Inner Workings Presents:
URA 2001 Awards


Enardin's office:

(Enardin is talking to Slack and Hash on a VidWindow.)

Enardin: Right. Presenting the Most Informative Site award. We can do that no problem. I'll schedule it in right after the next episode.
Slack: No, now.
Enardin: Now?
Slack: You heard me. Get to it.
Enardin: Alright, alright. I'll go round up the usual suspects and get them to present the award.
Slack: Good. (VidWindow closes)
Enardin: Now, where are those hosts? (walks out)


The lounge:

(The hosts are sitting around watching null races.)

Chaotica: Come on, Lucky Spit!
Jynk: Bring it home, Slime-a-lot!
Sirinial: You can do it, Mother's Happy Donkey Boy!
ThePinkLadyJ: Win or I'll kill you, Wiggle My Daisy Hopper!
Enardin: (walking in) I don't wanna know, just get on stage.
Jynk: (looking at Enardin) We're not due for another episode just yet. Besides, the Null Derby 5000 is on.
Enardin: I don't care. Slack just called from the URA 2001. She wants you four to present the Most Informative Site award, for some reason.
Chaotica: Maybe she recognizes our vast talent.
Enardin: Um, no..she just couldn't get anyone better.
Hosts: Oh.
Enardin: Well, get on stage! (walking out the door) I so need a latte right now.
(Hosts look at each other, then walk out.)



(The hosts amble onstage and sit. Corbin walks up and hands Sirinial an index card.)

Sirinial: (looking at the card) ...the hell? What's this for?
Corbin: It's the Nominees list.
Chaotica: Don't we usually have...yanno, an envelope with the winner in it?
Corbin: It's not here yet. Just read the Nominees, then we'll give you the envelope.
Jynk: Sounds easy enough. (pauses) Say, what's the catch?
Corbin: (becoming frustrated) There's no catch. Just read the card. (walks off stage and counts their cue) You're on in five, four, three (continues counting silently, then gives the "you're on" sign)
ThePinkLadyJ: Welcome to our special edition of Inner Workings. The URA 2001 commitee asked us to present the award fort Most Informative Site.
Chaotica: So, let's get this show on the road. I wanna see if my null won.
Corbin: (offstage) He didn't, so do the award presentation!
Chaotica: Damn. (clears throat) Anyhow, here are the nominees for this award: The ReBoot Archives...
Sirinial: Unofficial ReBoot Homepage...
ThePinkLadyJ: ReBoot Mayhem...
Jynk: And Julia_Cat's ReBoot Corner. These are all fine sites, but as you know, only one can win the award. So, let's have the envelope.
Corbin: (offstage) It's not here, you'll have to stall.
Chaotica: What do you mean it's not here? Look, we read your stupid card, give us the envelope!
Enardin: (walking on stage) Don't get your bits in a wad, I have it. (hands it to the hosts)
Sirinial: (opens the envelope) Oh, wow. The winner is...
Hosts: (all together) Unofficial ReBoot Home Page!
Chaotica: Congrats!
Jynk: So, that's it?
Enardin: Yup, that's it.
(VidWindow opens with Slack and Hash looking in)
Hash: Um, you're not done yet.
Enardin: What? We did the presentation.
Slack: Yeah, well, you're going to do Best Site of the Net, too.
Enardin: I don't believe this. Oh, alright. We'll do it.
Hosts: Yay!
Enardin: (grumbles, walking offstage) I'm going to drown my sorrows in some Irish Creme.
Chaotica: So, do we just...go on?
Slack: Yup. (VidWindow closes)
Jynk: Okay. (another index card is thrown on from offstage and ThePinkLadyJ picks it up)
ThePinkLadyJ: Here's the nominees for Best Site of The Net: ReBoot Mayhem...
Chaotica: Slack & Hash's Domain...
Jynk: A Minor Glitch...
Sirinial: And The List. Now, if our kind producer will just bring us the envelope... (looks offstage hopefully) Enardin?
Enardin: (offstage) Find the envelope yourself! I'm trying to do actual work here.
Chaotica: Hey! You're the producer.
Corbin: (offstage) I have the other envelope. (envelope is tossed onstage and Jynk catches it)
Jynk: (opens envelope) Oo-er! I'm so excited... (starts singing) and I just can't hide it...
Chaotica: (cutting Jynk off) No.
Sirinial: Read the thing will you, the suspense is killing me.
ThePinkLadyJ: What to find out who won the award?
Sirinial: No, to see who won the Null Derby 5000.
Jynk: Okay, okay. The winner of the Best Site of The Net is....(looks in the envelope)...A Minor Glitch!
Hosts: (in unison) Yay!
Sirinial: Now are we done?
Corbin: (offstage) Yes.
Chaotica: Coolness. Tell En he ought to get some interviews lined up with the winners.
Corbin: (offstage) Whatever.


Enardin's office:

(Enardin's drinking coffee and talking to Slack on the VidWindow)

Enardin: So?
Slack: Not bad. Thanks for helping out.
Enardin: Anytime. (VidWindow closes)

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