The URA 2001 Awards Ceremony

By Lotsa People

Hash: Thanks, Bobs! Lovely dress, Miz Nesbitt.

Slack: [holding an award graphic] You like us! You really like us!

Hash: [aside] There's one cliche out of the way.

Slack: Next on the program we got the Most Humorous site. Which is a fancy way of saying Funniest Site.

Hash: It sounds more official that way.

Slack: The nominees are:

Hash: The Reboot Abode,

Slack: A Minor Glitch,

Hash: Mystery Reboot Theatre 4000,

Slack: CAJA - we're not sure what those letters mean anymore-

Hash: and Slack & Hash's Domain.

[The bots look at each other. They cross their fingers. Then Hash snatches the envelope with her free hand.]

Hash: And the winner is... Mystery ReBoot Theater 4000!

Slack: What the heck, we host that one at least! [She takes a graphic out of the box and holds it up.] The real winners are Silver Tiger, CPface, Al's Waiter and all the other MRT4K MiSTers, all the fanfic writers who let them slice and dice their fics, and especially Zen Zenith and Philip Lynx who started the whole thing!

Hash: [Nervously] To the other nominees - you're ALL great! Especially at The ReBoot Abode! Please don't hurt us.

Slack: Aw, I'll bet they're not even listening.

Hash: Yes, they are.

Slack: No they're not.

Hash: Yes, they are! I invited them.

Slack: You WHAT?

Hash: They're doing the next presentation! I sent them the envelope and everything.

Slack: We are gonna have a little talk.

[A VidWindow pwings open showing the set of The Inner Workings. Both bots gulp.]

Hash: [whispering] Be firm. Be tough!

Slack: [whispering back] Shaddap.

On to The Inner Workings Presentation