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Doujinshi commentary: A Banditry Success

Circle:    Archetype    A Banditry Success: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 34 pages.
Date:   2000/8/12

The gags in this doujinshi are game-based. In the hundredth variation of the "Garnet renames herself something weird" gag, she declares her name is "Fork." (How'd they get an oversized fork that early in the game? Quina doesn't join the party until well after Dali.) Zidane, eager to go on a date with Garnet, wins the Hunter's Festival - by leaving A Misery Dagger in Freya's back and a Mage Masher in Vivi's. There are plenty more gags, and they all center around Zidane and/or Dagger, usually with one other character to set up the gag.

The artwork is pretty nice, I think. Not fantastic, but pleasant enough, and the ink lines are thin and well controlled. I've never seen such pointy chins, though!

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