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Doujinshi commentary: Fantasista

Circles:    Nail Cut Club & Frontier    Fantasista: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, gag & serious story. 40 pages.





This doujinshi starts out with a gag story in which Zidane exasperates Dagger by giving in to marketing. The final straw is his appearing with a Cloud-like hair spike in the final panel. In another Zidane creeps into what he thinks is Dagger's bedroom to give her a kiss, and finds out to his very extreme dismay that he's kissed Quina instead. S/he knows that Zidane made a mistake... and doesn't seem to mind at all. There is a "Vivi Mania" section, in which Zidane yoinks Vivi's hat and wishes he hadn't seen what's underneath, and Vivi demonstrates his "hat attack."

The serious stories include "Fantasista" and "Living." Fantasista features Vivi, Eiko, and Cid. Eiko grows up into a young woman, and Vivi... never grows up. At the end his lifeless body is found sitting against a wall. "Living" is also a Death-of-Vivi story, but not a continuation of "Fantasista," as the characters are the same ages they were in the game. Vivi is lying in his bed, surrounded by tearful survivors, his hat stuck on one of the bedposts. Several of the flashbacks use backgrounds from the game (Quan's dwelling and the Black Mage cemetery). I've seen a lot of Vivicide in doujinshi, but this is the first (and only, may it remain so) one in which he dies twice.

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