Web World Wars

Written by: Mark Leiren-Young
Story by: Mark Leiren-Young
Phil Mitchell
Susan Turner
Brendan McCarthy
Ian Pearson

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland


[The show opens on a far shot of Mainframe. Searchlights shine up at the web portal, which is much larger than Mainframe's diameter. The camera follows Bob, who is flying in on his zip board. He goes in towards the center for a bit, then turns and flies toward the Silicon Tor.]
[Many, many identical binomes are walking down a street, stepping in unison as if they are copies of the same One and Zero. Among the clones are the Elvis binome, a cowboy, a little boy, Feathers McGraw, Oo-er, the Little Lord Fauntleroy binome, and a tank.]
[Close in on the dome of the Principle Office. In front of one opening are two anti-aircraft gunning stations. One is manned by Enzo.]
[CPU vehicles hold their positions in formation overhead, under the portal. A squidlike web creature flies among them. It appears to take a look at the underside of one, then flies up to the portal.]
[Bob, still above the city, looks around determinedly, then flies out of frame.]
My God, it's full of green![In what looks like the Armory, Mouse and Dot stand side by side, watching. They look at each other.]
[In the command room in the Principle Office, a green hologram of Mainframe and the portal float over the map table. Female Zeroes with rods circle the table, moving things on the table with rods.]
[Camera on the exterior of the Silicon Tor. Then on the interior, where something like a hugely souped-up hypodermic needle is being assembled. Megabyte, on his throne and flanked by Hack and Slash, watches.]
[In a tunnel labeled "Piccadilly Circuits," many worried binomes wait and rhubarb among themselves. Some of them are CPU police.]
[In a hangar, CPU police stand around eating doughnuts. An alarm goes off.]
Scramble. Scramble. Scramble. Scramble. Scramble.
[As the voice speaks, the CPUs rush to their vehicles and rhubarb.]
Let's go, let's go!
Another CPU:
Good luck!
[CPU cars rise above the hangar floor. Heavy flying vehicles like the one Dot flew in "Gigabyte," but without the gripper and with green-painted fronts, disconnect from the ceiling. The cars and heavy fliers fly forward, out of the Principle Office. The cars fly in V formations under the portal. People watch them go overhead.]
CPU Commander:
The first line of defense is in position, Bob. Waiting for your instructions.
[The camera pulls back, revealing that the pilot is seen in Glitch's wheel.]
CPU Commander:
[continuing] Another web probe has just returned through the portal.
How're the troops holding up?
CPU Commander:
Well, they're getting nervous.
We've gotta buy ourselves some time here. Tell them not to fire at anything. They'll have plenty to shoot at when the attack force comes.
CPU Commander:
[saluting] Yes, sir!
[Glitch beeps and flickers with static, then shows Megabyte in its wheel.]
We need that hardware, Megabyte.
Guardian, I would suggest you some to Silicon Tor. We have a small... problem.
[Bob frowns and looks away from Glitch. Fade to black]

[Fade in on the interior of the Silicon Tor. Bob flies past the hardware to Megabyte's platform. One VidWindow is open near Megabyte's throne.]
All right, Megabyte. What's the problem?
[gesturing at the VidWindow] Him.
Yeah, yeah, him!
Stubborn old cootSlash:
Yeah! He's a troublemaker.
[Behind Bob, Phong is on the VidWindow. Bob turns toward the window.]
What's the problem, Phong?
[becomingly increasingly agitated] I cannot bring myself to work with that... that... Virus!
[As Bob speaks, Phong crosses his arms and glowers from the window.]
[to Megabyte] Megabyte! [to Phong] Phong, look, we've been through this. We need their help to save Mainframe.
The hardware is nearly complete. But we need the software to run it. And Phong will not download it from the Archives.
[to Phong] Phong! Download it! Now!
[The VidWindow closes.]
[to Megabyte] How's the power source?
Oh, she's the same as always.
[apparently dismayed] Oh. Well, uh, make sure she stays online, Megabyte. After all, she's your sister. You look after your end of the bargain, and we'll do our part. I got things to do.
[Bob flies away. Hex's mask flies in close to the throne. She appears behind it.]
I trust you were listening.
Yes, of course. I love the way you and Bob work together. It'll be a shame to split up such a winning team.
Hexadecimal, you know the plan.
Which one? There seemed to be several. [She looks over at the hardware.] Ooooh! It's finished! [She flies up to it.] What a lovely toy. Where do I sit?

