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Doujinshi commentary: Congraciar

Circle:    Bakuretu Kyoudai    Congraciar 
Type:   G, gag doujinshi. 38 pages.





Wow. Look at that cover. Not only is it saturated red and full of big-eyed, grinning characters, it's been invaded by giant smiley faces. "You will be HAPPY or ELSE!"

There are various gags inside. Zidane gains kitty ears when he trances, Salamander's hair is likened to a sea anemone, Quina apparently mistakes a rather personal scene between Zidane and Kuja (which s/he may or may not be imagining) for a meal, and Zidane acquires a Moogle pompom. The best gag, for me, involved Kuja and Garnet arguing over whether Zidane is a cat or a monkey. Garnet settles it by jumping out at Zidane wearing a "Scream" mask. Zidane's tail bottlebrushes out, thus he's a cat.

Doujinshi often have several different art styles in the same book; often there are multiple artists. This one is the same, but during one story the artwork switches abruptly from loose cartoons to very doodly cartoons and then to a more detailed, relatively realistic style. Within the story it makes sense, but it's still startling to see this many styles in rapid succession.

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