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Doujinshi commentary: The Dream of Mage Egg

Circle:    Seventh Heaven    The Dream of Mage Egg: Front Cover 
Type:   G, gags & serious stories. 42 pages.





This doujinshi begins with a number of gags. Vivi sees Zidane putting on some lip balm type stuff, and Zidane offers to put some on Vivi... and then realizes he doesn't know where to put it. Kuja demonstrates how he hides his tail - in his underwear, which creates a dramatic, er, contour. There's a topless pinup of Freya showing that her anatomy is not exactly human. Funny stuff.

The serious story is about, surprise, mage eggs. It looks like Garnet found some mage eggs in a stable in Alexandria, and she and the rest of the group take them to the Black Mage Village. Vivi is happy about this - even if they don't live long, they will at least have some life. Mikoto is more cynical, but she seems to soften by the end. The second story is painted, not drawn, in an inkwashy style. It's a mournful scene, featuring Vivi's hat on a memorial stake, but there is also a note of optimism in the form of Vivi's children. Probably this story takes place after the previous one.

Have I mentioned that I like Seventh Heaven's work? Yeah, I have, but I will again. The art is lovely and distinctive, the humor and stories at least partially intelligible even if you don't speak Japanese, and there's plenty of Vivi. I know that they've done at least one FF9 doujinshi that I don't have (it has a Wizard of Oz themed cover) and I'll eventually track that one down.

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