[Mouse is leaning against a bomb and sharpening a katana with a whetstone.]
I don't like this, honey. I've worked with Viruses before and been doublecrossed every time! I don't trust 'em any more'n I trust those Guardians.
Bitter, Mouse?
[Mouse looks up. Dot's booted feet are visible under a screen. They are moving around as she changes clothes.]
Look, I feel the same way you do, but we've all got our part to play.
[The camera is on Dot's face. She is wearing heavy, dark clothes. As she speaks she continues suiting up.]
[continuing] Megabyte's building the hardware, Hexadecimal's gonna power it, and you've gotta operate it and hack the codes that'll shut the portal.
And what if those two do the dirty on us?
PC envyDot:
[zipping up] They won't. If we lose, they lose. The Web will destroy them along with the rest of Mainframe.
[Dot walks out of the changing room. She is in a grey suit, and holding a huge, fantastically Freudian gun.]
Whaddaya think? Does it make me look too butch?
Mmmmmnah. [pause] Listen, while I'm workin' on the codes with Megabyte, well... you'll watch my back, won't'cha?
Whaddaya think this's for?
[Dot clicks the safety, making the whole gun twitch.]

[Behind their anti-aircraft guns, Enzo and AndrAIa watch the portal. Each is holding a helmet under one arm.]
It's sad that something so beautiful could be so deadly.
It must be really bad. I've never seen Bob team up with Megabreath and Hexadismal like this before!
Where I come from it's very simple. If you see an enemy you destroy him. Here you seem to form a team and make plans. Huh, you Guardians are too clever for me.
[embarrassed] Um, AndrAIa... there's something I've been meaning to tell you. You know how I said I was a Guardian? Well...
[interrupting, speaking in an "official" tone of voice] Cadet Matrix!
[Bob flies down to them on his zip board. He hovers in front of Enzo and puts his hands on his hips.]
Why aren't you in uniform? You know how serious things are. It's time you got suited up.
[AndrAIa watches in the background as Bob leans forward and whispers to Enzo behind hid hand]
I can make a pickle glow, tooBob:
Just follow me on this one. [Bob stands straight and clears his throat, then continues in his "official" mode.] Due to the current crisis we're all facing, I am invoking Emergency Code Ninety-Five One Oh. [holds out his hand] Enzo, gimme your icon.
[Enzo tilts his head forward and takes the icon off his hat. He holds it out to Bob. Bob takes off his icon with his other hand. As he speaks he holds Enzo's icon, face down, in one hand and his own, face up, above it.]
Command line. Icon. Download Guardian protocol to version one point zero.
[A yellow glow appears between the icons. Enzo watches, fascinated. When he is finished Bob puts his own icon back on.]
Enzo Matrix, there is a huge responsibility in taking the Guardian badge of office. [holding the icon out to Enzo] Do you accept?
[Enzo looks at AndrAIa. She nods.]
Two, two, two icons in one!Enzo:
[to Bob] Yes, sir!
[crouching in front of Enzo] By the power vested in me I give you a field commission as Guardian, first level.
[Bob puts the icon on the left side of Enzo's chest. Enzo - who for the moment has an icon on his hat too - triple-clicks the gold icon on his chest. His costume changes from top to bottom to a copy of Bob's, complete with oversize boots. Bob smiles and salutes. Enzo looks down at himself, then salutes back.]
Thanks, Bob!
No, Enzo, you've really earned this. You'll be transferred to the Supercomputer to attend the Academy and become a full-fledged Guardian like me. I know you'll make me proud.
[Glitch beeps. Bob raises his left arm and looks at it. Dot speaks from its wheel.]
Bob, we're at the Tor. Megabyte, Mouse, Hexadecimal, and I are ready to go. [pause] I can't believe I just said that!
Okay, let's do it. Guardian Enzo-
You can stop saluting now.Enzo:
[still saluting] Yes, sir?
This's it. Should anything happen to me, I am charging you with defense of this system. [to AndrAIa] And look after him, will you?
[Bob flies off. Enzo, still saluting, watches, a big grin on his face.]
You look cool, Enzo.
[embarrassed, finally dropping his salute] Aw, thanks, AndrAIa. [looks upward] And thanks, Bob.


