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Doujinshi commentary: Loving Kiss

Circle:    Kurenaitenshi    Loving Kiss: Front Cover
Type:   Shounen-ai, Zidane x Blank. 22 pages.
Date:   2001/4/8

I think this is the first "pure shounen-ai" doujinshi I've reviewed. Blank has a crush on Zidane, who is cheerfully oblivious. There's sexual tension on Blank's part, and lots of conversation, and reactions by a startled - appalled? jealous? - Marcus, and finally a page-and-a-half-long kiss. All in all, it's pretty tame stuff, and as long as the simple idea of Blank kissing Zidane doesn't bug you, there should be no problem here.

The artwork in this doujinshi is okay. The characters look like themselves. (I'm amused by the way Blank appears to be able to lower his eye sockets to peep out from under his headband-belt occasionally.) The printing, however, is simply cheap. This was made on a photocopy machine, the cover is printed on paper no heavier than the inside pages, and the staples don't quite match the crease. The printing often falls short of or goes over the center fold, and often the text in the speech bubbles fades, so it is hard to read. (That last part only happens with typeset text, never with handwritten text or artwork. Looks like sloppiness on the part of the person handling that as opposed to poor photocopier quality.) I have three more doujinshi by this same circle - all with the same theme, by the way - and thankfully none of the others has this "homemade" look.

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