The Edge of Beyond

Written by: Christy Marx
Story by:

Gavin Blair  Christy Marx
Dan DiDio   Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson

Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

Ever get the feeling you're being followed?[Ray Tracer surfs at high speed down a tunnel of colored light. The camera pulls ahead and looks back to reveal that the Saucy Mare is following him. Ray speeds up. The Mare flies over and past the camera. As the ship pulls away from the camera, Mr. Christopher begins narrating.]
Mr. Christopher:
[voiceover] First mate's log. Soon the Saucy Mare will enter into that profitless region known as 'the edge of beyond.'
[On the deck of the Saucy Mare, the crew moves boxes and barrels around. Matrix sets a barrel down heavily, then looks around.]
Mr. Christopher:
[voiceover, continuing] If not for the help of a surprisingly large and grown-up Enzo Matrix, our ship's crew would be rotting in a prison cell, awaiting deletion. We've banded together to help Matrix find Bob, who's trapped in the Web.
[Matrix sits on a box. He takes Glitch off his belt and looks at it, then looks up. Ray Tracer flies overhead to the ship's upper deck.]
Mr. Christopher:
[voiceover, continuing] Our new ally, a Web surfer, has agreed to act as our guide.
[The camera focuses on Ray's feet and shins as he hops off the Surf-Baud, then stamps on it with his heel. It spins and turns upright, finally stopping to stand on its back end. He picks it up and walks toward AndrAIa.]
Mr. Christopher:
[voiceover, continuing] But I'm afraid trouble is brewing. Matrix doesn't appreciate the attention that the Surfer is giving his lady love, AndrAIa.
[As Ray walks up to AndrAIa, who is by Mr. Andrew at the wheel, she retracts her trident into its handle. In an unheard dialogue, he gestures as if bowing. She responds with an attitude of exaggeratedly flattered shyness. Matrix watches suspiciously. Ray draws his hand in a horizontal line at neck level. Cut to Mr. Christopher typing in his laptop.]
Mr. Christopher:
[voiceover, continuing] As always, we would follow the captain anywhere- [He hesitates and looks around nervously, then crouches closer to his laptop to type.] Even into the Web.
[Mr. Christopher jumps, startled, when he hears Captain Capacitor's voice. Then he looks around.]
By the code! Mr. Christopher!
[Mr. Christopher appears beside Capacitor, who is on deck.] The core is exploding! Warn the Puppeteers!
Mr. Christopher:
It appears, m'lad, that we've reached the edge of beyond.
[Capacitor points with his hook. Mr. Christopher walks forward, an inquisitive expression on his face. Ahead of them, the tunnel suddenly resolves into a formation like a tear with an accretion ring. The crew look out through the railing and rhubarb, awed. The Mare's engines power down as it sails forward toward the tear, and its sails retract. Ray is leaning back against his Surf-Baud, speaking to AndrAIa. Matrix walks up to them as Ray speaks.]
What we're looking for is just up ahead.
[AndrAIa looks at the tear. It is surrounded by drifting flotsam. Matrix walks up behind AndrAIa.]
A tear. But how can we stabilize it to get through to the Web?
Leave that to me, love. But first we need protection. [Ray points and waggles his eyebrows. Then he frowns and looks over when he hears Capacitor.]
Pro-tection? What d'ya mean by that, lad? La Brea Tearpit
[sternly] You won't last a cycle in there without Web shields. Which we can make outta those.
[Ray points. The camera closes on some bits of flotsam, which are now recognizable as Web creature shells.]
[disbelievingly] Dead web creatures?
I get'cha, lad. Clad the ship in the scales of the dragon. [He smiles approvingly.]
