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Doujinshi commentary: Baby's On Fire

Circle:    Tinamanjuu    Baby's On Fire: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. FF 7-9 mix. 34 pages plus insert.
Date:   2000/12/29

This doujinshi is a Final Fantasy mix, which in this case means that its material draws on Final Fantasies 7 through 9. However, the characters rarely mix. In fact, I think that there's only one page on which we see characters from different FF installments together, and that is only for a "spot the differences between these two pictures" game.

The gags, even if untranslated, are interesting. In one, Yuffie (from FF7) compares the hairstyle heights of the other characters, and of course Cloud comes out on top, with his 19 cm unicorn spike to Sephiroth's 14 cm bangs and Zack's measly 10 cm. In another, Zidane sees Mog going into Eiko's clothes, imagines the same thing with a 16-year-old Eiko, and then Garnet catches him with the moogle costume...

The serious story is more a series of panels showing high points of the FF9 story - Zidane stopping Garnet while she's wearing her mage robe, the eye in the sky, Kuja and Zidane in the Iifa tree, and so on.

I'd say this doujinshi is about an even third FF9, so those who aren't interested in FF7 or FF8 may want to pass this one over.

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