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Doujinshi commentary: My Little Lover

Circle:    Shikisaikogaku    My Little Lover: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious stories. 26 pages.
Date:   2002/4/28

This is Shikisaikogaku's 13th FF9 doujinshi. Looking at their website, I see covers for plenty of others. However, this is the first one by this circle I've come across. Small print runs, I guess.

This is a Zidane x Garnet doujinshi. To be honest, I haven't tried too hard to figure out exactly what's going on because 'shipper stories aren't my cup of tea. Generally speaking, Zidane pursues Garnet, who doesn't so much try to hold him back as - well, it seems that cluelessness can be pretty effective armor. Though the artwork, in my opinion, isn't special, the visuals are the best thing in this doujinshi. Especially if you like to see Zidane hugging Garnet so hard he nearly engulfs her as much as the artist likes drawing it.

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