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Doujinshi commentary: Attack9

Circle:    Ikapon    Attack9: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & pictures. 30 pages.
Date:   2000/8/12

This doujinshi is primarily short gags. One running gag involves Vivi squeezing a moogle's pompom over and over. The moogle then gets revenge by squeezing Zidane's tail. (Note for the record: Moogles don't like it when you squeeze their pompoms any more than they like being summoned over and over on the worldmap.) Other gags involve isolated bits of strangeness, like Freya lifting Salamander's chin to see his face, which sends him tumbling backward; and Eiko snatching Vivi's hat off, only to find that, like Bartholomew Cubbins, he has another one on underneath it. And then there's the one-panel, full-page image of Salamander spiking a volleyball over a net, except the volleyball has Quina's face...

There are also pictures here and there, both on "free talk" type pages and by themselves. Some are quite simple and appealing, like the images of Zidane with Eiko and Vivi, and one of Zidane flirting with Garnet.

I find the artwork in this doujinshi quite pleasing. All characters are drawn nicely, and this doujinshi uses all of the main cast, even Quina and Steiner, who for some reason rarely get much use in doujinshi. As usual in doujinshi, Kuja is quite lovely and foppish.

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