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Doujinshi commentary: Bi

Circles:    YUTICA, RANDOM, Marie Jujube    Bi: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 38 pages.
Date:   2001/5/5

This is a gag doujinshi by several circles. A lot of it centers around Vivi, but there are other character gags too. Eiko uses her horn as a battle weapon - her headbutts are deadly. Zidane rips Vivi's clothes off - and finds that he has Bartholomew Cubbins clothes; no matter now many he takes off poor Vivi, there's always more underneath. Dagger imagines that, under his hat shadow, Vivi is a cute kid (much as he appeared in "Shining Place") - but he turns out to be a skinny blond bishounen. And in the next gag Steiner turns out to look much like Legolas. The things you learn in communal baths!

The artwork in this one is... well, some's good and some isn't so good. It gets the gags across well enough. The page I linked to above is an example of the not-so-good art. Most of it is a little better.

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