[In front of the Tor, below the portal, the hardware rises into the air. Hack, Slash, and four ABCs flank it. On the platform behind the hardware, Mouse is working at a keyboard. Herr Doktor watches. Megabyte leans over her, causing Herr Doktor to duck out of the way.]
I trust you will have the codes cracked in time?
[not looking up] Listen, sugah, I'm not just gettin' the codes to shut the portal. I'm hackin' into the Web and erasin' Mainframe's location.
You been eatin' onionsMegabyte:
So it will be difficult to locate Mainframe from the Web again?
[looking at him] Im-possible!
[She looks back at the keyboard. Megabyte laughs softly and leans closer.]
Clever girl.
[Mouse recoils from him with a look of disgust.]

[The Hardware rises toward the portal. CPU vehicles are positioned all around Mainframe. The portal brightens, then darkens, in a ripple. A pod of probes flies through and begins "inspecting" the CPUs. Inside one are Binkie and Sir.]
The chaps are getting jittery, sir.
Oh, let's just hope no one cracks, Binkie.
Oh, I see. Stiff upper lip, is it, Sir? [wiggles his moustache]
[CPU binomes watch nervously as probes look at about their ships. A Zero watches through a targeting screen as the probes surround several CPUs. The targeting icon moves to follow the middle of the swarm. Then one probe comes right up to the targeting screen. The Zero screams and fires, blasting the probe. The other probes scatter.]

I think someone just cracked, Sir.

[voiceover] Everybody! Keep in formation!
[Five CPUs fly away as a group. Bob looks up, the speaks into Glitch.]
[angrily] Who gave the order to fire?!
CPU Commander:
No order, sir. Somebody got scared.
This is bad! Very bad! They'll summon the attack drones! You've got to stop them getting back through the portal!

