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Doujinshi commentary: Impulse

Circles:    Kirin Souma and Yumi Matoyama    Impulse: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 35 pages.
Date:   2000/9/30

The doujinshi starts off with some short gags. Zidane hears a sweet singing in the night... but, Dagger's in her bed, and so is Vivi, and where's Steiner? Kuja visits the dwarves in Conde Petie and finds their ways - and their cuisine - incomprehensible. Zidane, on first meeting Choco, gets so ambitious that he scares the bird off.

The serious story is about Vivi and Quan. Vivi - whose face is visible in this story - asks if he's going to grow up. Quan tells him that he is growing up, and waxes philosophical. But then Quan dies, handing Vivi some tickets before he goes. Sadly Vivi goes out into the world alone, as his grandfather told him to, dropping the ticket he no longer needs to the ground.

I'm pleased with the story about Vivi and Quan; that's territory I hardly ever see covered in doujinshi. It's a sweet, sad little tale. The artwork isn't bad, it isn't the best. It works. However, if you find characters with eyes that take up 2/3 of their faces creepy looking, well, there's plenty to get creeped out by here. This is worst with Vivi and Eiko in Matoyama's work.

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