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Doujinshi commentary: Candy Pop Fantasy

Circle:    L-S Fortune    Candy Pop Fantasy: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, comedy story. 12 pages.





This is a short 'n' sweet (pardon the pun) doujinshi with a single story.  Eiko is trying to find a way to ingratiate herself with Zidane. First she imagines herself as a shapely young woman. Later she tries playing her flute for Zidane. When that doesn't work, and it's clear that he's more buddy-buddy with Vivi, she dresses as "Black Mage Eiko."

I really like the artwork in this story. It's nice and clean and expressive.  I am a bit puzzled about the costume changes, though - Garnet is wearing short pants, Vivi has a set of tassels on his hat, and Eiko's outfit has all sorts of extra decorations. Perhaps the artist was influenced by Amano's artwork. Kudos to the artist, by the way, for the lettering. Normally I groan when I see hand-lettered doujinshi, because they are much harder to interpret, but the lettering on this one is so neat that I didn't even notice it wasn't typeset until I looked closely.

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