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Doujinshi commentary: Heart and Soul

Circle:    Siola X Brand    Heart and Soul: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious stories. 50 pages.
Date:   2001/1/28

This doujinshi focuses all but exclusively on Zidane, Kuja, and Freya. Not all at the same time - the first story concerns Zidane and Kuja, and the second Zidane and Freya.

It's difficult to tell what the stories are about because they're very talky. The first story has sections labeled "Fourday Before," "Threeday Before," and so on. Zidane looks like his usual self. Kuja, who seems to be bedridden, looks a little younger, but that could just be the artist's style. At the end of these stories it turns out that they are in the Black Mage village. I guess this takes place after the Iifa Tree rescue, and Zidane brought Kuja back to the Black Mage village. At the end of this story, Kuja is missing and Zidane is mourning at one of the cemetery posts. It appears that Kuja "stopped" and the Black Mages did what comes naturally to them.

In the second story, Zidane and Freya meet in the pub in the Industrial section of Lindblum and talk for many pages. I like how Freya is drawn here - she takes off her hat, and more of her face is shown than the usual bit you see in the one picture of her you see everywhere. She actually has ears and a mouth! Okay, her face looks like a kangaroo's to me, but considering how she jumps, maybe she's a kangaroo rat?

The lettering in this doujinshi is inconstant. In the first story, it's typed out. In the second, it's hand lettered, but neatly enough that on the good pages I could make all but the most complex kanji out. However, on some of the pages the lettering fades out, as if the ink was too light to be picked up reliably. But throughout the book there are bits of text on black backgrounds that were obviously printed on a low-resolution dot matrix printer, and the horizontal lines are so thin that they often disappear entirely, making the print very difficult to read.

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