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Doujinshi commentary: Counter Stop 9999!!

Circle:    Tommytoh/Matsu Tomiito    Counter Stop! 9999!: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 30 pages.
Date:   2004/3/21

The title may not quite be correct; it appears one way on the covers, another way on the inside, and a third way on the information page. I've gone with the cover version. And there's yet another variation on the spelling of the circle name, but I'm not going to worry about that.

The doujinshi starts off with a gag about Zidane equipping a ribbon for the stat boost, and afterwards being followed around by a butch-looking moogle. In another, the four-armed man tries to smarm Eiko. She has Fenrir punch him into the sky. There are also some interesting sketches of Zidane and Garnet using FFX2-style dress spheres. Zidane in a Type B Black Mage outfit, hmm!

The serious story is, surprisingly enough, not about Kuja and Zidane wandering the worldmap. It starts out with the collapse of Alexander, in which Zidane rescues Garnet. From there it goes into what looks like a dream sequence in which Garnet meets a younger version of herself, sees the body of her mother, and then sees Zidane's body. She wakes up, scared, and has to go see Zidane. He's unconscious in a bed in another room. Eiko assured Garnet that he's okay. Later on they meet and talk, and all is well.

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