[Five CPU ships fly in formation. They roll to the left. A probe makes a sharp turn and flies low to the city. Three CPUs chase and fire on a probe. It flies toward the portal, but they shoot it down before it gets there.]
Zero Pilot:
[A single CPU chases a probe. The Zero inside yells as it rolls and its helmet falls off. The CPU rights itself and resumes the chase. After firing several times, it hits its target. One heavy flier breaks away from a grouping of three.]
[beckoning] Woo-hoo!
[More scenes of CPUs and probes flying around above Mainframe. Probes are shot down. Two heavy fliers collide while chasing one, knocking one flier into a building, where it explodes. A probe flies toward a CPU.]
Zero Pilot:
I've been hit!
[A CPUship marked "A12" on the back wobbles in the air. It slides downward.]
[voiceover] Bail out! Bail out!
[The ship falls. A parachute appears, and as Bob watches, the Zero pilot sinks toward Mainframe's surface. Bob flies off, again looking determined.]
[A CPU chases a probe. Its pilot, another Zero, looks nervous. It is joined by another probe as it flies up toward the portal. Other ships are chasing the second probe. The two probes hang just below the portal. Bob speaks into Glitch.]
Stop that probe!
I'm on it, sir!
[A squadron of CPUs are firing like mad at a probe. The two at the portal jam together with a squeal, fusing like two blobs of wet clay. They rocket up into the portal.]
A piggyback function! No!
[Red ripples appear on the portal, which darkens. Then other, spikier web creatures - spores - fly out of it.]
[into Glitch] Okay, people. It's a whole new ball game! We've got to close that portal!
Road hog[A spore chases a heavy flier. The spore is shot down from below. The pilot waves appreciatively. Enzo waves back. Enzo and AndrAIa are firing up into the air. Three CPUs chase a spore. The spore flies ahead and then circles back, scattering the CPUs. A spore chases several vehicles under the Gilded Gate Bridge. One of the CPUs hits a support and explodes. The rest fly low to the ground between buildings. The spore - there are two now - fly through them, spinning and hitting them with their spikes, knocking them to the side and destroying some. The two spinning spore rise into the air again.]
[Probes swarm around the hardware, then fly up to the portal. A set of spores turn and fly toward the hardware.]
Zero Pilot:
They're attacking the hardware!
[The spores swoop around the Hardware. Dot is firing her big gun from the platform.]
There're too many! Megabyte! We can't hold them off much longer!
[Megabyte grins and raises an eyebrow.]


[More ABCs are chasing spores toward the Principle Office. As they near the dome they split into two groups, circling the dome in opposite directions, the CPUs firing on the drones. Enzo shoots at them as well. When the two groups meet the spores fly upward and the CPUs crash into each other. Spores surround the hardware like gnats. Bob, on his zip board, comes to a halt and speaks into Glitch.]
Megabyte, what're you waiting for?!
I thought your forces were coping admirably. But if you wish... [He turns. A VidWindow showing Chauncy asleep appears. When Megabyte speaks, Chauncy wakes up fast.]
Commander. I want everything in the air supporting the CPUs.
[confused and cringing] Supporting the CPUs? [recovering] Um, yes sir! [He salutes.]

