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Doujinshi commentary: Animal Instinct

Circle:    Anan Jun    Animal Instinct: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 26 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

At first glance at the cover I thought this was one of Sakana Nekono's works. A second look (not to mention checking the information page) showed that this wasn't the case, and the style of the art inside is very different.

The longest story is the serious one, and it is set soon after the escape from Evil Forest. Zidane, Garnet, Steiner, and Vivi are wandering the countryside. There's considerable friction between Steiner and Zidane. Zidane remembers Blank being captured and petrified after throwing Zidane the map. Vivi is impressed when Zidane provides the party's supper by bringing in a bird and some fish, potatoes, beans, and fruit. Afterwards, Steiner and Vivi go to sleep and Zidane and Garnet talk together.

In the next story, Zidane is in the kitchen at Madain Sari with Eiko. He lets her hold two of his knives, then alarms her by tossing the sharp pointy things up and down casually. He finishes off by playing mumblety-peg at a terrifying speed. (Remember the scene from "Alien"?)

This doujinshi has some other artwork worth mentioning. Before and after the stories there are pictures showing a Tetra Master game. The first one with Zidane waiting confidently as Garnet watches, looking anxious. The second shows the other side of the board, with Vivi setting down a Gimme Cat card and Freya kibitzing. And the back cover has images of most of the party character all in a row in the style of the original Final Fantasy game. If that was on a T-shirt, I'd buy it.

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