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Doujinshi commentary: Kimi ni Hana o

Circle:    Tommytoh/Matsu Tomiito    Kimi ni Hana o: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious story. 42 pages.
Date:   2004/5/3

The title, I think, comes close to "A Flower for You." Kuja often uses "kimi" for "you." In light of an event in the story, the flower is likely from him.

In this story, Zidane and Kuja are traveling. A malboro chases Zidane, and Kuja kills it with a firaga. They talk, and then find a young girl, who points out that an even bigger malboro is coming after them. Kuja takes that one out with another spell. The girl, after getting over her amazement, demands that Kuja teach her how to do that. They go to the girl's house, meet her mother, visit the girl's father's grave (her father is named "Mike Davis") and then move on after Kuja magically makes flowers appear in the cemetery. Next they are in the Black Mage village, where they met Mikoto, visit the Black Mage graveyard, and then reunite with the Tantalus crew. Zidane leaves on the airship; I'm not sure if Kuja does or stays behind.

This is clearly the work of the same author that published under the circle Ayuya/Mutsuki Ohsumi. Changed circles? Changed the circle's name? Ya got me.

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