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Doujinshi commentary: Drop Kick

Circle:    Laian    Drop Kick: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gags & serious stories. 30 pages.





This doujinshi starts out with several gags featuring Mikoto and a rhubarbing rabble of Vivi-clones, Kuja and a servant Black Mage, and the very fertile Burmecian couple. After that are two serious stories, one about Zidane and Kuja in the Black Mage village (in which the Black Mages' faces are visible) and another which is a conversation between Zidane and a very cute human-style Vivi.

This doujinshi contains three widely different art styles. The first, which appears in the gags, is fairly nice and typical, pleasant art with good control of the lines. The story in the Black Mage village has a much less... accomplished feel to it. The third story has rougher-looking linework, and is very expressive.

This is pne of my favorites. Not only because of the obvious reasons (which wear pointy hats), but because of the art in much of the book and my actually being able to read bits of it. (For someone just learning Japanese, that's no small feat.) However, with the exception of the first serious story, all of the comics are hand-lettered, and the lettering is often sloppy. Arrgh.

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