus made of variously colored squealing nulls. He tosses it over his back. When it lands on the stage it wriggles. He takes out a very large blue null which brays like a donkey, and, as the camera pulls away, begins twisting it about. The viewpoint backs away until we see that the scene is in a VidWindow that Megabyte is watching from his throne.]
Ah, Dot Matrix. [leaning forward] What have we here?
[Megabyte presses a button on the right arm of his throne. A VidWindow opens, showing Lieutenant Chauncy. Chauncy salutes.]
Lieutenant, I want six squads to scout the, um, [taping his fingertips together] activity on Level One.
[saluting again] Sir!
Throw a party without inviting me? Really, Dot, how... rude.
[Megabyte laughs as his music fades out, with a comical "showbiz" twist at the end.]

You ever get the feeling you're being watched? [The camera starts out above Mainframe and comes down to a number of domed, connected buildings on the surface. Bob and Enzo, wearing white costumes with vacuum-like catchers on one hand, fly around the inside of an enclosed game court. Enzo moves about in front of a target-like goal, above which is the number eight. Bob is guarding a similar goal, above which is a 7. A tone sounds. Lighted arrows lead to a spinning funnel on the side, which shoots out a glowing green ball. It bounces around a while before flying neatly into Enzo's catcher. Enzo launches it toward Bob, who catches it, then throws it back at Enzo. Enzo catches it and does a somersault.]
Whoa! Ha ha!
[Bob gapes, surprised. Then he looks at his own goal, which he is no longer covering, and yelps. Enzo shoots the ball toward it. Bob dives to intercept it and misses. The ball spirals into the goal. The number above it changes from 7 to 8.]
Hoo! Seven shock eight, that's five in a row! [winks] Nice job, birthday boy!
I try.
[Enzo throws the ball. A VidWindow opens in front of Bob.] Shoula engaged my AFK codes.
[The ball hits Bob's face.]
I say, Bob, nice block.
[wiping his forehead] Do you mind?
My dear Bob, eh, what do you suppose your good friend Dot is up to lately?
[Enzo flies up next to Bob and looks at the window.]
[Enzo swats Bob into his goal.]
[The number above the goal changes from 8 to 9.]
Okay. What's your problem, Megabyte?
No problem, Bob. [examining his nails] Just curious as to why I wasn't invited to Mainframe's little soiree.
Then ask one of your viral spies. Can't'cha see we're tryin' to play a game here?
Very well. [threateningly] But we'll see who's playing what by the end of the cycle!
[The VidWindow closes. The funnel spins. Enzo, yelling, shoots out of it. Bob catches him in his arms. Enzo rights himself.]
[angrily] What's the big idea? What're you guys talkin' about, anyway?
[exaggeratedly cheerfully] Whoa-ho-ho, will you look here, look at the time! Heyyy, wanna go to the data slide? I think it's still open!
Actually, Bob, I'm getting kinda hungry. I mean, thanks for everything, but can't we go to the Diner and access a bite- AAA!
[Bob grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him out of frame]

