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Doujinshi commentary: 6 Sense

Circle:    Shilly Shally & others (?)    6 Sense: Front Cover
Type:   Normal; gags, serious stories, and artwork. 62 pages.
Date:   2001

Hoo boy. This is not a typical doujinshi. Starting with the cover - what I've shown as the cover image is actually the cover with a semitransparent plastic dust jacket overlay. The printed cover image is Zidane cupping his hands around a light, with Vivi's hands around his. The overlay has the title and falling feathers. Nifty. The back cover is also a double image, but not quite as "poetic" - one drawing of Zidane & Kuja layered over another.

I couldn't tell what the circles involves were; the information pages have little info I could read (including the date). The only think I was pretty sure was a circle name was Shilly Shally, and that seemed to be only one of many. The creators listed on the back cover are Shiro, Kazuhiro Tokita, and Maria Akizaka, and now you know as much as I do.

Moving along, the first four pages are in color, which is not common. The fourth page is a striking image by Shiro of Black Waltz #3 with a human face. The stories and gags within the doujinshi vary wildly in terms of style and tone; there are silly gags (for instance, the usual "snatch Vivi's hat" gag, this time showing he's a conehead), artsy parts such as a very stylized three-pages showing Garnet's flashback to the boat in the storm, pinups, and "WTF?" pages, such as the one in which Zidane has visions of Steiner and Salamander in fedoras.

This has to be a jam doujinshi like Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity; if it isn't it ought to be, as it has the same eclectic flavor. It's bizarre, but then that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It certainly isn't dull.

Side note: the binding on my copy was brittle. The glue split in the middle under the rigors of normal reading. Arrgh.

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