Slack & Hash's Web Videos

I drew these! "Trigger Happy" for, who else, Matrix.

I drew these!"Hallelujah," another mournful video, this one based on "My Two Bobs."

I drew these!"I'm a Believer" for Daemon.

I drew these!"Lady in Red," a mournful little video dedicated to the Lady of Chaos.

I drew these!"Anthem" for Mainframe.

I drew these!"Get Over It" for Matrix.

I drew these!"Don't Give Up" for AndrAIa.

I drew these! "Once In A While" for Bob and Dot.

I drew these! "Nowhere Man" starring Megabyte.

I drew these! "She's Always a Woman To Me" a video for Mouse.

I drew these! "It's In His Kiss" a video for Bob and Dot.

I drew these! "Hyperactive" a video for Hexadecimal.

I drew these! "Pressure" for Matrix. An intense kinda song for an intense kinda guy.

I did these! "I Need a Hero," a video about Bob by Hash.

I did these! "Mr. Blackwell" A video by Hash for Megabyte.

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