[Scene: the stage next to the diner. Long shot first, then Mike the TV onstage.] Built-in chopsticks
And now, coming to us all the way from the Principle Office, it's the one, the only, Phonnng!
[Phong wheels up to the microphone at the front center stage as a starry background drops in front of the safety curtain. As string music swells he puts a small VidWindow in his drawer, taps the mike, then cracks his knuckles. He poses to sing. Dot and Emma look at each other, then lean forward in eager anticipation.]
[a cappella, to no discernable tune] Un-for-gettable... [He looks down.] I... have no idea what the next line is.
[Dot and Emma look embarrassed. Emma drops her VidWindow and takes off her eyeglass.]
Ahh... thank you, Phong. Next!
[Phong takes the VidWindow out of his drawer and looks at it as he wheels slowly forward. He falls off the edge of the stage.]
[Emma covers her eye. She and Dot look at each other, then at the stage. Mike is now by a disco-ish set, complete with light-up floor squares and disco-ball twinkles.]
And now, [hits the top of his "head," causing the glass in front of his eyes to break] playing their smash debut hit "B S 'n' P," ooh, you'll love 'em, it's the Smalltown Binomes!
[As music much like the beginning of "YMCA" plays the camera pans past a disco ball, then binomes dressed like a marine, a leatherman, an Indian, a construction worker, and a cowboy. They are moving in unison to the rhythm of the music. A binome dressed as a cop leans into frame holding a microphone.
Smalltown Binome Cop:
'Cause we're livin' with
Smalltown Binome Chorus:
B S 'n' P!
Smalltown Binome Cop:
Yeah, we're livin' with
Smalltown Binome Chorus:
B S 'n' P!
Smalltown Binome Cop:
Oh, it's fun to play in the nonviolent way,
Smalltown Binome Chorus:
In the nonviolent way!
Smalltown Binome Cop:
Yeah! We're livin' with
Smalltown Binome Chorus:
B S 'n' P!
[Mike is boogieing by the stage.]
Smalltown Binome Cop:
'Cause we're livin' with
[A roadie sitting up on the stage framework mouths the words.]
Smalltown Binome Chorus:
B S 'n' P! Something good DID come out of disco!
[Dot and Emma are getting into it, Dot swaying with the music, Emma very nearly dancing in her chair.]
Smalltown Binome Cop:
Hey, it's fun to play in the nonviolent way,
Smalltown Binome Chorus:
In the nonviolent way!
[The music ends with three chords and light flashes as the Smalltown Binomes pose.]
That was great! You're in!
Emma See:
[to Dot] Oh, I agree!
[A red cone, a green cube, and a blue sphere are onstage in front of a sheet music backdrop, apparently playing an instrumental. Mike pops into frame.]
Hey hey hey! Ladies and gentlemen, binomes and subroutines, presenting the fab Primitives! Where's the Torus?
[Mike ducks out of frame again. The shapes move to the music. The cone swivels from its point, elongating and shortening with the trumpet. The sphere flattens and rebounds with the percussion. The cube's outlines wiggle about as the guitar plays. When they finish the sphere comes forward, the square in front of it, and the cone in front of the square, making a formation like that of an icon.]
[looking down at her icon] That's what it is!
[Mike is now onstage in front of a cityscape backdrop.]
Bad hair. Great pipes. Need I say more. Give it up... for Captain... Quirk. Sorry ladies, he's married
[Mike bows deeply and holds the microphone out to the side. A binome in a tux, platform shoes, and a hairpiece stands in front of a screen in which a rotating 60s-ish flower and peace symbol alternate. The music is vaguely Indian, somewhat mystical, certainly spacey.]
Captain Quirk:
[Shatnering mercilessly] Packed my bags last night preflight... zero hour, nine AM... and I'm gonna be high... as a kite by... then... I miss the Earth so much, I... I miss my wife... It's lonely out in space, on... such a... timeless flight... and I think it's gonna be a, a long... long... time.
[Quirk kneels and bends forward. His toupee slides off. Then he disappears as if teleported away. Emma See, stunned, falls backwards with her chair.]
[Dot leans forward, forearms on her legs, shaking her head. The camera, which is looking over the stage from one side, crosses over to the backstage area, where six viral binome spies are walking behind the "irritable backdrop." The camera closes in on a One wearing a trench coat and using stereo-to-mono binoculars.]
[voiceover] Next.
[The backdrop rises as the One looks at the camera through his binoculars. After a beat all six spies jump and startle. They look at each other. Then all but the Zero in the center edge off the stage sideways. A spotlight comes on and the Zero strikes a pose.] She said I am the One...
Viral Zero:
[a la Michael Jackson] Aoooow !
[He begins spinning on his "back."]
Oh no! Not break dancing!
[Emma See smiles. The viral Zero moonwalks.]
Emma See:
I love break dancing! Book 'em, Mike.
[Dot turns away from Emma and scowls. At a back exit Mike is speaking to the Zero breakdancer. The other virals are around them.]
[smarmily] Love ya, cha-cha! Mean it!
[Mike goes back in and shuts the door behind himself. The virals look at each other. Then a VidWindow with Megabyte opens.]
Binoculars Binome:
Sir! The jam is moldy in the kitchen and [looking through the binoculars] the rolling rabbit gathers no moss.
What are you talking about?
Binoculars Binome:
[clears his throat] Sir! [puts the binoculars inside his coat] Mainframe's population is conducting some celebratory event online at, uh, twenty-four fifty. Sir! [salutes] Don't throw me in that brier patch!
[examining his nails] Hmm, how very convenient for me. [leans forward] Prepare for Operation Plan Code Two One Four.
Viral Spies:
[collective gasp] No! Not Plan Two One Four!
[A Zero runs off. They rhubarb their alarm.]
Viral One:
[barely audible over the hubbub] I kinda like it.
[Megabyte presses a button on his chair, closing the VidWindow, then turns his throne to the left and leans back.]
All those people gathered together at one time. [laughs] They will never know what hit them. [laughs]

