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Doujinshi commentary: Midnightknocker

Circle:    Colors    Midnightknocker: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, humorous story. 22 pages.





This is a one-story doujinshi. It starts out with Vivi dreaming about being sucked into a sand whirlpool, and when he awakens he's half-in Quina's mouth. S/he's not really eating him, in fact, s/he's asleep. He imagines that s/he snagged him from the next bed with hir tongue like a frog catches a fly, gets alarmed, and leaves the room, looking for Zidane. First he encounters Beatrix, who picks him up like a child to take to the baths with her.  Imagining that she is planning to drown him, he struggles until she sets him down again. He doesn't know which of the doors in the hallway leads to Zidane's room, so he starts trying them at random. He finds Salamander's room; Salamander's having a peculiar dream, and his shouting scares Vivi off. Next he finds Steiner's room, and Steiner is dreaming of the battle with the cage plant and grinding his teeth alarmingly loudly. Freya, ever alert, draws her trident in her sleep, and Vivi backs away slowly. Finally Vivi finds Zidane's room, crawls into bed next to him, and conks out.

The first time I read this this doujinshi became one of my top favorites. Not only is it a cute story about Vivi that manages to completely avoid killing him off, it's easily understandable no matter what language you speak. There are almost no words until Vivi finds Zidane; the story is carried out in pantomime up until then. When Beatrix offers to take Vivi to the bath and Vivi imagines it's for something other than bathing, the dialogue is carried out in picture rather than verbal form. I expect to have to get out the reference books when I open a doujinshi, so it's an unexpected pleasure to be able to enjoy one just by itself.

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