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Doujinshi commentary: Brilliance

Circle:    Karin Suzuragi    Brilliance: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 34 pages.
Date:   2000/08/12

This is a well-drawn doujinshi with some gags on themes I haven't seen before. In one, Garnet dreams of the "eye in the sky" that destroyed her home - and it resolves into Steiner's face. Kuja, after painting his nails, calls to his Black Mage servants for his usual mascara, and in the next panel you see them painting the lashes around the Invincible's eye. There's one gag that I can't make out the lead-in to, but the final panel is peculiar enough - Vivi, Quina, Salamander, and Freya as Garnet lookalikes (kinda) - that it's funny anyway. There's a gag involving the four-armed man, and a longer humorous story on which Ruby is a fearsome strange director, that I can't figure the story out for, but the art is good enough to make them worthwhile. And then there are a few nifty pinups among the info pages.

I really like the linework in this doujinshi. It's smooth and confident looking, and it puts mass and shadow right where they need to be. I also like the use of characters we don't usually see in doujinshi, including Gilgamesh (the four-armed man), Lani, Cinna, and Lowell. There's also a swordsman I don't recognize, who could almost be Squall from FF8 minus the scar on his face. And this is the only doujinshi in which I've seen Vivi's alive at the same time as his sons!

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