[The camera comes in on an Energy Slide. A binome with swim fins is at the top of one of the three chutes. He shakes his head. Another binome pushes him forward. A blonde female One in a leopard print bikini looks down nervously. Toque pushes her, then jumps after her.]
[Bob and Enzo are at the head of the chute, still in their regular clothes. Enzo looks unhappy.]
[sounding exhausted and cranky] Bob, I've had a great time, okay? But I'm offline! Shut down! End of file! Can we go already? Homepage Alone
[overenthusiastically] One more time for the birthday boy! Come on, it'll be fun!
[Bob grabs Enzo and throws him down the chute. Enzo slides down at breakneck speed, yelling as he goes. Bob looks at Glitch. The wheel enlarges and pops up.]
[in Glitch's wheel] Bob? Everyone's here but we're not ready yet!
Sorry, Dot, but he's getting suspicious. He's getting anxious. He's-
[Bob looks up. Enzo is flying away on his zip board.]
Aaaa! Headed your way!
Whaddayou mean, our way? When?
[Bob looks away. Glitch returns to normal configuration. Then Bob hears the sound of something falling, and looks up. Oo-er falls into his hands.]
[to the camera] Oo-er!

[Enzo zips low over the surface of Baudway.]
[sarcastically] Come on! It'll be fun! Just one more time. Birthday boy this, birthday boy that! [He swerves between some parked vehicles.] Man, what's with all the parking? Mainframe Strolling Players
[He zips toward the stage. Then he is backstage, looking at all the binomes rhubarbing and preparing for the show. Among them are the green-costumed acrobats, a mime, tap-dancing Zeroes, the juggling clown, then Smalltown Binomes, an Elvis binome, the Shatner Binome, the null brontosaurus, a makeup binome, a robot-like Sprite, and the YTV Robot minus the trademarked logo.]
Various Binomes:
[heard in the rhubarb] Lemme tell ya, kid... Excuse me! Do I know you? Certainly, sir, will sixty-four gallons be sufficient? Hello! Hello!
[Enzo walks through a door and onto the stage, which now has a festive backdrop. He stops on a yellow star on the stage. The door that closes behind him has "Enzo" written on it, and another yellow star. He startles when he sees what is in front of him: hundreds of binomes.]
[The backdrop rises, and the star lifts him up.]
[Behind the backdrop is a counter. It starts at 01110, then counts backward in binary. Bob, Dot, and Frisket watch from upstage. When it reaches the appropriate numbers the binomes count down with it.]
Five! Four! Three! Two! One! I'm not a puppet, I'm a real boy now!
[A sparkling effect begins around Enzo's shoes and rises up to his head, transforming him. When it is finished he looks slightly older and noticeably better modeled, and his shirt now bears the number 10 instead of 01. He looks down at himself in amazement as the binomes cheer and blow party horns.]
No way! Cool! [grins widely]
[sniffling] My little brother...
[wavery voice] Compiling up before our very eyes. [sighs]
[Enzo is now off the platform. Mike speaks to him.]
Congratulations, Enzo, and happy first birthday! And now, in your honor - Iiiiiiit's showtime!
[A binome begins playing a slow tune on a piano. Dot, wearing high heels and a red dress slit up the side, sings.] BS&P says don't kiss his cheek
He's all right, he's okay.
[Enzo and Bob stare, open-mouthed, at Dot.]
He's the Sprite that brightens our day.
There's no doubt, girls, you better watch out,
He's alphanumeric.
[Kneeling in front of Enzo, she touches his nose, then spins his cap on his head. Then she stands and sings flirtatiously to Bob, who still looks stunned.] Duhhhh...
You're the best and it shows,
All the rest don't even come close.
[She touches Bob's lips with a gloved finger. He blushes lavender.]
Yes, it's true, there's no one like you,
You're alphanumeric.
[She leans close as if about to kiss him. Then she puts a hand on his face. pushes him over backward, and sings to the audience.]
You're the tip of the top, the cream of the crop,
And I just gotta say
That it's true, there's no one like you,
[She points to a startled One binome.]
You're alphanumeric. Interview With the Virus
[The audience cheers wildly. She blows a kiss to them, then gestures downstage. The Elvis binome comes out in front of a backdrop which reads "Aloha from Mainframe via SATELLITE." The binomes cheer. The Elvis Binome poses and gets ready to sing. And the entire backdrop crashes down on him, pushed over by an ABC. Two other ABCs come down on either side of it. Huge speakers form out of the backs of the flanking ABCs. A set of drums rises out of the center vehicle. Cymbals appear above the drums, and the set begins rotating. A giant pair of skeletal hands lifts a coffin up below the drums. Hack and Slash sit back-to-back within the drum set. The skeletal hands open. On the lid of the coffin is The Silicon Tor. The lid opens, hinged on the bottom. Inside, in corpse position, is Megabyte. The camera closes in on his face. His eyes open wide. The binomes in the audience raise their hands. As Megabyte looks over the audience the only sound is the whirring of the drum platform. The camera backs away, revealing that he is now standing, and has acquired a guitar. He plays a long screech, then several chords, several times. A binome's hand turns a dial to 11.]
[shouting at the audience] Everyone! Get down! Cover your ears!
[The camera crawls, flies, and swoops all over as Megabyte plays his guitar. Bob frowns. Megabyte, looking at Bob, leaps down off the platform and onto the stage.] Dot and
[Bob takes Glitch off his bracer.]
Glitch... BFG.
[Glitch forms a electric guitar. The audience cheers. Megabyte looks surprised, then glances up at Hack and Slash.]
Moley! Heavy metal
[The two bots begin playing the drums. Megabyte advances toward Bob as he plays. The two alternate "lines," both clearly enjoying rockin' out. The audience dances along. The two finish up on a long chord and a dramatic pose as the camera pulls back. The audience cheers loudly. Bob and Megabyte come out of their poses. Enzo and Dot step on front of them, still looking surprised.]
[sotto voce, looking out at the audience] I've always wanted to do that. Heh heh.
[Megabyte kneels and gives Enzo his guitar, then walks away. Enzo stops gaping and grins. Bob and Dot look at each other.]
Heh, happy birthday, Enzo. [shrugs]
[Megabyte's limousine drives away. Mike the TV pops into frame.]
Ladies and gentlemen, Megabyte has left the building!
[The Elvis binome pops into frame beside Mike, looking bemused. Mike grins at him. Then they both look at the camera.]

