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Doujinshi commentary: Deep Kiss

Circle:    Kurenaitenshi    Deep Kiss: Front Cover
Type:   Shounen-ai, Zidane x Blank. 34 pages.
Date:   2001/08/10

Here is another doujinshi from Kurenaitenshi, who brought us "Loving Kiss." And... well, there's not a lot in that review that I couldn't just repeat here. Blank has a crush on Zidane, who doesn't seem to be on the same wavelength. But at the end Zidane asks Blank (in front of the rest of the crew) if he's embarrassed to kiss him, and after some nervousness - and an apology from Zidane for putting him on the spot - they do kiss. The others react with relief; I guess that they were getting exasperated with all the tension in the air. There is one other kiss and maybe a panel or two of fantasization, but overall this is tame stuff.

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