[Fade to shots of pirates rhubarbing and snagging Web creature husks with their harpoons and hauling them away against the backdrop of the tear. Mr. Christopher types in his laptop. Capacitor turns from him and walks to the railing to watch. A hull like a rib cage is growing over the lower deck. Ray surfs down into it. A One binome standing on one strut throws the end of a rope down, then jumps. His three blocks separate as they fall, and land in proper configuration. He runs off. In the middle of all the action a binome cook peels geometric potatoes. A binome pulls a scale off of a shell with some effort, as it is still attached with stretchy connective tissue. He throws it down to another binome, pulls on the next scale, and tosses it down. A binome covers a large grate with wooden planks. Matrix, hauling the heavy anchor chain in hand over hand, pulls a dead drone up onto deck. He looks around. AndrAIa is trying to pull a scale off a carcass. The connective tissue stretches, but does not break. She loses her grip and it snaps back into place. Then Ray surfs down behind her.]
Here, let me help you with that, lovely lady. [He puts a hand on her shoulder.]
[putting a hand to her chest] Why thank you, kind sir.
[She flutters her lashes. Then she looks over and sees Matrix standing on her other side. He looks shocked. Then he scowls at her and stalks away angrily.]
[Matrix walks by a pair of binomes swabbing the deck. He kicks their bucket, spilling the water.]
[angrily] Fine! Be that way!
[She walks away and picks her folded-up Zip board up off a barrel. Ray watches her fly away. She glides away from the ship.]
[muttering] Stubborn obstinate hardheaded Sprite!
[Matrix walks on the deck, scowling. AndrAIa flies among the carcasses and other flotsam. She sees a collection of spheres linked by pink strands, and flies over to them. She leans close, curious.]
Hmm, what's this?
[The top sphere pulsates slowly. She touches it. Seen from inside, she draws a finger across its surface. Something makes a trilling sound.]
[shouting] AndrAIa! Not that!
[Matrix looks over.]
We've got to stop her!
[Ray jumps on his Surf-Baud and speeds past Matrix. Matrix glares at him.]
AndrAIa! Curiosity deleted the game sprite
[When she hears her name she looks back, away from the egg cluster. The top egg opens like a flower. The creature inside lunges out and seizes AndrAIa in a pair of jawlike pincers.]
[AndrAIa tries to pull away from the Webcreature. Matrix grabs a zip board that two pirates are sitting on, dropping them to the ground, throws it forward, and leaps onto it with a midair somersault for good measure. He tilts his feet back and flies forward. The newborn creature pulls AndrAIa's arm to its mouth and bites her. She screams and falls, unconscious and semitransparent. Bulbs on the creature's sides glow. It roars, then flies off toward the tear. AndrAIa falls. Ray flies to her. Matrix sees her, then stops and draws Gun.]
Gun, commend line: full delete!
[Matrix's golden eye rotates into targeting mode. Seen in sighting mode, the creature's green outline shows in the center of the targeting area. Ray, holding AndrAIa, interposes himself between Matrix and his target. His outlines show green.]
[Surprised, Matrix raises Gun. Then he tries to aim around Ray. The surfer moves side to side to block him.]
I'm warnin' you, surfer-!
If you kill the Webcreature you kill AndrAIa! Trust me. What's for lunch?
[Matrix lowers Gun and pauses. Then he looks at the Webcreature. It is still flying toward the tear. Matrix and Ray fly after it.]
It's a Class M! The Webcreature is stabilizing the tear!
And it's getting away!
Oh no it's not! Targeting!
[A red icon flies from Gun's sight and attaches itself to the underside of the Webcreature's tail. It flies into the tear. A spiraling portal formation appears on the side as it goes through, then disappears again. Ray and Matrix stop.]
I've lost it!
Don't worry. You'll pick it up again once you're through.
[Ray flies back to the ship. After a pause, Matrix does too.]
[A binome flies on a zip board in an arc in front of the tear. The camera shows various angles of the Saucy Mare, which is now enclosed in Web armor. A binome washes the blue bubble at the stem. Inside, Ray flies down to the deck. Mr. Andrew, who is on the end of the Surf-Baud, jumps off and speaks to Captain Capacitor.]
Mr. Andrew:
We be finishin' the last panel, Cap'n.
[to Ray] Tell me the truth, lad. Can we save AndrAIa? 'Twould break me heart to lose such a gallant lady. [He slumps forward sadly.]
[softly] It would break mine as well. [normal voice] I'd face any danger for AndrAIa.
Well, then, why don't you go below and fetch Matrix?
