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Doujinshi commentary: Kiss of Butterfry

Circle:    Kurenaitenshi    Kiss of Butterfry: Front Cover
Type:   Shounen-ai, Blank x Zidane. 50 pages.
Date:   2002/5/3

Here's the fourth and last of the Kurenaitenshi Blank x Zidane doujinshi. Well, of the ones I have. There are others, but some fink dared to outbid me. *ahem* As usual, this doujinshi centers around Blank and Zidane's relationship. This issue is even tamer than the others - the only intimacy we see is two hugs and one cheek kiss, and they come across as being affectionate, not sexual. Oh, and we see them together in bed, but all they're doing is playing Tetra Master.

There's a lot of conversation in this book. Marcus-Blank, Zidane-Blank, Ruby-Blank, even Eiko and Mikoto talk to Blank. Eiko may not know that there's something going on between Blank and Zidane, but Mikoto is aware and accepts it as willingly as the rest of Tantalus did in other doujinshi. I do have to wonder if Garnet will ever fit into this story line. During a conversation between Marcus and Blank we see an image of Garnet and the disguised Zidane at the end of the play, but that appears to be a speculation about the future as opposed to a memory.

One thing that stands out to me is how manly Blank looks in this book. Wide shoulders, well-muscled arms, thick neck with Adam's apple, relatively small eyes. Zidane, on the other hand, looks as boyish as he did in the game. His large eyes and typical sweet smile (typical for this series, that is) give him a younger, cute image.

All the other doujinshi I have by this circle have typeset speech bubbles. This one is hand lettered. It's not pretty, but I've seen much worse.

The title makes me think of sauteed Hershey's kisses. Engrish, gotta love it! Oh, the cover isn't actually that bright purple. The cover stock is metallic, and metallics scan strangely. It's more lavender and less saturated.

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