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Doujinshi commentary: Keep Walking

Circle:    Unknown    Keep Walking: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, humorous & serious stories. 30 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

Sorry about the lack of circle info on this one. I can see the kanji that make up the circle name, but I don't have a spellable interpretation of 'em.

This is, as you just might have guessed from the cover, a Zidane x Garnet doujinshi. No smut, just serious 'shipper stuff. (Shipper = relationshipper. You know, fans who like to see fic centering on one particular coupling.) There is a lot of conversation between the two, including one section in which they talk about wanting children. Later, Zidane wakes up and finds Garnet asleep in his bed. He's startled, not to mention tempted, but he resists, only to face Steiner's fury at the end. The second story - well, I don't know when it takes place, because Garnet's hair has grown out to beyond shoulder length, and Zidane appears in clothes other than his usual costume. Or is that actually Zidane? Ya got me.

Nice artwork in here. Nothing special, but it's pleasant to look at, especially if you like seeing Zidane and Garnet as a couple.

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