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Doujinshi commentary: Family Paradise

Circle:    Castanet Club    Wondering Fantasy: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, short gags. 34 pages.





Here we have a doujinshi with a lot of little gags, most one or two pages long. They include Quan introducing Vivi to his bride-to-be Quina, and something involving Zorn and Thorn that I'm afraid to try to translate. (Good drawings of Z&T, though. Best ones I've seen in a doujinshi so far.)

This doujinshi hosts a bunch of different art styles. On some pages the characters are very cartoonishly drawn, on others the drawings are literally little more than scribbles, and on others the art is more polished. There is also a character I don't recognize, a girl with horns, appearing here and there. (In one panel Zidane appears to be calling her Mikoto - if so, did she borrow Lum's horns?) And it could be my imagination, but at one point Steiner turns into The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

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