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Doujinshi commentary: Jet Lover

Circles:    Konnyaku-Salad, Music Quest, and Candy Medicine    Jet Lover: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious stories. 58 pages.
Date:   2000/10/8

The first thing that strikes me about this doujinshi is how perky it is. On both the front and back covers everyone is smiling and posting for the camera. Even Steiner and Salamander are grinning. There's a whole lot of that on the inside, too.

The three circles represented have very different art styles, so this comes across as a mixed bag both in terms of style and quality. Some of the gags include Steiner lifting Beatrix's eyepatch and freaking out at what looks like a puffed-closed eye underneath, Zidane commenting on how Dagger's short hair makes her look like Akane Tendou, Zidane finding Ultros (the octopus boss in FF6) in a pot in an item shop, and Steiner's, er, cartoonish reaction to Beatrix's jacket being sliced open during battle. (That last one is best not described - nosebleed is only the beginning.) The serious stories include one in which Eiko mourns for Mog, but is eventually comforted by her new friends, and one in which Mikoto comes to Zidane, who is by Kuja's corpse in the Iifa Tree.

If you like perky cuteness, this is a pretty good one. If you don't, you'll soon get the feeling that those great big eyes are staring into your soul.

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