[Ray looks hurt and dismayed.] I need some slow food, fast.
[In a cabin, AndrAIa, still flickering and semitransparent, lies on a bunk. Matrix sits on a shelflike extension of the bunk.]
[softly] AndrAIa, can you hear me?
[He rubs her hand between his. The camera pulls back to show Frisket lying by her bunk, and Princess Bula standing and watching. Bula puts a hand on Matrix's shoulder as she speaks. He looks back at her.]
Sorry. She not wake.
[Frisket, ears drooping, whines softly. Matrix touches AndrAIa's hair.]
[softly] Oh, AndrAIa.
[The door creaks open. Ray leans in.]
[softly] The captain says we're ready to go.
[Matrix tilts his head at Ray. Then he releases AndrAIa's hand. It falls to the bedspread.]
[Fade to the deck. Ray, carrying his Surf-Baud, and Matrix walk to the hatch. Capacitor looks back at them.]
How is she, lad?
Bad. The surfer was right. The creature stole more than her energy. It took part of her code.
[The Surf-Baud falls and floats inches above the deck. Ray steps onto it.]
Open the hatch.
Hold fast! Ya say these scales will protect us from the ravages of the Web, but what about you, lad?
[cheerfully] Not ta worry! I've got it covered.
[Ray surfs back, then arcs around and into the hatch as the pirates cheer him on. A redheaded binome slams the hatch.]
Redheaded Binome:
He's a goner fer sure! Surfer Man, Surfer Man, does whatever a SuRFr can
[Ray surfs out of the ship and toward the tear. He double-clicks the Motorola logo icon on his belt. The M glows. From head to toe his costume protocol glows and changes, covering his body with a black and purple design, and his face with a metallic webbing pattern which extends into his hair. He glides right up to the tear. Seen from above, he puts his hands together and bends forward, then leans back and spreads his hands, which are now glowing with energy. The camera swivels down to his side. He thrusts his hands into the tear. The spiraling pattern of a Web portal spreads out from him. The camera pulls back, revealing the tear in one of three VidWindows in front of the wheel. Matrix, Mr. Christopher, Mr. Andrew, and Capacitor are looking at it.]
[pointing with his hook] Quarter speed ahead, Mr. Andrews, and stay close to the surfer!
Mr. Andrew:
[saluting] Aye aye, Cap'n.
[Mr. Andrew grabs one of the handles and turns the wheel. Ray pauses, looking at the portal. Then he flies away, arcs around, and flies into the portal. The Saucy Mare follows. When it is through the portal collapses back into a flickering tear.

[Scene: The Web. A light flares. The Saucy Mare comes out of it and sails past the camera, trailing globules of light which fade in its wake. On the deck, Mr. Andrew is at the wheel, and Capacitor and Matrix are watching. Two of the VidWindows show sensor diagrams which fade in and out. The third shows only static. Mr Andrew is working hard to keep the wheel steady.]
Mr. Andrew:
Ah, it's the density of the data, sir. [He flips his eyepatch up to look at Capacitor.] N'I don't know how long the scanners'll hold out!
What have we gotten ourselves into?
Everybody run to the right!  Now to the left!
[The Saucy Mare sails on. One engine passes through a blob of floating webstuff, which clings to it and pulls at the ship. Seen from inside, the ship rocks. Mr. Andrew is pulled up by the wheel. Mr. Christopher rolls around like a ball.]
Keep her steady, helm!
Mr. Andrew:
[turning back to Capacitor and flipping his eyepatch up] It's like navigatin' through an invisible lead soup, sir!
Don't worry, boys, she'll hold together.
[Capacitor reaches for the rail with his hand, and misses. Another lurch throws him against the rail. Matrix's right eye rotates to targeting mode.]
I'm back online! Gun! [Gun comes off his leg and floats in front of him.] Command line, tracking!
[The scope's POV looks around the Web. The M flashes when the Webcreature swims in front of it. The creature is outlined in green.] Matrix steps up to the wheel and swats Mr. Andrew away. Gun positions itself in front of the wheel.. Matrix grabs the wheel and spins it counterclockwise. Seen from outside, the ship slowly turns behind Ray. When Ray sees that it has veered away he waves and shouts.]
