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Doujinshi commentary: ice caramel

Circle:    Organ Pub    Ice Caramel: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 18 pages.
Date:   2000/10/09

Here's a small, simple doujinshi. It's 18 pages long, the cover is printed in two colors on regular paper, and it's staple bound. The art inside has a pretty "homemade" feel to it as well.

One of the gags is about how Vivi takes a bath. Does he bathe with his clothes on? Zidane reports that he doesn't - and that his face is still shadowed when he isn't wearing his hat, the shadow diffusing creepily into the surrounding air. In another, Eiko is jealous of Zidane and Vivi's affection. Zidane won't hug her the way he hugs Vivi, which infuriates her. So she hugs a baffled Vivi instead. In the serious story, Vivi and Eiko are in an item shop. Eiko sees a stuffed moogle on a high shelf, and Vivi gets it for her. This story doesn't sound like much in summary form, but it's kind of nice the way it's carried off - Eiko is being her usual bossy self, and is then startled and a bit embarrassed when Vivi gives her the doll.

All in all I'd say this is a pretty good doujinshi. Not spectacular in any way, and because of its cheap printing it probably doesn't have much value, but I think it's worth having. The art is simple and expressive. It's hand lettered, but I had no trouble reading any of it.

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