Directed by Zondag Entertainment
Executive Creative Consultants Ian Pearson
Story Editor Lane Raichert
Starring the Voices of Michael Benyaer
Kathleen Barr
Matthew Sinclair
Tony Jay
Shirley Millner
Michael Donovan
Phil Hayes
Gary Chalk
Louise Vallance
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Associate Producer Jeanie Lamb
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Production Design Consultants Brendan McCarthy
Ian Gibson
Production Design Gerald Lauze
Storyboard Supervision Blair Peters
Supervising Animator Gavin Blair
Phil Mitchell
Computer Animators Russell Ang
Steve Ball
Ken Ball
Scott Baltjes
Colin Cameron
Jeff Cappleman
Stephan Cooper
Andrew Doucette
C. Michael Easton
Walter Hsieh
Andrew "Spanky" Grant
Gerald Lauze
Mark Lemon
Ezekiel Norton
Colin Raesler
Morgan Ratsoy
Mark Schiemann
Mike Skorey
Andrew Sokolowsky
Scott Speirs
Ken Steel
Chris Welman
Kent Yu
Michaela Zabranska
Production Manager Helen du Toit
Script Supervisor Susan Turner
Editors Detmot Shane
James Boshier
William Lau
Publicist Carol Taverner
Director of Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Post Production Supervisor Anne Hoerber
Technical Assistant Alden Williams
Software Development Chris Welman
Phil Peterson
Albert Ho
Production Assistants Corey Barnard
Barbara Dawson
Chris Quetsch
Production Accountant Giuliana Bertuzzi
Production Secretaries Sharon Bond
Kathleen Gallagher
Music Supervisor Robert Buckley
Dialogue recorded at Uptown Studios
Supervising Sound Editor Roger Monk, C.A.S.
Sound Effects Editor Marcel Duperreault
Audio Post Production Dick & Roger's Sound Studios Ltd.
The Studio Inc.
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment

"Rocket Man" wriiten (sic) by
Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Courtesy of Polygram Music Publishing

Recorded in Stereo Surround

Production Executives Adam Whittaker
Josanne B. Lovick
Executive in charge of Production Mark Ralston

Co-Produced in association with YTV

All Rights Reserved Worldwide
© TWM (1993) No. 17 Limited Partnership


Co-Produced by
BLT Productions Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia



The ReBoot episode "Talent Night" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Wendy Lee. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.

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