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Doujinshi commentary: Uonome (Corn)

Circles:   Eins-Unit & Hyper Project    Uonome (Corn): Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 22 pages.
Date:   200?/8/12

This one posed some problems in the way of basic information. What circle(s) did it? I think that the ones I listed are the circles, and the names on the cover are of the artists. When was it published? Heck if I could find a year anywhere in the book. What's the title? Uonome, except when you try to make sense out of that - noting the the O in the middle is the symbol for a sentence object, not the phonetic O - you get nothing. However, if you take it as one word and ignore the particle-ness of the O, you get "Uo no me," the Kanji meaning fish of the foot, which translates as a corn on the foot. As the auction I bought this on said that the title means "Corn" I'm going to stop now before this hurts my brain any more.

One of the gag is a seemingly-inevitable what's-under-Vivi's-hat gag, and this time the answer is emptiness - and an eerie cackle coming out of his collar. In another, Dagger and Garnet seem to be out to keep Quina from catching anything to eat. On Day 1 it's a frog, on day 3 it's a moogle, and the next day Vivi finds hir standing there with what looks like Zidane's tail sticking out of hir mouth. (A fire spell somehow sets things right again.) The moral of the story is: Let Quina catch frogs! Starving a Qu is more dangerous than it's worth.

This doujinshi is drawn by two artists with two different styles. It's easy to see who did which - just look at the eyes. One artist makes the characters look very owlish (see cover). The other one simply puts lots of eyeliner around everyone's eyes. The cover, by the way, is not full color; only black and green ink have been used.

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