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Doujinshi commentary: Going My Paradise

Circles:    Explanation & Tinkel    Going My Paradise: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious stories. 34 pages.
Date:   7/2002

I have several other doujinshi by Explanation listed here, but Tinkel is a new circle to me. I'd have recognized the art if I had seen it before; the heads would go well on chibi figures. These circles have very different art styles, but they aren't so far apart that they clash.

The first story, a serious one, is by Explanation. Lani is now in Madain Sari, and Eiko is not happy at all with this at first. Dialogue and nice artwork follows, and Eiko, Lani, and Zidane appear to reach an agreement. The next story, by Tinkel, is a humorous one about traveling the worldmap. Specifically, the problems standing guard during the night. When it's Steiner's turn, Zidane wakes him by holding his nose closed. So Steiner patrols the area, his armor clanking loudly as he walks.

There are some gags, including Dagger falling off the pier as she is about to cut her hair and Zidane following the sound of singing and finding it's coming from Steiner's boom box. In the final story, by Tinkel, Zidane attempts to rescue Kuja from the Iifa Tree. The tree attacks them both with stabbing limbs. Zidane barely makes it out alive; Kuja is killed. But Zidane hears Kuja's voice in the air, telling him that he still exists, and (I think) that he has to go back to the place where he was created.

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