[A line of CPUs rises from G Prime's surface. The another. Then more squadrons, until an entire army is in flight. From a turret in one ABC, Chauncy - who is scowling in annoyance - points his whip forward, signaling the others.]
[A spore chasing a CPU is blown up from below. An ABC is firing upwards. Another spore is shot. And another, and another. The ABCs are killing the spores right and left. A pair of spores spin through two CPU vehicles and knocks down a floating gunnery platform. Hack and Slash come into frame, then start chasing the spores. The grab the nearer one's tail, sling it around in a circle to build up momentum, then hurl it into the air, where it explodes.]
Closed for remodeling[Enzo and AndrAIa are still firing. A spore gores a heavy flier The pilot ejects, sending himself high into the air and then back down toward Mainframe. His parachute opens on the way down. The heavy flier crashlands in Baudway, destroying Dot's Diner, leaving only a D recognizable in the wreckage.]
[The spores are still swarming the hardware. Dot's still shooting. Bob blasts a probe with Glitch. Mouse is still hacking.]
I'm workin' as fast as I can! Just tell the witch to be ready!
[Hexadecimal, up at the controls of the Hardware, turns back toward Mouse.]
Hot plateHexadecimal:
[angrily] I heard that! [sweetly] What a sweet thing to say!
[Hexadecimal draws back, then grasps the control handles. They glow as she charges the weapon.]
[Bob is beside Dot]
We've gotta do this now! What's taking so long?
[turning back] That's it! I've broken their code!
The hardware is fully charged!
Excellent! Now it's my turn.
Needs a manicure[As Bob speaks, Megabyte opens a hand behind his back and extends his fingernail claws with a "shing".]
Okay, everyone! Get ready! We're going to shut the portal!
[Megabyte bashes Dot's Big Gun with a sudden blow, breaking it in two.]
[calmly] Not just yet, Guardian.
[Bob is cut off as Megabyte's hand grips his head, covering his mouth. Bob struggles. Megabyte picks Glitch off Bob's bracer. He holds it up and examines it, then squashes it in his hand and drops it.]
Soundproof booth[Herr Doktor smiles and presses a green button. A corner of the platform slides away and a Sprite-sized capsule rises. Its door slides open. Megabyte draws back, then throws Bob into it. As it rocks from the force of the impact the door closes. Bob pushes against the door.]
Megabyte! You won't get away with this!
No time to talk now, Bob. [to Herr Doktor] Launch!
[Herr Doktor smiles gleefully and raises his hand over the flashing button. Mouse grabs his arm before he can press it and tosses him aside. Megabyte approaches her, arms raised threateningly. Mouse holds her katana at the ready.]
One more step and I'll subdivide you!
[Hexadecimal appears, mask first, behind Mouse. With one swipe she knocks the sword away.]
[Hex's next swipe knocks the Hacker in the opposite direction. Hexadecimal steps back as Megabyte approaches the button. He raises a hand over it, then looks back at Bob. His eyes narrow and glow brightly. Bob's eyes widen. Megabyte presses the button without looking.]
[screaming] No!
[The capsule is launched toward the portal.]
[screaming] Bob!
Every time I push the button something horrible happens[When the capsule enters the portal, ripples spread outward. Megabyte slams his fist down on the button. The Hardware aims at the portal and shoots a single beam. The portal explodes into tear-like brightness. Everyone on the platform shields their eyes from the glare. Then the portal disappears. Dot looks down, then sees glitch. She kneels and picks the device up. Behind her, Hexadecimal switches to an evil mask and advances, clawed hands raised. Mouse steps in front of her and stops her by blasting her in the face with her ring. Hexadecimal screams and covers her eyes.]
[to Dot] Come on, sugah. I don't think we're welcome around here any more.
[Mouse, then Dot, leap off the platform. They land neatly in Ship's pilot and copilot seats. The canopy closes and Ship flies away.]
[on her knees at the edge of the platform and shaking her fist] They're escaping!
Let them run. They'll soon discover there's nowhere left to hide. Commander!
[Chauncy's VidWindow springs open. As Megabyte speaks Chauncy salutes, then smiles.]
[continuing] Destroy the remaining spores. Then blow the CPUs out of the sky.
[The VidWindow closes.]
[continuing] I want total air supremacy.
[Hexadecimal rises to the hardware's controls.
My gun's bigger that Dot's!Hexadecimal:
Ooh, my turn! I'm going to recharge this thing..
[She grabs the handles. Again they glow. She starts turning the hardware.]
Let's turn it around and point it at the Principle Office!
[Hexadecimal laughs wildly as she aims the Hardware at the dome of the Principle Office.]

[Inside the Principle Office, CPUs are jumping around, cheering and rejoicing. The VidWindows show the "sky" which is no longer dominated by the Web portal. Phong, AndrAIa, and Enzo look on from the upper level.]
All right, AndrAIa! We did it!
[Enzo and AndrAIa high-five each other.]

[In a CPU vehicle, Sir waves to Binkie, then points. Binkie nods. The ship turns in the direction Binkie pointed and follows a spore. It shoots it down. Then something starts firing on them. The heavy flier turns. Another ABC starts shooting at them.]
I say! It's the ABCs! They've turned on us!
[Their heavy flier is now the target of a whole swarm of ABCs]
[voiceover] Treacherous dogs!

