The URA 2001 Awards Ceremony

By Lotsa People

[Slack and Hash are backstage, eating donuts and watching the monitors.]

Hash: You handled that so well.

Slack: Just don't act scared. They can smell fear.

[Then they see themselves on the screen, eating donuts and watching a screen, on which... you get the idea.]

Hash: Hey! It's supposed to go straight to the next presenters! Where's the stage manager?!

[Cut to a shot of the little binomes' room. We hear a flush.]

Slack: We gotta improvise. Um... for next... what was the next category?

Hash: Something about fan fiction.

Slack: For best story... um... where's the list?

Hash: I shot it into space like I was supposed to.

Slack: You didn't make a copy?

Hash: You didn't either!

[As the two squabble, the screen turns staticky. Then the bridge of the Satellite of Love appears onscreen.]

On to The Satellite of Love