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Doujinshi commentary: Dear Persons

Circle:    Oblaat    Dear Persons: Front Cover 
Type:   PG, humorous stories. 44 pages.





Oblaat's doujinshi used to puzzle me. In Uwasa no Restaurant, for example, the FF9 cast were out of their usual roles, working in a restaurant and doing other odd things. At first I thought that this was a post-game story. But now, I've come to realize that these are simply alternate universe stories. Don't try to figure 'em out, just go with the flow.

That said, in this alternate universe characters from FF7, FF8, and FF9 are in FF8's Balumb Garden as students or staff. Salamander plays basketball, Kuja is a cheerleader in drag (who has a very girly crush on Salamander), Beatrix is a doctor, Zidane and other FF male leads is a student, and so on. There doesn't seem to be a strong story, just humorous wanderings-around this odd setup. Because of the drollery of the recasting and the always-good Oblaat art, I enjoyed this one.

This book gets a PG rating because of two pages in which Cloud and Sephiroth have an on-camera liaison, *cough cough*. However, there is nothing anatomical on the pages, and the way it is handled it is not erotica, so I would not call this a yaoi doujinshi.. Also, the final page has the words in large print, "PLEASE DON'T SALE FOR INTERNET" - was this intended to be an event exclusive, or do the Oblaat folks just not like the trade of doujinshi over the 'net? (Ah well, I bought my copy on eBay.)

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