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Doujinshi commentary: Sai Shu Hei Ki Vivi
(Final Weapon Vivi)

Circle:    Seventh Heaven    Sei Shu Hei Ki Vivi (Final Weapon Vivi): Front Cover
Type:   G, gags & serious stories. 30 pages.



This doujinshi focuses on Vivi primarily, with Zidane as a close second. It has some great gags, including Vivi and Zidane taking a bath together - Vivi with all his clothes on. (His clothes are in the laundry basket - I guess he changed before getting into the bath.) In another Vivi waits for his egg to hatch, thinking about how he is going to be a papa. But when the egg hatches, the newborn mageling calls Vivi "Mamma." Later, in a hilariously wrong scene, we see that Vivi's brood have hatched out both hungry and confused.

The serious story is a conversation between Zidane and Vivi. At an inn, they talk on the porch at night. Vivi breaks down, and in a touching scene Zidane holds him while he gets it out of his system.

I've liked the other doujinshi I have by Seventh Heaven, but this one put them in the top three circles for me. The artwork is a pleasure to look at, the gags are funny and often understandable to someone whose Japanese is as rudimentary as mine, and there's lots of extra-cute Vivi. What more could I ask for? Vivi is awfully emotional in this one - he has tears streaming down his... er... below his eyes in three of the gags, plus the crying fit in the serious story.

This doujinshi comes close to shounen-ai, both in the bathing scene and in one gag, but as there is nothing sexual going on - just one friendly forehead kiss - I wouldn't put it into that category.

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