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Doujinshi commentary: Grand Lethal

Circle:    Explanation    Grand Lethal: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 26 pages.





This is a fun little doujinshi with a lot of game based gags. Garnet graffitis a picture of Atomos as Domo-Kun on the Eicdolon Wall; Eiko throws Cid in the stew when she needs an oglop, and a crow steals Vivi's hat. (Oddly enough, Vivi still has it afterwards. Perhaps he took lessons from Bartholomew Cubbins?)

This isn't a terribly substantial book, but I like it. It has some puns I can actually make sense of - for example, rearranging the kana in Salamander's name to change it into an approximation of "Sad Man." (Saramanda > Saradaman. In the English version of the game Salamander is named Amarant.) It also has nice artwork, always a big plus for me. And, amazingly, Steiner actually looks like himself (as seen on the page with the crow), something rare indeed in the doujinshi I've read. I wish I had more books from this circle.

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