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Doujinshi commentary: AngelSong

Circle:    Yoshizna/PicoPicoSandal AngelSong: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious story & gallery. 58 pages.




Here's a good doujinshi for fans of Eiko and Vivi. In the story, Eiko walks away from Zidane and finds Vivi. They squabble a little - Well, Eiko fusses at Vivi, who takes it until Eiko relents - and they survive an encounter with a particularly ugly monster. And then there's more talking. After a little interlude, Zidane and Garnet are there, and Eiko has Vivi's hat. Zidane and Garnet appear afraid to tell Eiko what the implications of that are (whenever you see Vivi's hat minus Vivi in a doujinshi, that usually means he's dead) but she is bright and cheerful, and goes off with Vivi's "children."

At the back of the doujinshi is a small gallery of pictures, mostly of Eiko but a few with Vivi as well, done by different artists. My favorite is by Kenichi.

This thing, by the way, was a beast to scan. The shade tones in the main story are very dark, 80% to 90% in my estimation, and I had to do a lot of playing with the B/W threshold to keep everything from turning out flat black. What you see may look very dark, but that's what the doujinshi itself looks like!

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