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Doujinshi commentary: Garnet

Circle:    Kecya Ogawa    Garnet: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal; gags & serious story, 40+2 pages.
Date:   Winter 2001  

The main story in this doujinshi is one in which Vivi writes a letter to Queen Garnet. which brings her to tears as she thinks about her old friends. After visiting the Black Mage village, Zidane makes his grand appearance onstage. In the gags, Garnet changes her image by becoming a bondage queen instead of just cutting her hair, and... there's some very odd business with Kuja.

This is a nice doujinshi. Decent artwork, good characterization as far as I could tell. There is one part that has me puzzled - in the serious story, Vivi brings some wheat stalks to a curiously grown-up Mikoto. While they talk, Mikoto begins to cry, and the wheat stalks are dropped. I'm sure this reflects a bit of Japanese culture I'm not aware of; can anyone give me a hint?

BTW, this doujinshi has 40+2 pages because... well, nearly every doujinshi I've seen starts on page 3. However, the first page of this one is page 1, so though the last page is 40 and you get 40 actual pages of content, there are two more than you'd actually expect from the usual numbering scheme. (Aren'y you glad you asked?)

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