No! Over here! Follow me!
[Ray flies off. The Webcreature flies into a yellow novalike formation, with the Mare pursuing it. Grunting theatrically, Matrix wrestles with the wheel, his eyes on the VidWindow showing the Webcreature.]
Mr. Christopher:
[fearfully] Uh, Captain, I don't like the look of this. We're heading right into a storm!
Aye, that we are, Mr. Christopher. Now brace yourself. There be rough seas ahead! Flames in the Web? What a surprise.
[Ray bellyflops onto his Surf-Baud and follows the Mare into the storm. The camera pulls back, revealing it to be a hurricanelike spiral, bright yellow in the middle, fading to orange-red at the outer arms. Seen from inside, the Mare rocks side to side. Things on the deck slip back and forth. The Mare flies through a fiery area. The ship rocks more violently. Matrix has to struggle to keep upright and at the wheel. The center VidWindow has the message "MEDIA OFFLINE." Mr. Andrew, Mr. Christopher, and Captain Capacitor go bouncing across the deck. The remaining VidWindows become staticky. The cook continues peeling potatoes even though the bucket slides away from him, then back again. A blast of flame hits the ship's side. In AndrAIa's cabin, Princess Bula reels backward, then leans against the wall to stay upright. Ahead of the ship, the flames are denser, and the stern seems to be burning. Matrix struggles theatrically with the wheel some more. A bolt works its way out of part of the support structure and zings across the deck. Three pirates turn to look. Two more bolts go flying. One hits a VidWindow, cracking the viewing surface like a car windshield.]
Mr. Andrew:
The bolts, Cap'n! They're burstin'!
[Another bolt pops out. Mr. Andrew ducks to avoid being hit. The bolt knocks a bottle off the crate behind him. Ray, lying on his board and holding on tightly, flies through the storm to pull ahead of the Saucy Mare.]
[holding onto the rail] Hang together! There, old girl! Don't ye fail us now!
[Now standing on the Surf-Baud, Ray directs his energy ahead of himself, creating a tunnel through the storm for the Mare. The ship flies out of the storm. On deck, binomes are recovering from the beating they have taken. The cook, the bucket now on his head, is still peeling potatoes. Capacitor, his hat on sideways, is still holding tight to the railing.]
By gar, the old girl made it!
[The hatch slams open. Ray, quite miffed, strides in. He looks about, then mounts his Surf-Baud and flies to the upper deck. He stops in front of Capacitor.]
What went wrong? Did you lose the rudder?
[shaking his head] Nay, lad.
[Capacitor turns and glares at Matrix. Ray looks over as well. Matrix is still at the wheel. He looks at them, then down. Ray steps off his Surf-Baud and walks toward Matrix as he speaks.]
You steered into a data storm? I mighta guessed. Only a hard-headed psychopath could be so stupid.
[defensively] I did it for AndrAIa. We need her energy back from that Webcreature! Might makes right
You coulda gotten everyone deleted! Including AndrAIa!
[turning away] I don't need this!
Well, you're goin' to hear it! Ray puts a hand on Matrix's shoulder. Matrix turns and punches Ray in the face, sending him flying back. The Surf-Baud catches Ray. Both crash into some boxes. Matrix steps forward and raises a fist menacingly. Capacitor and Mr. Christopher go to Ray as if to help him up.]
No, no. I'm okay. [He gets up and walks toward Matrix] This is my digital domain. If you wanna survive the Web you better do as I say.
[Matrix scowls, what a surprise. His right eye rotates into targeting mode. He turns back and reaches out. Gun spins and flies into his hand. Matrix points Gun at Ray. Alarmed, Ray raises his hands. After a tense pause a hook pulls Gun down.]
[to Ray] Nay, surfer. There be only one captain on this ship, and I give the orders! But, I will take your advice. [to Matrix] And as for you, Enzo Matrix, it's only for the sake of your sweet sister Dot that I tolerate this behavior! I'll not warn ye again.
[Matrix looks ashamed. His right eye rotates back into normal mode. He walks away.]
