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Doujinshi commentary: An Affectionate Kiss

Circle:    Kurenaitenshi    An Affectionate Kiss: Front Cover
Type:   Shounen-ai, Zidane x Blank. 34 pages.
Date:   2002/8/10

Here's another installment of Kurenaitenshi's Blank x Zidane shounen-ai "Kiss" series. This one is smaller than usual; 5.75 x 8.25 (A4 size). As usual, there's tension between Zidane and Black, which leads up to a kiss close to the end. And, as usual, it's unsteamy enough that I wouldn't warn my kid sister away from it. Unless you dislike the idea of two male characters kissing, this one is safe.

The story starts out with Zidane experimenting with archery. He doesn't seem to have much idea of what he's doing, yet he repeatedly hits the bullseye, to Ruby and Blank's disbelief. Mikoto also appears in this comic for a few pages. Blank is surprised when Zidane calls her his little sister; who knew Zidane had a family other than Tantalus?

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