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Doujinshi commentary: From Cover to Cover

Circle:    Yukiriko    From Cover to Cover: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 22 pages.
Date:   2001/8/10

This one's a fairly straightforward gag doujinshi. They cook and eat a giant fish that Dagger got off of an Armstrong (remember the houses with cannons stuck through 'em?). Zidane dies during a battle with a Yan. Dagger is out of magic, so she tosses a phoenix feather to Vivi - and it doesn't work, maybe because Vivi is trying to tickle Zidane back to life. Zidane imagines snatching Vivi's hat off and finding that under his clothing Vivi is only a pair of floating eyeballs and a loudly beating heart - and decides to leave well enough alone. Zidane also imagines getting too close to Eiko - and getting stabbed through the forehead by her horn. Zidane has a creepy imagination.

The artwork in this one is not bad. "Pinpoint pupils" are often unpleasant to look at - at least, they are to me - but in this book they don't deaden the characters' expressions. (Well, maybe they do on the cover...) I notice that in this one Vivi is drawn with a profile as opposed to a featureless ball for a head, which is kind of appealing.

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