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Doujinshi commentary: Gyou Kou (The Light of Dawn)

Circle:    ??    Gyou Kou (The Light of Dawn): Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 26 pages.
Date:   2001/12

Another doujinshi with what's-under-Vivi's-clothes gags. This time it's not his hat, but his coat. In one, Vivi's chest appears to be a void, which sucks Zidane in (something like the hellmouth in Miroku's hand, for you Inu-Yasha fans). The gag is set up again, and this time Vivi has a mouth where his chest should be. At another point Vivi's eyes go dim, and when Garnet calls his attention to it he takes the covering off of one and replaces the bulb behind it.

The artwork is nothing that stands out to me. It's okay, it conveys the gags, but I don't enjoy looking at it for its own sake. In many cases, I find it doesn't pay to look too closely to the characters' faces. There are a few nice non-story pictures signed by Shiro, though.

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