[to Capacitor] If he keeps this up, he'll destroy us all.
The sad thing, lad, is the Enzo I knew would've agreed with ye! But that Enzo be no more.
[They watch Matrix walk away.]
[AndrAIa is still lying in bed, flickering and semitransparent. Frisket is lying by the berth, and Bula is sitting and drowsing as Matrix comes in. He looks for a few nanos, then turns, disheartened, and walks away again. Ray, surfing in the Web, looks back and nods, then speeds ahead. The Sauce Mare follows him through the ripply space. Matrix paces back and forth in front of Capacitor. On a VidWindow, Ray swerves to the side; the viewpoint follows him. Matrix continues pacing. Ray looks around and sees a pod of Webcreatures.]
Thar they flow! Sleeping Beauty
[Matrix looks over and sees the creatures in the VidWindow. The young one is at the center of the screen. Matrix walks down to AndrAIa's berth. Frisket looks up at him. Matrix sits on the shelf by her bunk, leans over, and kisses her cheek. He reaches close to her hip and takes her trident, which is minimized into a bar.]
I'm just gonna borrow your trident. I-I promise I'll bring it right back. [He strokes her hair, then clenches his fist in frustration.] Everything'll be all right.
[Ears drooping, Frisket whines. Matrix, arms on his knees, lowers his head.]
[The Saucy Mare is flying right by the Webcreatures. Matrix walks up to the hatch, where Ray is leaning against the Surf-Baud.]
Don't forget, you have to bring the creature back alive.
Told ya, I've got it covered.
[Matrix extends the handle of the trident, then the middle tine. He hands it to Ray. The surfer picks up a coil of rope and slings it over his shoulder. Matrix turns the wheel on the hatch and opens it. Ray glides in on the Surf-Baud. He taps his belt icon and with a glow of light changes into his web armor. Then he flies out into the Web. He flies after the Webcreature pod and among them. Also present are Spritelike beings riding a different kind of Webcreature, sluglike ones with many eyes around their heads and mouths like bouquets of elephant tusks. Ray, trident raised on one hand, flies through the pod as Worpan, one of the Webriders, watches. Ray slowly approaches the young creature, which does not seem to notice him.] See-food diet
[softly] Easy... easy. Here we go. Come to papa.
[He raises the trident. Then, hearing a buzz-whistling, he turns.]
What?! NO!
[The toothy Webcreature mount swoops down on him and takes a big chomp out of the camera.]

[The Webcreature pod moves off, across the three VidWindows.]
Mr. Andrew:
Cap'n! The pod's beginnin' to move off!
He must be tracking the beast. Ahead! Slow! Follow the pod!
Mr. Andrew:
Aye-Aye, Cap'n!
[The ship moves on ahead.]
Mr. Christopher:
[pointing] Captain! Look!
[In a VidWindow, they see the Surf-Baud and harpoon floating in the Web. A big chunk has been bitten out of the front of the Surf-Baud.]
But... where be the lad? He's shot his last curl
[Matrix, Capacitor, and crew members stand around the Surf-Baud. They sob and rhubarb among themselves.]
Crew Member 1:
It's a terrible thing!
Crew Member 2:
He's been taken.
[Matrix kneels. Capacitor removes his hat and holds it in front of himself.]
[voice quavering] He was a brave lad. Foolhardy, but brave.
[looking at the trident] He gave his life for AndrAIa... and for me. [determinedly] It's not right! I'm goin' out there!
D'ah! I knew it would come to this! Princess Bula!
[Princess Bula, her footsteps heavy enough to shake the deck, walks up to Matrix. In one hand she holds a Sprite-sized suit of web armor. She holds it out to him.]
Keep you safe.
[He looks at it, then gives her a pained grin.]
The lads have been working on this for ye.
The inseam's a little snug
[Matrix's web-armored feet step into view. The camera travels up. The crew look on. Matrix poses with Gun. The crew cheer, rhubarb, and shake each other's hands. Matrix spins Gun in his hand.]
[to Capacitor] Take care of her for me. Out there she'll degrade.
[He holds Gun out. Capacitor takes it with his hook hand.]
