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Doujinshi commentary: Let it Be, Let it Go!

Circle:    SEC (?)    Let it Be, Let it Go!: front cover 
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 26 pages.




This grab bag of game-based gags includes a few interesting ideas, such as Quina competing with Atomos (who looks like a giant Domo-Kun). It also contains a few bits involving... odd black and white creatures who represent Zidane and Kuja in some comics. Other amusing bits include Zidane's imagination getting away from him as he speculates on how Beatrix became the slayer of 1000 men, and Quina as a fax machine (the message prints out on hir tongue, of course).

The artwork in this comic is highly variable. Some characters, such as Garnet, Kuja, and Lani, can be very nicely drawn. Others, for example Quina, Vivi, and Salamander, are always very cartoonishly drawn. It looks to me as if the artists simply liked some characters more than others, and spent corresponding amounts of effort on their images.

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