[Command room. The CPUs are still jumping around and cheering. Then Sir appears on the big VidWindows.]
Mayday! Mayday! We're under attack! Repeat, the ABCs are attacking us!
[The VidWindows become staticky.]
[agitated] Bob! Bob, come in!
[They wait. No reply]
He can't hear you, Phong.
[Phong, Enzo, and AndrAIa look over. Dot and Mouse are there. Dot has something in her hands.]
Dot! Mouse! Where is Bob?! What has happened?!
[voice breaking] It's bad, Phong. Very bad.
Bob is an ex-Guardian[She looks down. Phong opens his mouth and raises a hand, shocked. Dot kneels in front of Enzo.]
I'm sorry.
[Dot puts the damaged keytool in Enzo's hand. Enzo raises it to eye level and look at it.]
[disbelievingly] No. [screaming] NO!
[Enzo lowers his head and begins crying. The CPUs all look mournful. Then multiple Vidwindows showing Megabyte and Hexadecimal spring open. The CPUs startle and turn around.]
Thank you all for your valiant efforts in fighting the Web. Unfortunately...
[leaning forward] It was all for nothing.
[The CPUs gasp. One pirouettes and faints.]
As we speak your CPUs are being shot out of the sky. Phong, drop all defenses on the Principle Office. And welcome to Megaframe.
I love it when he talks like that.
[clenching his fist] We will fight you to the last, Megabyte!
You have no defenses, you fools! Your Guardian is lost! Nothing can stand in our way! Mainframe is ours!
Until next season!AndrAIa:
[stepping forward] Wrong! We do have a Guardian! [to Enzo] Guardian, your keytool. Remember what Bob said.
[Enzo places Glitch on his bracer. The keytool fastens itself on.]
[into Glitch] I am Guardian Matrix, charged with defending this system. [looks up] Two Viruses take over my home? I don't think so!
[AndrAIa, Enzo, and Dot pose determinedly. The ReBoot logo closes over them. At the bottom left are the words "End Prog" with a flashing question mark.]


Directed by Phil Mitchell
Executive Creative Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Story Editor Martin Borycki
Starring the Voices of Michael Benayer
Kathleen Barr
Matthew Sinclair
Tony Jay
Shirley Millner
Michael Donovan
Gary Chalk
Scott MacNeil
Andrea Libman
Louise Vallance
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Associate Producer Jeanie Lamb
Casting by   BLT Productions Inc.
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Andrew "Spanky" Grant
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Storyboard Supervisor James Boshier
William Lau
Supervising Animators Gavin Blair
Phil Mitchell
Computer Animators Russell Ang
Scott Baltjes
Corey Barnard
Frank Belina
Jeff Cappleman
Mabel Chan
William Chan
Stephan Cooper
Andrew Doucette
C. Michael Easton
Mike Ferraro
Walter Hsieh
Mark Lemon
Michael Mussellam
Jonathan Moyes
Peter Nash
Ezekiel Norton
Morgan Ratsoy
Mark Schiemann
Blair Simmons
Mike Skorey
Ken Steel
Rak Tafarodi
Post Production Supervisor Glenn Griffiths
On-Line Editor Dermot Shane
Assistant On-Line Editor Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor James Boshier
Assistant Off-Line Editor William Lau
Technical Assistant Alden Williams
Director of Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Director of Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Phil Peterson
Albert Ho
Script Supervisor Susan Turner
Controller Giuilana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Ellie Khabbaz
Assistant to the Producers Sharon Bond
Production Secretary Jennifer Scherer
Production Assistant Elizabeth Embling
Production Runners Craig Barnard
Sylvain Blais
Lori Hutton
Andrew Ogawa
Dave Small
Publicist Carol Taverner
Stills Artist Colin Raesler
Music composed by Robert Buckley
Audio Post Facility Pinewood Sound
Sound Effects Editor Marcel Duperreault
Re-Recording Mixers Randy Kiss
Geoff Turner
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Buzzy's Recording
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Recorded in Stereo Surround
Production Executives Adam Whittaker
Josanne B. Lovick
Executive in charge of Production Mark Ralston

Co-Produced in association with YTV

All Rights Reserved Worldwide
  © (1993) No. 17 Limited Partnership

Co-Produced by
BLT Productions Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia






  The ReBoot episode "Web World Wars" and all associated images and sounds is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Wendy Lee. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.


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