Say no more, lad.
[Matrix puts the helmet on over his head, and turns it to seal it.]
Ready asloop! I will love him and pet him and call him George
[The crew cheers as the hatch door closes on Matrix. The wheel turns by itself. The crew continue cheering. The camera pans to the Surf-Baud. Its chomped-off edge glows with white energy, which recreates the missing section. The outer door of the hatch opens. Right by it is a Web-ized version of an outboard motorboat. Matrix jumps in, sits at the back, turns the motor by its handle, and sails off into the Web. He approaches the pod from behind, then flies amongst them, then ahead. Worpan and Weblash watch from behind. They exchange glances. Matrix stands and raises the trident, ready to strike at the approaching pod. Then he looks up when he hears a buzz-whistle. Worpan's closed visor comes right up to the camera. Then he flies into the pod and whistles. The pod flies faster. One knocks against Matrix's boat. Matrix ducks as another nearly hits him. The young Webcreature flies over the boat in slow motion. Matrix cringes. Its tail swishes down, and the targeting icon detaches. Matrix turns. The Webcreature flies away while the icon tumbles. Then another Webcreature grabs Matrix out of the boat. Caught in its mandibles, he struggles and hits it with the trident. The Webcreature throws him to the side.]
[The pod, which is moving off, is reflected in Matrix's faceplate. Matrix falls toward another spiral data storm. Ray flies up to him and faces him upside down - relatively speaking.]
G'day, mate. Need a lift?
Surfer? We have to follow the pod! I've lost the target!
No, mate. We should go back to the ship.
[Ray catches Matrix by the shoulder and pulls him away from the data storm. The outer hatch door opens. Ray and Matrix - Matrix behind the surfer, holding onto his waist - glide in. Matrix jumps off.]
[looking down at his web armor] It's a fashion statement! [As he switches back to normal costume] I told you I had it covered.
[Matrix takes off his helmet.]
Covered my ASCII! W-what are you?!
A search engine. Next generation.
[Ray jumps off the Surf-Baud, which stands upright on its tail.]
You are the Surf-Baud.
Heh! you're smarter than you look. We DO have names, you know.
[The inner hatch door opens. The crew is assembled, Capacitor at the center.]
What happened, lad? The pod's moved off! There's nothing out there!
You're wrong, Captain. There is somethin' out there. I suggest you order battle stations.
[Fade to AndrAIa on her bunk. Then to the exterior of the Saucy Mare. Whistling is heard. The camera pulls back, revealing Worpan and Weblash at the front of a fleet of Web sprites. Worpan looks back, whistling and making hand gestures to the others.

Directed by Ezekiel Norton
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Long John Baldry
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan
Donal Gibson
Scott McNeil
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Brian Eun
Anthony Guad
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Barb Dawson
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Nina Bowkett
Production Secretary Stephanie Seifert
Supervising Animator William Chan
Senior Animators Neil Bruder
Michael Mussellam
Computer Animators Isabel Auphan
Scott Baltjes
Walton K. Burgwyn
Mabel Chan
Paul Lee
Jiri Licenik
Henn Lizra
Jim Nagy
Jeff Scott
Steve Chao
Anne Davis Chan
Jason Hopkins
Ali Kojori

Ken Steel
Eric Torin
Stefaan Sorensen
Todd Sherrard
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Supervising Modellers (sic) Rak Tafarodi
Modellers Jaroslav Chorny
Michael Faulkner
Alberto C. Garcia
Gideon Hay
Murray McCarron
Doug MacCay
Jeremy Miller
Leslie Oldham
Rick Scarpitti
Mike Towes
Modeling Tracker Donna Maxwell
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor William Lau
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
Michael Dyck
David Fracchia
Rick Glumac
Albert Ho
Tony Pelle
Phil Peterson
David Wong
Adam Wood-Gaines
Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technicians Andre Guilbeault
Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuliana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants Jonathan Fowlie
William Lee
Bracken New
John Nicholson
Christian Varin
Jim Verbicky
Music Composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production

  The ReBoot episode "The Edge of Beyond" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.

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